I do hereby request a PKC Sanction for the tournament referenced below. It is fully understood by me that this sanction will be an endorsement of this tournament only and in no way implies a permanent affiliation with the PKC. I agree to release the PKC, its Officers and Assignees from any and all liability concerning this event. I further agree to provide adequate administrative, security and emergency medical personnel.

Please fill in completely
PKC Tournament Sanction Form will be submited to
PKC National Headquarters
P.O. Box 20936
Hot Springs, AR 71903

As an Event Promoter I understand and agree that I will submit within ten (10) days after the event, the completed -Event Winners- form to the PKC. I have read the terms of the agreement and understand the limits of usage of the PKC name and/or Logo and agree to strictly adhere to the guidelines as to such usage.
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$200 Sanction Fee  
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Note: Sanction form must reach PKC Headquarters no less than 30 days in advance of said event. In the event that no request form for sanction is received, said event will not be listed as part of the PKC Event Schedule and no point will be awarded said event.