These are the current 2019-2020 PKC National Ratings. The season begins July 1st and ends June 30th each year. The National Banquet to honor the Top Ten Champions in each division will be held at the PKC International Karate Championships in Indianapolis over Labor Day Weekend.

If you have points in more than one division, you will receive your combined total in the division where you have accumulated the most points.

Suggestion: Search by division to view current place, search by name or PKC ID to view detail records of points accumuated over all events.

PKC ID #"*"NameD-totC-totInstructorDivision
R4-136641Rivera, Jose105105Duga, EBB Men Mstrs 35yr+
R2-68011Kirby, Christopher8080Kirby, CBB Men Mstrs 35yr+
R2-134881Henry, Steven7575Bailey, TBB Men Mstrs 35yr+
R2-27991Stephan, Matthew1515Bowles, RBB Men Mstrs 35yr+
R2-132982Culpepper II, Randy1569Bethea, EBB Men Mstrs 35yr+
R2-36721Belot, Mike1010Bowles, RBB Men Mstrs 35yr+
R3-122571Bukala, Michael8989Bukala, MBB 35yrs+ Men
R3-123711McDonough, Justin8080Janes, DBB 35yrs+ Men
R3-125681Greene, Da'Ronn5050Charlillo, FBB 35yrs+ Men
R2-127201Ling, Zhichao4545Michael, DBB 35yrs+ Men
R7-140431Ruth, Charles4545Ruth, CBB 35yrs+ Men
R3-126471McLaughlin, Chris3838McLaughlin, CBB 35yrs+ Men
R3-127441Edwards, Jack3535Edwards, JBB 35yrs+ Men
R3-20411Flask, Joe3535McCutcheon, DBB 35yrs+ Men
R1-127861Claybrook, Damion3030VeBB 35yrs+ Men
R1-126841Winner, Daniel1515RiBB 35yrs+ Men
R4-137651Rainey, Mark1313Miller, GBB 35yrs+ Men
R2-42771Kirby, Patrick115115Kirby, CBB 18-34yrs Men
R3-69621Thompson, Benjamin6565Tittle, RBB 18-34yrs Men
R2-19601Brading, Derek6060Bethea, EBB 18-34yrs Men
R2-132982Culpepper II, Randy5469Bethea, EBB 18-34yrs Men
R3-122231Davis, Richard (RJ)3030Janes, DBB 18-34yrs Men
R3-127661Cironi, Joseph2525McCutcheon, DBB 18-34yrs Men
R3-127291Viets, Daniel2020McLaughlin, CBB 18-34yrs Men
R2-128131Edington, Matt2020Franz, SBB 18-34yrs Men
R3-121111Snodgrass, Christopher1515Harris, LBB 18-34yrs Men
R2-131691Schafer, Kevin88Franz, SBB 18-34yrs Men
R2-134111Blade, Courtland55Hernly, VBB 18-34yrs Men
R3-122501Fickes, Amy155155Buker, DBB18yrs+ Wmen
R2-45551Davidson, Maureen9595Davidson, JBB18yrs+ Wmen
R2-42781Kirby-Sandoe, Michelle8585Kirby, CBB18yrs+ Wmen
R2-128851Schaefer (Crago), Dixie4848Davenport, LBB18yrs+ Wmen
R7-180431Whited, Sedita4545Hardin, MBB18yrs+ Wmen
R1-127711Berry-Gray, Tesia3535VeBB18yrs+ Wmen
R1-122831Greene, Sheiry2020VeBB18yrs+ Wmen
R3-123401Valentine, Angel1515Harris, LBB18yrs+ Wmen
R3-129101Berkheimer, Carolyn1515Janes, DBB18yrs+ Wmen
R2-134571Craft, Linda1515Recupido, DBB18yrs+ Wmen
R1-119141Venson, Elias135135VeKyu 18yrs+ Men
R3-127121Winger, Blaine125125Buker, DKyu 18yrs+ Men
R3-126601Rashid, Atallah100100Nieves, SKyu 18yrs+ Men
R3-128581Weiss, Dan9090Smith, BKyu 18yrs+ Men
R2-134821Blade, Corey8080Miller, NKyu 18yrs+ Men
R3-128371Potter, Michael5858Smith, BKyu 18yrs+ Men
R3-127791Cain, Jason5454McCutcheon, DKyu 18yrs+ Men
R3-129071Houllette, Darrin4040McLaughlin, CKyu 18yrs+ Men
R3-127271Finnegin, John3838McLaughlin, CKyu 18yrs+ Men
R3-127881Seidner, Jeffrey3030McLaughlin, CKyu 18yrs+ Men
R2-123291Kirby, Caiden2525Kirby, CKyu 18yrs+ Men
R7-132631Watson, John1515Davis, TKyu 18yrs+ Men
R3-127491Raumberger, Kathleen6161Edwards, JKyu Wmen 18yrs+
R3-129061Coy, Taylor5050Buker, DKyu Wmen 18yrs+
R3-125841Cottrill, Sierra4444McLaughlin, CKyu Wmen 18yrs+
R7-190201Easley, Cotaco2525Nutter, BKyu Wmen 18yrs+
R3-128361Potter, Jennifer1616Smith, BKyu Wmen 18yrs+
R2-124571Jones, Karen1515Kirby, CKyu Wmen 18yrs+
R2-133271Worland, Carrie1515Michael, DKyu Wmen 18yrs+
R3-128621Janes, DeAnna1010Janes, DKyu Wmen 18yrs+
R2-134811Blade, Rachel88Hernly, VKyu Wmen 18yrs+
R3-128241Nelson, Andrea88McCutcheon, DKyu Wmen 18yrs+
R2-124651Roehlk, Skyler130130Piper, K13-17yrs Blk Blt
R3-124881Arroyo, Anthony104104Janes, D13-17yrs Blk Blt
R2-130621LaMons, Emma104104Bethea, E13-17yrs Blk Blt
R3-126101Macklin, Brooklyn8080Nieves, S13-17yrs Blk Blt
R1-120351Harvey-Venson, Alexis4545Ve13-17yrs Blk Blt
R7-128371Chism, Elizabeth4545Chukwueneka, K13-17yrs Blk Blt
R3-124151Menchaca, Madalaine4545Janes, D13-17yrs Blk Blt
R2-135551Culpepper, Summer4242Culpepper, R13-17yrs Blk Blt
R3-126051Mollenkopf, Cooper4141McLaughlin, C13-17yrs Blk Blt
R3-125211Calton, Evan3535DeCore, J13-17yrs Blk Blt
R4-137321Fry, Zachary3030Caliguri, F13-17yrs Blk Blt
R7-160371Minano, Shawn3030Esz, G13-17yrs Blk Blt
R2-135621Baker, Gage2525Culpepper, R13-17yrs Blk Blt
R1-127931Niemeier, Reina2020Pe13-17yrs Blk Blt
R1-127881Frith, Gina1515Pe13-17yrs Blk Blt
R7-140521Raheem, Ashanti1515Raheem, K13-17yrs Blk Blt
R7-129871Hankins, Adonijah1010Haines, R13-17yrs Blk Blt
R3-126391Weiss, Danielle9090Smith, B13-17yrs Adv
R1-117941White, Marshawn7575Ve13-17yrs Adv
R7-130571Hankins, Elijah6565Haines, R13-17yrs Adv
R1-126451Venson, Gabrielle6565Ve13-17yrs Adv
R2-133781Kilgore, Danielle6060Franz, S13-17yrs Adv
R3-127671Cironi, Victoria6060McCutcheon, D13-17yrs Adv
R2-135592Davis, Lucas4595Culpepper, R13-17yrs Adv
R2-133761Kilgore, Isabel4545Franz, S13-17yrs Adv
R2-127282Binder, Eric45110Kirby, C13-17yrs Adv
R1-126191Golod, Tyler4545Nettles, J13-17yrs Adv
R2-135581Smith, Jacob "Max"3232Culpepper, R13-17yrs Adv
R3-126451Azar, Miya3030Charlillo, F13-17yrs Adv
R2-135991Clark, Maria2424Rymer, R13-17yrs Adv
R3-125581Bacho, William2020Buker, D13-17yrs Adv
R4-136971Geertson, Ella2020Arrington, B13-17yrs Adv
R7-170051Daugherty, Joseph1515Daugherty, M13-17yrs Adv
R2-134222Purnell, Pashence1020Hernly, V13-17yrs Adv
R3-125931Zidian, Jillian88Buker, D13-17yrs Adv
R7-170061Daugherty, Jackson55Daugherty, M13-17yrs Adv
R4-137641Frazier, Asher7070Barton, J15-17 Int/Nov
R2-127272Edison, Matthew6585Kirby, C15-17 Int/Nov
R3-128221Duncan, Emma5555McLaughlin, C15-17 Int/Nov
R2-135592Davis, Lucas5095Culpepper, R15-17 Int/Nov
R2-133771Kilgore, Rachael3030Franz, S15-17 Int/Nov
R3-128111Weems II, Christopher2020Harris, L15-17 Int/Nov
R5-120891Bryant, Tafi1515Cantrell, F15-17 Int/Nov
R7-156381Jackson, Vincent1515Haines, R15-17 Int/Nov
R7-173201Jones, Mashayla1515Haines, R15-17 Int/Nov
R3-127211Amiri, Mahdi88Charlillo, F15-17 Int/Nov
R3-128051Hendon, J'Von88Harris, L15-17 Int/Nov
R3-127931Strbac, Jelena9797Charlillo, F13-14 Int/Nov
R3-125871Quintanilla, Jessenia8080Nieves, S13-14 Int/Nov
R3-127871Wood, Kerrigan8080Nieves, S13-14 Int/Nov
R3-127331Szklarz, Ethan7878Nieves, S13-14 Int/Nov
R1-126061Parker, Robert7676Ve13-14 Int/Nov
R2-127282Binder, Eric65110Kirby, C13-14 Int/Nov
R3-128571Franklin, Nathan3232McLaughlin, C13-14 Int/Nov
R7-173331Hankins, Dianna3030Haines, R13-14 Int/Nov
R2-131371Bragg, Payden2525Kirby, C13-14 Int/Nov
R2-136051Fields, Jayden2121Franz, S13-14 Int/Nov
R2-127272Edison, Matthew2085Kirby, C13-14 Int/Nov
R1-127251Williams, Folasade2020He13-14 Int/Nov
R2-134171Lowry, Ming2020Ables, S13-14 Int/Nov
R3-126631Taylor, Jaylah2020Nieves, S13-14 Int/Nov
R7-139791Trammell, Lee'Shell1515Haines, R13-14 Int/Nov
R1-127381Stuckey, Mariah1010He13-14 Int/Nov
R1-122851Greene, Morpheus1010Ve13-14 Int/Nov
R2-134091Blade, Angel8080Hernly, V11-12 Brn/Blk Bys
R4-137331Pohl, Thomas6060Barton, J11-12 Brn/Blk Bys
R3-125821Quiggle, Angelina6060Janes, D11-12 Brn/Blk Bys
R3-127561Hamilton, Greg5555Edwards, J11-12 Brn/Blk Bys
R1-126712Som, Vishal55115Nettles, J11-12 Brn/Blk Bys
R2-134362O'Day, Riley5377St. Pierre, S11-12 Brn/Blk Bys
R3-127451Edwards, Gavin4848Edwards, J11-12 Brn/Blk Bys
R2-134711Jones, Caitlin4545Adamson, D11-12 Brn/Blk Bys
R2-134861Payton, Keyan3030Adamson, P11-12 Brn/Blk Bys
R2-134891Green, Zane2020Culpepper, R11-12 Brn/Blk Bys
R7-180211Avery, Dorian1515Elder, J11-12 Brn/Blk Bys
R2-134222Purnell, Pashence1020Hernly, V11-12 Brn/Blk Bys
R7-160381Webb, Aianna1010Ruth, C11-12 Brn/Blk Bys
R2-136281Mavrick, Charlie88Bethea, E11-12 Brn/Blk Bys
R3-125421Beard, Jakeb88McCutcheon, D11-12 Brn/Blk Bys
R2-134082Blade, Amaziah513Hernly, V11-12 Brn/Blk Bys
R2-134701Psurny, Carter100100Franz, S11-12 Int/Nv Bys
R3-126651Ponton, Gabe8181Roberts, J11-12 Int/Nv Bys
R7-173151Hankins, Victor6060Haines, R11-12 Int/Nv Bys
R2-135071Williamson, J.C.5050Webster, J11-12 Int/Nv Bys
R7-160261Kennedy, Devlin4545Davis, T11-12 Int/Nv Bys
R3-128281Deastlov, Thomas3535Nieves, S11-12 Int/Nv Bys
R2-132952Pugh, Xavyn3070Bethea, E11-12 Int/Nv Bys
R3-128972Stauffer, Wyatt2036Smith, B11-12 Int/Nv Bys
R2-134261Shearer-Royalty, Brice1515Ingram, C11-12 Int/Nv Bys
R3-125861Negron, Randy1010Nieves, S11-12 Int/Nv Bys
R3-128321Rakhmistrovskiy, Alan1010Janes, D11-12 Int/Nv Bys
R2-135491Trueblood, Jacob1010Michael, D11-12 Int/Nv Bys
R2-131101Worland, Leo88Michael, D11-12 Int/Nv Bys
R7-182011Preston, Michael55Nutter, B11-12 Int/Nv Bys
R3-128091Stanley, Adisyn116116Powers, E11-12 Int/Nov Gls
R2-132531Tucker, Elizabeth8787Michael, D11-12 Int/Nov Gls
R2-134651Powless, Paige6565Michael, D11-12 Int/Nov Gls
R3-127231Bishop, Baylee6060Charlillo, F11-12 Int/Nov Gls
R3-127341Parravano, Angelina6060Nieves, S11-12 Int/Nov Gls
R3-128021Parravano, Julianne2828Nieves, S11-12 Int/Nov Gls
R3-126681Jobes, Joslynn2020Smith, B11-12 Int/Nov Gls
R1-127071Brown, Katelyn1010Ve11-12 Int/Nov Gls
R1-128421Brown, Payton1010Ve11-12 Int/Nov Gls
R3-125241Dillinger, Jordan198198Buker, D9-10 Brn/Blk Bys
R3-127501Wills, Adysen103103Edwards, J9-10 Brn/Blk Bys
R2-135681McDanile, Kiley6060Culpepper, R9-10 Brn/Blk Bys
R7-160021Gass, Caroline6060Ruth, C9-10 Brn/Blk Bys
R1-126712Som, Vishal60115Nettles, J9-10 Brn/Blk Bys
R3-126251Barnes, Maria5555Buker, D9-10 Brn/Blk Bys
R2-134741Burchett, Carter4444Tucker, T9-10 Brn/Blk Bys
R2-132952Pugh, Xavyn4070Bethea, E9-10 Brn/Blk Bys
R7-184062Easley, Maxwell3550Nutter, B9-10 Brn/Blk Bys
R3-126931Stockmaster, Ava3030Janes, D9-10 Brn/Blk Bys
R2-134362O'Day, Riley2477St. Pierre, S9-10 Brn/Blk Bys
R1-127891King, Madyson2020Pe9-10 Brn/Blk Bys
R7-190212Adams, Kelsie2035Nutter, B9-10 Brn/Blk Bys
R2-135422Dixon, Drew1555Piper, K9-10 Brn/Blk Bys
R7-160391Marsh, Sean1515Ruth, C9-10 Brn/Blk Bys
R2-136062Huckleberry, Cooper1040Tucker, T9-10 Brn/Blk Bys
R1-127901Hahn, Cooper88Pe9-10 Brn/Blk Bys
R7-184081Bevins, Aaron55Hunsucker, H9-10 Brn/Blk Bys
R2-135631Collins, Blayze8585Culpepper, R9-10 Int/Nv Bys
R2-134841Heiskell, Gabriel7979Michael, D9-10 Int/Nv Bys
R3-127941Frame, Gage7272Charlillo, F9-10 Int/Nv Bys
R7-190221Fortner, Landon6565Nutter, B9-10 Int/Nv Bys
R5-120791Gutierrez, Steve6060Bossong, D9-10 Int/Nv Bys
R1-126751Stubberfield, Micah5555Nettles, J9-10 Int/Nv Bys
R1-127001Crawford Jr., Joseph T.5050Ve9-10 Int/Nv Bys
R3-127892Sherrard, Brody4553McCutcheon, D9-10 Int/Nv Bys
R3-128351Patterson, Colton4040Smith, B9-10 Int/Nv Bys
R2-135422Dixon, Drew4055Piper, K9-10 Int/Nv Bys
R3-128271Blackwell, Aydin3535Nieves, S9-10 Int/Nv Bys
R1-126391Smart, David3030Ve9-10 Int/Nv Bys
R2-136062Huckleberry, Cooper3040Tucker, T9-10 Int/Nv Bys
R3-127181Byrd, Christopher3030Charlillo, F9-10 Int/Nv Bys
R3-127781Brandvold, Ryan3030McCutcheon, D9-10 Int/Nv Bys
R1-127461Cotton, Edward3030Ve9-10 Int/Nv Bys
R3-128121Odekunle, David2020Charlillo, F9-10 Int/Nv Bys
R3-128972Stauffer, Wyatt1636Smith, B9-10 Int/Nv Bys
R3-128131Reed, Andrew1616Charlillo, F9-10 Int/Nv Bys
R7-184062Easley, Maxwell1550Nutter, B9-10 Int/Nv Bys
R2-133821Patel, Jeet1515Franz, S9-10 Int/Nv Bys
R1-125951Shelby, Rashad1515Ve9-10 Int/Nv Bys
R3-128101Bogard, Gabriel1010Distelhorst, D9-10 Int/Nv Bys
R2-134082Blade, Amaziah813Hernly, V9-10 Int/Nv Bys
R7-141401Cross, Jakyree88Raheem, K9-10 Int/Nv Bys
R3-128301Flores, Madilyn7070Nieves, S9-10 Int/Nov Gls
R3-127261Potter, Bella7070Smith, B9-10 Int/Nov Gls
R2-135021Brown, Taylor4545Murkison, B9-10 Int/Nov Gls
R3-128032Hostler, Keira3646Charlillo, F9-10 Int/Nov Gls
R2-136041Litchfield, Autumn3535Franz, S9-10 Int/Nov Gls
R3-127171Rogers, Alana3232Charlillo, F9-10 Int/Nov Gls
R7-190212Adams, Kelsie1535Nutter, B9-10 Int/Nov Gls
R3-127131Winger, Parker110110Buker, D8yrs & under Bys
R3-127701Sneddon, Asher8585Buker, D8yrs & under Bys
R3-127481Sekierko, Lucian7777Edwards, J8yrs & under Bys
R3-126511Sneddon, Wesley7575Buker, D8yrs & under Bys
R7-180441Gass, Christopher7575Ruth, C8yrs & under Bys
R3-126551Duty, Michael7171Charlillo, F8yrs & under Bys
R3-128261Wilson, Braydon7171Nieves, S8yrs & under Bys
R1-126671Nettles IV, John7070Nettles, J8yrs & under Bys
R3-127511Wills, Ayden5858Edwards, J8yrs & under Bys
R1-127551Fitch, Larue5454Ve8yrs & under Bys
R2-135931Font III, Timothy5050Franz, S8yrs & under Bys
R3-126501Sneddon, Wyatt3939Buker, D8yrs & under Bys
R3-126881Mozzy, Thomas3535Buker, D8yrs & under Bys
R2-135031Brown, Jr., Timmy3030Murkison, B8yrs & under Bys
R1-127721Crowell, Jai2525Ve8yrs & under Bys
R3-125551Dayem, Malik2020DeCore, J8yrs & under Bys
R3-128831Wright, Adam1818Buker, D8yrs & under Bys
R2-135081Netherly, Jackson1515Webster, J8yrs & under Bys
R2-134141Shaw, Levi1010Webster, J8yrs & under Bys
R3-127892Sherrard, Brody853McCutcheon, D8yrs & under Bys
R3-127001Duong, Chloe133133DeCore, J8yrs & under Gls
R2-133791Kilgore, Michelle7575Franz, S8yrs & under Gls
R3-128951Wardrope, Chloe3131Nieves, S8yrs & under Gls
R7-160401Marsh, Kelly2525Ruth, C8yrs & under Gls
R7-173011Billups-Raheem, Christina1515Raheem, K8yrs & under Gls
R3-128881Beckham, Braylee1515Daniels, D8yrs & under Gls
R3-128032Hostler, Keira1046Charlillo, F8yrs & under Gls
R7-182031Maples, Josie1010Hunsucker, H8yrs & under Gls
R2-133671Sedaghat, Darya55Michael, D8yrs & under Gls
PKC ID #NameNational PointsBonusDivisionEvent
R1-11794White, Marshawn60TRUE13-17yrs Adv***PKC Intl. Chmps
R1-11794White, Marshawn15TRUE13-17yrs AdvHaynes Apperson
R1-11914Venson, Elias30FALSEKyu 18yrs+ Men***Triple Crown
R1-11914Venson, Elias15FALSEKyu 18yrs+ MenTradititional Warrior
R1-11914Venson, Elias45TRUEKyu 18yrs+ Men***PKC Intl. Chmps
R1-11914Venson, Elias30FALSEKyu 18yrs+ Men**Wade Memorial
R1-11914Venson, Elias15TRUEKyu 18yrs+ MenHaynes Apperson
R1-12035Harvey-Venson, Alexis30FALSE13-17yrs Blk Blt***Triple Crown
R1-12035Harvey-Venson, Alexis15TRUE13-17yrs Blk BltUnited Open
R1-12283Greene, Sheiry20TRUEBB18yrs+ Wmen**Wade Memorial
R1-12285Greene, Morpheus10FALSE13-14 Int/NovUnited Open
R1-12595Shelby, Rashad15TRUE9-10 Int/Nv BysTradititional Warrior
R1-12606Parker, Robert30FALSE13-14 Int/Nov***Triple Crown
R1-12606Parker, Robert10TRUE13-14 Int/NovTradititional Warrior
R1-12606Parker, Robert16TRUE13-14 Int/Nov**Wade Memorial
R1-12606Parker, Robert20TRUE13-14 Int/NovUnited Open
R1-12619Golod, Tyler30FALSE13-17yrs Adv***Triple Crown
R1-12619Golod, Tyler15TRUE13-17yrs AdvTradititional Warrior
R1-12639Smart, David15TRUE9-10 Int/Nv BysTradititional Warrior
R1-12639Smart, David15FALSE9-10 Int/Nv BysUnited Open
R1-12645Venson, Gabrielle30FALSE13-17yrs Adv***Triple Crown
R1-12645Venson, Gabrielle20TRUE13-17yrs AdvTradititional Warrior
R1-12645Venson, Gabrielle15TRUE13-17yrs AdvUnited Open
R1-12667Nettles IV, John45FALSE8yrs & under Bys***Triple Crown
R1-12667Nettles IV, John10TRUE8yrs & under BysTradititional Warrior
R1-12667Nettles IV, John15FALSE8yrs & under BysTN State Chmps
R1-12671Som, Vishal30FALSE11-12 Brn/Blk Bys***Triple Crown
R1-12671Som, Vishal10TRUE11-12 Brn/Blk BysTradititional Warrior
R1-12671Som, Vishal15FALSE11-12 Brn/Blk BysTN State Chmps
R1-12671Som, Vishal60TRUE9-10 Brn/Blk Bys***PKC Intl. Chmps
R1-12675Stubberfield, Micah45FALSE9-10 Int/Nv Bys***Triple Crown
R1-12675Stubberfield, Micah10TRUE9-10 Int/Nv BysTradititional Warrior
R1-12684Winner, Daniel15FALSEBB 35yrs+ MenTradititional Warrior
R1-12700Crawford Jr., Joseph T.20TRUE9-10 Int/Nv BysTradititional Warrior
R1-12700Crawford Jr., Joseph T.30TRUE9-10 Int/Nv Bys***PKC Intl. Chmps
R1-12707Brown, Katelyn10FALSE11-12 Int/Nov GlsUnited Open
R1-12725Williams, Folasade20TRUE13-14 Int/NovUnited Open
R1-12738Stuckey, Mariah10TRUE13-14 Int/NovUnited Open
R1-12746Cotton, Edward30FALSE9-10 Int/Nv Bys***Triple Crown
R1-12755Fitch, Larue24TRUE8yrs & under Bys***Triple Crown
R1-12755Fitch, Larue15FALSE8yrs & under BysTradititional Warrior
R1-12755Fitch, Larue15FALSE8yrs & under BysUnited Open
R1-12771Berry-Gray, Tesia15FALSEBB18yrs+ WmenTradititional Warrior
R1-12771Berry-Gray, Tesia20FALSEBB18yrs+ Wmen**Wade Memorial
R1-12772Crowell, Jai10FALSE8yrs & under BysTradititional Warrior
R1-12772Crowell, Jai15TRUE8yrs & under BysUnited Open
R1-12786Claybrook, Damion30FALSEBB 35yrs+ Men***Triple Crown
R1-12788Frith, Gina15TRUE13-17yrs Blk BltTradititional Warrior
R1-12789King, Madyson20TRUE9-10 Brn/Blk BysTradititional Warrior
R1-12790Hahn, Cooper8TRUE9-10 Brn/Blk BysTradititional Warrior
R1-12793Niemeier, Reina20TRUE13-17yrs Blk BltTradititional Warrior
R1-12842Brown, Payton10FALSE11-12 Int/Nov GlsUnited Open
R2-12329Kirby, Caiden15FALSEKyu 18yrs+ MenHoliday Tourney
R2-12329Kirby, Caiden10TRUEKyu 18yrs+ MenHaynes Apperson
R2-12457Jones, Karen15FALSEKyu Wmen 18yrs+***PKC Intl. Chmps
R2-12465Roehlk, Skyler15FALSE13-17yrs Blk Blt***Triple Crown
R2-12465Roehlk, Skyler15TRUE13-17yrs Blk BltHoliday Tourney
R2-12465Roehlk, Skyler15TRUE13-17yrs Blk BltKid Benefit
R2-12465Roehlk, Skyler45FALSE13-17yrs Blk Blt***PKC Intl. Chmps
R2-12465Roehlk, Skyler20TRUE13-17yrs Blk Blt**Wade Memorial
R2-12465Roehlk, Skyler20TRUE13-17yrs Blk BltHaynes Apperson
R2-12720Ling, Zhichao45TRUEBB 35yrs+ Men***PKC Intl. Chmps
R2-12727Edison, Matthew10FALSE15-17 Int/NovHoliday Tourney
R2-12727Edison, Matthew10FALSE15-17 Int/NovKid Benefit
R2-12727Edison, Matthew45FALSE15-17 Int/Nov***PKC Intl. Chmps
R2-12727Edison, Matthew20TRUE13-14 Int/Nov**Wade Memorial
R2-12728Binder, Eric15FALSE13-17yrs Adv***Triple Crown
R2-12728Binder, Eric5FALSE13-14 Int/NovHoliday Tourney
R2-12728Binder, Eric15FALSE13-14 Int/NovKid Benefit
R2-12728Binder, Eric30FALSE13-17yrs Adv***PKC Intl. Chmps
R2-12728Binder, Eric30TRUE13-14 Int/Nov**Wade Memorial
R2-12728Binder, Eric15FALSE13-14 Int/NovHaynes Apperson
R2-12813Edington, Matt20TRUEBB 18-34yrs MenHaynes Apperson
R2-12885Schaefer (Crago), Dixie8TRUEBB18yrs+ WmenHoliday Tourney
R2-12885Schaefer (Crago), Dixie24TRUEBB18yrs+ Wmen***PKC Intl. Chmps
R2-12885Schaefer (Crago), Dixie16TRUEBB18yrs+ Wmen**Wade Memorial
R2-13062LaMons, Emma20TRUE13-17yrs Blk BltHoliday Tourney
R2-13062LaMons, Emma20TRUE13-17yrs Blk BltKid Benefit
R2-13062LaMons, Emma24TRUE13-17yrs Blk Blt***PKC Intl. Chmps
R2-13062LaMons, Emma30TRUE13-17yrs Blk Blt**Wade Memorial
R2-13062LaMons, Emma10TRUE13-17yrs Blk BltHaynes Apperson
R2-13110Worland, Leo8TRUE11-12 Int/Nv BysHoliday Tourney
R2-13137Bragg, Payden15TRUE13-14 Int/NovKid Benefit
R2-13137Bragg, Payden10TRUE13-14 Int/NovHaynes Apperson
R2-13169Schafer, Kevin8TRUEBB 18-34yrs MenHaynes Apperson
R2-13253Tucker, Elizabeth15TRUE11-12 Int/Nov GlsHoliday Tourney
R2-13253Tucker, Elizabeth24TRUE11-12 Int/Nov Gls***PKC Intl. Chmps
R2-13253Tucker, Elizabeth40TRUE11-12 Int/Nov Gls**Wade Memorial
R2-13253Tucker, Elizabeth8TRUE11-12 Int/Nov GlsHaynes Apperson
R2-13295Pugh, Xavyn30TRUE11-12 Int/Nv Bys***PKC Intl. Chmps
R2-13295Pugh, Xavyn40TRUE9-10 Brn/Blk Bys**Wade Memorial
R2-13298Culpepper II, Randy15FALSEBB Men Mstrs 35yr+Holiday Tourney
R2-13298Culpepper II, Randy24TRUEBB 18-34yrs Men***PKC Intl. Chmps
R2-13298Culpepper II, Randy30FALSEBB 18-34yrs Men**Wade Memorial
R2-13327Worland, Carrie15FALSEKyu Wmen 18yrs+Haynes Apperson
R2-13367Sedaghat, Darya5FALSE8yrs & under GlsHoliday Tourney
R2-13376Kilgore, Isabel45TRUE13-17yrs Adv***PKC Intl. Chmps
R2-13377Kilgore, Rachael30FALSE15-17 Int/Nov***PKC Intl. Chmps
R2-13378Kilgore, Danielle60TRUE13-17yrs Adv***PKC Intl. Chmps
R2-13379Kilgore, Michelle15FALSE8yrs & under GlsKid Benefit
R2-13379Kilgore, Michelle60TRUE8yrs & under Gls***PKC Intl. Chmps
R2-13382Patel, Jeet15TRUE9-10 Int/Nv BysHaynes Apperson
R2-13408Blade, Amaziah5FALSE11-12 Brn/Blk BysKid Benefit
R2-13408Blade, Amaziah8TRUE9-10 Int/Nv BysHaynes Apperson
R2-13409Blade, Angel20TRUE11-12 Brn/Blk BysHoliday Tourney
R2-13409Blade, Angel15FALSE11-12 Brn/Blk BysKid Benefit
R2-13409Blade, Angel30FALSE11-12 Brn/Blk Bys***PKC Intl. Chmps
R2-13409Blade, Angel15FALSE11-12 Brn/Blk BysHaynes Apperson
R2-13411Blade, Courtland5FALSEBB 18-34yrs MenHoliday Tourney
R2-13414Shaw, Levi10FALSE8yrs & under BysHoliday Tourney
R2-13417Lowry, Ming20TRUE13-14 Int/Nov**Wade Memorial
R2-13422Purnell, Pashence10TRUE13-17yrs AdvHoliday Tourney
R2-13422Purnell, Pashence10FALSE11-12 Brn/Blk BysKid Benefit
R2-13426Shearer-Royalty, Brice15TRUE11-12 Int/Nv BysHoliday Tourney
R2-13436O'Day, Riley45FALSE11-12 Brn/Blk Bys***Triple Crown
R2-13436O'Day, Riley8TRUE11-12 Brn/Blk BysHoliday Tourney
R2-13436O'Day, Riley24TRUE9-10 Brn/Blk Bys***PKC Intl. Chmps
R2-13457Craft, Linda15TRUEBB18yrs+ WmenHoliday Tourney
R2-13465Powless, Paige20TRUE11-12 Int/Nov GlsKid Benefit
R2-13465Powless, Paige30TRUE11-12 Int/Nov Gls**Wade Memorial
R2-13465Powless, Paige15TRUE11-12 Int/Nov GlsHaynes Apperson
R2-13470Psurny, Carter20TRUE11-12 Int/Nv BysHoliday Tourney
R2-13470Psurny, Carter60TRUE11-12 Int/Nv Bys***PKC Intl. Chmps
R2-13470Psurny, Carter20TRUE11-12 Int/Nv BysHaynes Apperson
R2-13471Jones, Caitlin45FALSE11-12 Brn/Blk Bys***PKC Intl. Chmps
R2-13474Burchett, Carter10TRUE9-10 Brn/Blk BysHoliday Tourney
R2-13474Burchett, Carter8TRUE9-10 Brn/Blk BysKid Benefit
R2-13474Burchett, Carter16TRUE9-10 Brn/Blk Bys**Wade Memorial
R2-13474Burchett, Carter10TRUE9-10 Brn/Blk BysHaynes Apperson
R2-13481Blade, Rachel8TRUEKyu Wmen 18yrs+Haynes Apperson
R2-13482Blade, Corey60TRUEKyu 18yrs+ Men***PKC Intl. Chmps
R2-13482Blade, Corey20TRUEKyu 18yrs+ MenHaynes Apperson
R2-13484Heiskell, Gabriel15FALSE9-10 Int/Nv BysHoliday Tourney
R2-13484Heiskell, Gabriel10FALSE9-10 Int/Nv BysKid Benefit
R2-13484Heiskell, Gabriel24TRUE9-10 Int/Nv Bys***PKC Intl. Chmps
R2-13484Heiskell, Gabriel20FALSE9-10 Int/Nv Bys**Wade Memorial
R2-13484Heiskell, Gabriel10FALSE9-10 Int/Nv BysHaynes Apperson
R2-13486Payton, Keyan30FALSE11-12 Brn/Blk Bys**Wade Memorial
R2-13488Henry, Steven30TRUEBB Men Mstrs 35yr+***PKC Intl. Chmps
R2-13488Henry, Steven30FALSEBB Men Mstrs 35yr+**Wade Memorial
R2-13488Henry, Steven15FALSEBB Men Mstrs 35yr+Haynes Apperson
R2-13489Green, Zane20FALSE11-12 Brn/Blk Bys**Wade Memorial
R2-13502Brown, Taylor15FALSE9-10 Int/Nov Gls***Triple Crown
R2-13502Brown, Taylor30TRUE9-10 Int/Nov Gls***PKC Intl. Chmps
R2-13503Brown, Jr., Timmy30FALSE8yrs & under Bys***Triple Crown
R2-13507Williamson, J.C.20TRUE11-12 Int/Nv BysTN State Chmps
R2-13507Williamson, J.C.30TRUE11-12 Int/Nv Bys***PKC Intl. Chmps
R2-13508Netherly, Jackson15FALSE8yrs & under BysTN State Chmps
R2-13542Dixon, Drew15TRUE9-10 Brn/Blk BysHoliday Tourney
R2-13542Dixon, Drew20TRUE9-10 Int/Nv Bys**Wade Memorial
R2-13542Dixon, Drew20TRUE9-10 Int/Nv BysHaynes Apperson
R2-13549Trueblood, Jacob10TRUE11-12 Int/Nv BysKid Benefit
R2-13555Culpepper, Summer10TRUE13-17yrs Blk BltHoliday Tourney
R2-13555Culpepper, Summer8TRUE13-17yrs Blk BltKid Benefit
R2-13555Culpepper, Summer16TRUE13-17yrs Blk Blt**Wade Memorial
R2-13555Culpepper, Summer8TRUE13-17yrs Blk BltHaynes Apperson
R2-13558Smith, Jacob "Max"8TRUE13-17yrs AdvHoliday Tourney
R2-13558Smith, Jacob "Max"24TRUE13-17yrs Adv***PKC Intl. Chmps
R2-13559Davis, Lucas45TRUE13-17yrs Adv***PKC Intl. Chmps
R2-13559Davis, Lucas40FALSE15-17 Int/Nov**Wade Memorial
R2-13559Davis, Lucas10FALSE15-17 Int/NovHaynes Apperson
R2-13562Baker, Gage10TRUE13-17yrs Blk BltKid Benefit
R2-13562Baker, Gage15FALSE13-17yrs Blk Blt***PKC Intl. Chmps
R2-13563Collins, Blayze15FALSE9-10 Int/Nv BysKid Benefit
R2-13563Collins, Blayze45TRUE9-10 Int/Nv Bys***PKC Intl. Chmps
R2-13563Collins, Blayze10FALSE9-10 Int/Nv Bys**Wade Memorial
R2-13563Collins, Blayze15FALSE9-10 Int/Nv BysHaynes Apperson
R2-13568McDanile, Kiley60TRUE9-10 Brn/Blk Bys***PKC Intl. Chmps
R2-13593Font III, Timothy15FALSE8yrs & under BysHoliday Tourney
R2-13593Font III, Timothy5FALSE8yrs & under BysKid Benefit
R2-13593Font III, Timothy30FALSE8yrs & under Bys**Wade Memorial
R2-13599Clark, Maria24TRUE13-17yrs Adv***PKC Intl. Chmps
R2-13604Litchfield, Autumn5FALSE9-10 Int/Nov GlsKid Benefit
R2-13604Litchfield, Autumn30FALSE9-10 Int/Nov Gls**Wade Memorial
R2-13605Fields, Jayden5FALSE13-14 Int/NovKid Benefit
R2-13605Fields, Jayden16TRUE13-14 Int/Nov**Wade Memorial
R2-13606Huckleberry, Cooper10TRUE9-10 Brn/Blk BysKid Benefit
R2-13606Huckleberry, Cooper30TRUE9-10 Int/Nv Bys**Wade Memorial
R2-13628Mavrick, Charlie8TRUE11-12 Brn/Blk BysHoliday Tourney
R2-1960Brading, Derek60TRUEBB 18-34yrs Men***PKC Intl. Chmps
R2-2799Stephan, Matthew15FALSEBB Men Mstrs 35yr+King of the Ring
R2-3672Belot, Mike10FALSEBB Men Mstrs 35yr+Holiday Tourney
R2-4277Kirby, Patrick45FALSEBB 18-34yrs Men***Triple Crown
R2-4277Kirby, Patrick10FALSEBB 18-34yrs MenHoliday Tourney
R2-4277Kirby, Patrick30TRUEBB 18-34yrs Men***PKC Intl. Chmps
R2-4277Kirby, Patrick20FALSEBB 18-34yrs Men**Wade Memorial
R2-4277Kirby, Patrick10TRUEBB 18-34yrs MenHaynes Apperson
R2-4278Kirby-Sandoe, Michelle30TRUEBB18yrs+ Wmen***PKC Intl. Chmps
R2-4278Kirby-Sandoe, Michelle40TRUEBB18yrs+ Wmen**Wade Memorial
R2-4278Kirby-Sandoe, Michelle15FALSEBB18yrs+ WmenHaynes Apperson
R2-4555Davidson, Maureen20TRUEBB18yrs+ WmenHoliday Tourney
R2-4555Davidson, Maureen45TRUEBB18yrs+ Wmen***PKC Intl. Chmps
R2-4555Davidson, Maureen30TRUEBB18yrs+ Wmen**Wade Memorial
R2-6801Kirby, Christopher45FALSEBB Men Mstrs 35yr+***Triple Crown
R2-6801Kirby, Christopher5FALSEBB Men Mstrs 35yr+Holiday Tourney
R2-6801Kirby, Christopher20FALSEBB Men Mstrs 35yr+**Wade Memorial
R2-6801Kirby, Christopher10FALSEBB Men Mstrs 35yr+Haynes Apperson
R3-12111Snodgrass, Christopher15FALSEBB 18-34yrs MenKing of the Ring
R3-12223Davis, Richard (RJ)30FALSEBB 18-34yrs Men**DeCore Elite
R3-12250Fickes, Amy30FALSEBB18yrs+ Wmen***Triple Crown
R3-12250Fickes, Amy10TRUEBB18yrs+ WmenHoliday Tourney
R3-12250Fickes, Amy15FALSEBB18yrs+ WmenKing of the Ring
R3-12250Fickes, Amy30FALSEBB18yrs+ Wmen**DeCore Elite
R3-12250Fickes, Amy30FALSEBB18yrs+ Wmen**Yes I Can! Open
R3-12250Fickes, Amy30TRUEBB18yrs+ Wmen***PKC Intl. Chmps
R3-12250Fickes, Amy10FALSEBB18yrs+ WmenUltimate Challenge
R3-12257Bukala, Michael10FALSEBB 35yrs+ MenKing of the Ring
R3-12257Bukala, Michael15FALSEBB 35yrs+ MenKY State Chmp
R3-12257Bukala, Michael40TRUEBB 35yrs+ Men**Yes I Can! Open
R3-12257Bukala, Michael24TRUEBB 35yrs+ Men***PKC Intl. Chmps
R3-12340Valentine, Angel15FALSEBB18yrs+ WmenKing of the Ring
R3-12371McDonough, Justin20TRUEBB 35yrs+ MenKing of the Ring
R3-12371McDonough, Justin30FALSEBB 35yrs+ Men**DeCore Elite
R3-12371McDonough, Justin30FALSEBB 35yrs+ Men**Yes I Can! Open
R3-12415Menchaca, Madalaine15FALSE13-17yrs Blk BltKing of the Ring
R3-12415Menchaca, Madalaine30FALSE13-17yrs Blk Blt**DeCore Elite
R3-12488Arroyo, Anthony15FALSE13-17yrs Blk BltKing of the Ring
R3-12488Arroyo, Anthony30TRUE13-17yrs Blk Blt**DeCore Elite
R3-12488Arroyo, Anthony40TRUE13-17yrs Blk Blt**Yes I Can! Open
R3-12488Arroyo, Anthony9FALSE13-17yrs Blk Blt***PKC Intl. Chmps
R3-12488Arroyo, Anthony10TRUE13-17yrs Blk BltUltimate Challenge
R3-12521Calton, Evan20FALSE13-17yrs Blk Blt**DeCore Elite
R3-12521Calton, Evan15FALSE13-17yrs Blk BltUltimate Challenge
R3-12524Dillinger, Jordan15FALSE9-10 Brn/Blk Bys***Triple Crown
R3-12524Dillinger, Jordan20TRUE9-10 Brn/Blk BysHoliday Tourney
R3-12524Dillinger, Jordan20TRUE9-10 Brn/Blk BysKing of the Ring
R3-12524Dillinger, Jordan30TRUE9-10 Brn/Blk Bys**DeCore Elite
R3-12524Dillinger, Jordan40TRUE9-10 Brn/Blk Bys**Yes I Can! Open
R3-12524Dillinger, Jordan20TRUE9-10 Brn/Blk BysKid Benefit
R3-12524Dillinger, Jordan45TRUE9-10 Brn/Blk Bys***PKC Intl. Chmps
R3-12524Dillinger, Jordan8TRUE9-10 Brn/Blk BysUltimate Challenge
R3-12542Beard, Jakeb8TRUE11-12 Brn/Blk BysKing of the Ring
R3-12555Dayem, Malik20TRUE8yrs & under BysKing of the Ring
R3-12558Bacho, William10TRUE13-17yrs AdvKing of the Ring
R3-12558Bacho, William10FALSE13-17yrs Adv**Yes I Can! Open
R3-12568Greene, Da'Ronn10TRUEBB 35yrs+ MenKing of the Ring
R3-12568Greene, Da'Ronn20FALSEBB 35yrs+ Men**DeCore Elite
R3-12568Greene, Da'Ronn20TRUEBB 35yrs+ MenUltimate Challenge
R3-12582Quiggle, Angelina30FALSE11-12 Brn/Blk Bys**DeCore Elite
R3-12582Quiggle, Angelina30FALSE11-12 Brn/Blk Bys**Yes I Can! Open
R3-12584Cottrill, Sierra16TRUEKyu Wmen 18yrs+**DeCore Elite
R3-12584Cottrill, Sierra20FALSEKyu Wmen 18yrs+**Yes I Can! Open
R3-12584Cottrill, Sierra8TRUEKyu Wmen 18yrs+Ultimate Challenge
R3-12586Negron, Randy10TRUE11-12 Int/Nv BysKing of the Ring
R3-12587Quintanilla, Jessenia20TRUE13-14 Int/NovKing of the Ring
R3-12587Quintanilla, Jessenia40TRUE13-14 Int/Nov**DeCore Elite
R3-12587Quintanilla, Jessenia20TRUE13-14 Int/Nov**Yes I Can! Open
R3-12593Zidian, Jillian8TRUE13-17yrs AdvKing of the Ring
R3-12605Mollenkopf, Cooper5FALSE13-17yrs Blk BltKing of the Ring
R3-12605Mollenkopf, Cooper16TRUE13-17yrs Blk Blt**DeCore Elite
R3-12605Mollenkopf, Cooper20TRUE13-17yrs Blk Blt**Yes I Can! Open
R3-12610Macklin, Brooklyn60TRUE13-17yrs Blk Blt***PKC Intl. Chmps
R3-12610Macklin, Brooklyn20TRUE13-17yrs Blk BltUltimate Challenge
R3-12625Barnes, Maria15TRUE9-10 Brn/Blk BysKing of the Ring
R3-12625Barnes, Maria20TRUE9-10 Brn/Blk Bys**DeCore Elite
R3-12625Barnes, Maria20TRUE9-10 Brn/Blk Bys**Yes I Can! Open
R3-12639Weiss, Danielle45FALSE13-17yrs Adv***Triple Crown
R3-12639Weiss, Danielle15TRUE13-17yrs AdvKing of the Ring
R3-12639Weiss, Danielle30FALSE13-17yrs Adv**Yes I Can! Open
R3-12645Azar, Miya30FALSE13-17yrs Adv**DeCore Elite
R3-12647McLaughlin, Chris8TRUEBB 35yrs+ MenKing of the Ring
R3-12647McLaughlin, Chris10FALSEBB 35yrs+ Men**DeCore Elite
R3-12647McLaughlin, Chris10FALSEBB 35yrs+ Men**Yes I Can! Open
R3-12647McLaughlin, Chris10TRUEBB 35yrs+ MenUltimate Challenge
R3-12650Sneddon, Wyatt15FALSE8yrs & under Bys***Triple Crown
R3-12650Sneddon, Wyatt24TRUE8yrs & under Bys***PKC Intl. Chmps
R3-12651Sneddon, Wesley45FALSE8yrs & under Bys***Triple Crown
R3-12651Sneddon, Wesley30TRUE8yrs & under Bys***PKC Intl. Chmps
R3-12655Duty, Michael10TRUE8yrs & under BysKing of the Ring
R3-12655Duty, Michael16TRUE8yrs & under Bys**Yes I Can! Open
R3-12655Duty, Michael45TRUE8yrs & under Bys***PKC Intl. Chmps
R3-12660Rashid, Atallah15TRUEKyu 18yrs+ MenKing of the Ring
R3-12660Rashid, Atallah40TRUEKyu 18yrs+ Men**DeCore Elite
R3-12660Rashid, Atallah30FALSEKyu 18yrs+ Men**Yes I Can! Open
R3-12660Rashid, Atallah15TRUEKyu 18yrs+ MenUltimate Challenge
R3-12663Taylor, Jaylah20TRUE13-14 Int/Nov**DeCore Elite
R3-12665Ponton, Gabe20TRUE11-12 Int/Nv BysKing of the Ring
R3-12665Ponton, Gabe30TRUE11-12 Int/Nv Bys**DeCore Elite
R3-12665Ponton, Gabe16TRUE11-12 Int/Nv Bys**Yes I Can! Open
R3-12665Ponton, Gabe15TRUE11-12 Int/Nv BysUltimate Challenge
R3-12668Jobes, Joslynn10FALSE11-12 Int/Nov Gls**DeCore Elite
R3-12668Jobes, Joslynn10FALSE11-12 Int/Nov Gls**Yes I Can! Open
R3-12688Mozzy, Thomas15TRUE8yrs & under BysKing of the Ring
R3-12688Mozzy, Thomas20TRUE8yrs & under Bys**Yes I Can! Open
R3-12693Stockmaster, Ava30FALSE9-10 Brn/Blk Bys**Yes I Can! Open
R3-12700Duong, Chloe20TRUE8yrs & under GlsKing of the Ring
R3-12700Duong, Chloe20TRUE8yrs & under Gls**DeCore Elite
R3-12700Duong, Chloe40TRUE8yrs & under Gls**Yes I Can! Open
R3-12700Duong, Chloe45TRUE8yrs & under Gls***PKC Intl. Chmps
R3-12700Duong, Chloe8TRUE8yrs & under GlsUltimate Challenge
R3-12712Winger, Blaine40TRUEKyu 18yrs+ Men**DeCore Elite
R3-12712Winger, Blaine40TRUEKyu 18yrs+ Men**Yes I Can! Open
R3-12712Winger, Blaine30TRUEKyu 18yrs+ Men***PKC Intl. Chmps
R3-12712Winger, Blaine15TRUEKyu 18yrs+ MenUltimate Challenge
R3-12713Winger, Parker20TRUE8yrs & under Bys**DeCore Elite
R3-12713Winger, Parker30TRUE8yrs & under Bys**Yes I Can! Open
R3-12713Winger, Parker60TRUE8yrs & under Bys***PKC Intl. Chmps
R3-12717Rogers, Alana16TRUE9-10 Int/Nov Gls**DeCore Elite
R3-12717Rogers, Alana16TRUE9-10 Int/Nov Gls**Yes I Can! Open
R3-12718Byrd, Christopher10TRUE9-10 Int/Nv BysKing of the Ring
R3-12718Byrd, Christopher20TRUE9-10 Int/Nv BysUltimate Challenge
R3-12721Amiri, Mahdi8TRUE15-17 Int/NovUltimate Challenge
R3-12723Bishop, Baylee40TRUE11-12 Int/Nov Gls**Yes I Can! Open
R3-12723Bishop, Baylee20TRUE11-12 Int/Nov GlsUltimate Challenge
R3-12726Potter, Bella10TRUE9-10 Int/Nov GlsKing of the Ring
R3-12726Potter, Bella30TRUE9-10 Int/Nov Gls**DeCore Elite
R3-12726Potter, Bella30FALSE9-10 Int/Nov Gls***PKC Intl. Chmps
R3-12727Finnegin, John8TRUEKyu 18yrs+ MenKing of the Ring
R3-12727Finnegin, John30TRUEKyu 18yrs+ Men**DeCore Elite
R3-12729Viets, Daniel10FALSEBB 18-34yrs Men**DeCore Elite
R3-12729Viets, Daniel10FALSEBB 18-34yrs MenUltimate Challenge
R3-12733Szklarz, Ethan8TRUE13-14 Int/NovKing of the Ring
R3-12733Szklarz, Ethan30TRUE13-14 Int/Nov**DeCore Elite
R3-12733Szklarz, Ethan40TRUE13-14 Int/Nov**Yes I Can! Open
R3-12734Parravano, Angelina30FALSE11-12 Int/Nov Gls**DeCore Elite
R3-12734Parravano, Angelina30FALSE11-12 Int/Nov Gls**Yes I Can! Open
R3-12744Edwards, Jack20TRUEBB 35yrs+ Men**Yes I Can! Open
R3-12744Edwards, Jack15TRUEBB 35yrs+ MenUltimate Challenge
R3-12745Edwards, Gavin10FALSE11-12 Brn/Blk BysKing of the Ring
R3-12745Edwards, Gavin20FALSE11-12 Brn/Blk Bys**DeCore Elite
R3-12745Edwards, Gavin10FALSE11-12 Brn/Blk Bys**Yes I Can! Open
R3-12745Edwards, Gavin8TRUE11-12 Brn/Blk BysUltimate Challenge
R3-12748Sekierko, Lucian45FALSE8yrs & under Bys***Triple Crown
R3-12748Sekierko, Lucian24TRUE8yrs & under Bys***PKC Intl. Chmps
R3-12748Sekierko, Lucian8TRUE8yrs & under BysUltimate Challenge
R3-12749Raumberger, Kathleen16TRUEKyu Wmen 18yrs+**Yes I Can! Open
R3-12749Raumberger, Kathleen45FALSEKyu Wmen 18yrs+***PKC Intl. Chmps
R3-12750Wills, Adysen8TRUE9-10 Brn/Blk BysKing of the Ring
R3-12750Wills, Adysen30TRUE9-10 Brn/Blk Bys**Yes I Can! Open
R3-12750Wills, Adysen45TRUE9-10 Brn/Blk Bys***PKC Intl. Chmps
R3-12750Wills, Adysen20TRUE9-10 Brn/Blk BysUltimate Challenge
R3-12751Wills, Ayden8TRUE8yrs & under BysKing of the Ring
R3-12751Wills, Ayden30TRUE8yrs & under Bys***PKC Intl. Chmps
R3-12751Wills, Ayden20TRUE8yrs & under BysUltimate Challenge
R3-12756Hamilton, Greg15FALSE11-12 Brn/Blk BysKing of the Ring
R3-12756Hamilton, Greg10FALSE11-12 Brn/Blk Bys**DeCore Elite
R3-12756Hamilton, Greg20FALSE11-12 Brn/Blk Bys**Yes I Can! Open
R3-12756Hamilton, Greg10TRUE11-12 Brn/Blk BysUltimate Challenge
R3-12766Cironi, Joseph10FALSEBB 18-34yrs MenKing of the Ring
R3-12766Cironi, Joseph15FALSEBB 18-34yrs MenUltimate Challenge
R3-12767Cironi, Victoria10FALSE13-17yrs AdvKing of the Ring
R3-12767Cironi, Victoria20FALSE13-17yrs Adv**Yes I Can! Open
R3-12767Cironi, Victoria30TRUE13-17yrs Adv***PKC Intl. Chmps
R3-12770Sneddon, Asher45TRUE8yrs & under Bys***Triple Crown
R3-12770Sneddon, Asher5FALSE8yrs & under BysKing of the Ring
R3-12770Sneddon, Asher20TRUE8yrs & under Bys**DeCore Elite
R3-12770Sneddon, Asher15TRUE8yrs & under BysUltimate Challenge
R3-12778Brandvold, Ryan30FALSE9-10 Int/Nv Bys**Yes I Can! Open
R3-12779Cain, Jason10FALSEKyu 18yrs+ MenKing of the Ring
R3-12779Cain, Jason24TRUEKyu 18yrs+ Men***PKC Intl. Chmps
R3-12779Cain, Jason20TRUEKyu 18yrs+ MenUltimate Challenge
R3-12787Wood, Kerrigan10TRUE13-14 Int/NovKing of the Ring
R3-12787Wood, Kerrigan40TRUE13-14 Int/Nov**DeCore Elite
R3-12787Wood, Kerrigan30TRUE13-14 Int/Nov**Yes I Can! Open
R3-12788Seidner, Jeffrey10TRUEKyu 18yrs+ MenKing of the Ring
R3-12788Seidner, Jeffrey20TRUEKyu 18yrs+ Men**DeCore Elite
R3-12789Sherrard, Brody45TRUE9-10 Int/Nv Bys***PKC Intl. Chmps
R3-12789Sherrard, Brody8TRUE8yrs & under BysUltimate Challenge
R3-12793Strbac, Jelena16TRUE13-14 Int/Nov**DeCore Elite
R3-12793Strbac, Jelena16TRUE13-14 Int/Nov**Yes I Can! Open
R3-12793Strbac, Jelena45FALSE13-14 Int/Nov***PKC Intl. Chmps
R3-12793Strbac, Jelena20TRUE13-14 Int/NovUltimate Challenge
R3-12794Frame, Gage8TRUE9-10 Int/Nv BysKing of the Ring
R3-12794Frame, Gage30TRUE9-10 Int/Nv Bys**DeCore Elite
R3-12794Frame, Gage10FALSE9-10 Int/Nv Bys**Yes I Can! Open
R3-12794Frame, Gage24TRUE9-10 Int/Nv Bys***PKC Intl. Chmps
R3-12802Parravano, Julianne8TRUE11-12 Int/Nov GlsKing of the Ring
R3-12802Parravano, Julianne20FALSE11-12 Int/Nov Gls**DeCore Elite
R3-12803Hostler, Keira16TRUE9-10 Int/Nov Gls**DeCore Elite
R3-12803Hostler, Keira20FALSE9-10 Int/Nov Gls**Yes I Can! Open
R3-12803Hostler, Keira10TRUE8yrs & under GlsUltimate Challenge
R3-12805Hendon, J'Von8TRUE15-17 Int/NovKing of the Ring
R3-12809Stanley, Adisyn15TRUE11-12 Int/Nov GlsKing of the Ring
R3-12809Stanley, Adisyn16TRUE11-12 Int/Nov Gls**DeCore Elite
R3-12809Stanley, Adisyn30TRUE11-12 Int/Nov Gls**Yes I Can! Open
R3-12809Stanley, Adisyn45FALSE11-12 Int/Nov Gls***PKC Intl. Chmps
R3-12809Stanley, Adisyn10TRUE11-12 Int/Nov GlsUltimate Challenge
R3-12810Bogard, Gabriel10TRUE9-10 Int/Nv BysKing of the Ring
R3-12811Weems II, Christopher20TRUE15-17 Int/NovKing of the Ring
R3-12812Odekunle, David20TRUE9-10 Int/Nv Bys**DeCore Elite
R3-12813Reed, Andrew16TRUE9-10 Int/Nv Bys**DeCore Elite
R3-12822Duncan, Emma15TRUE15-17 Int/NovKing of the Ring
R3-12822Duncan, Emma20TRUE15-17 Int/Nov**DeCore Elite
R3-12822Duncan, Emma20TRUE15-17 Int/Nov**Yes I Can! Open
R3-12824Nelson, Andrea8TRUEKyu Wmen 18yrs+Ultimate Challenge
R3-12826Wilson, Braydon15TRUE8yrs & under BysKing of the Ring
R3-12826Wilson, Braydon30TRUE8yrs & under Bys**DeCore Elite
R3-12826Wilson, Braydon16TRUE8yrs & under Bys**Yes I Can! Open
R3-12826Wilson, Braydon10TRUE8yrs & under BysUltimate Challenge
R3-12827Blackwell, Aydin20TRUE9-10 Int/Nv Bys**DeCore Elite
R3-12827Blackwell, Aydin15TRUE9-10 Int/Nv BysUltimate Challenge
R3-12828Deastlov, Thomas15TRUE11-12 Int/Nv BysKing of the Ring
R3-12828Deastlov, Thomas20FALSE11-12 Int/Nv Bys**Yes I Can! Open
R3-12830Flores, Madilyn20TRUE9-10 Int/Nov GlsKing of the Ring
R3-12830Flores, Madilyn30TRUE9-10 Int/Nov Gls**Yes I Can! Open
R3-12830Flores, Madilyn20TRUE9-10 Int/Nov GlsUltimate Challenge
R3-12832Rakhmistrovskiy, Alan10TRUE11-12 Int/Nv Bys**DeCore Elite
R3-12835Patterson, Colton40TRUE9-10 Int/Nv Bys**Yes I Can! Open
R3-12836Potter, Jennifer16FALSEKyu Wmen 18yrs+**DeCore Elite
R3-12837Potter, Michael8TRUEKyu 18yrs+ MenKing of the Ring
R3-12837Potter, Michael30TRUEKyu 18yrs+ Men**DeCore Elite
R3-12837Potter, Michael20TRUEKyu 18yrs+ Men**Yes I Can! Open
R3-12857Franklin, Nathan16TRUE13-14 Int/Nov**DeCore Elite
R3-12857Franklin, Nathan16TRUE13-14 Int/Nov**Yes I Can! Open
R3-12858Weiss, Dan45FALSEKyu 18yrs+ Men***Triple Crown
R3-12858Weiss, Dan15TRUEKyu 18yrs+ MenKing of the Ring
R3-12858Weiss, Dan30TRUEKyu 18yrs+ Men**Yes I Can! Open
R3-12862Janes, DeAnna10TRUEKyu Wmen 18yrs+Ultimate Challenge
R3-12883Wright, Adam10FALSE8yrs & under BysKing of the Ring
R3-12883Wright, Adam8TRUE8yrs & under BysUltimate Challenge
R3-12888Beckham, Braylee15TRUE8yrs & under GlsUltimate Challenge
R3-12895Wardrope, Chloe15FALSE8yrs & under GlsKing of the Ring
R3-12895Wardrope, Chloe16TRUE8yrs & under Gls**DeCore Elite
R3-12897Stauffer, Wyatt10TRUE11-12 Int/Nv BysKing of the Ring
R3-12897Stauffer, Wyatt10FALSE11-12 Int/Nv Bys**DeCore Elite
R3-12897Stauffer, Wyatt16TRUE9-10 Int/Nv Bys**Yes I Can! Open
R3-12906Coy, Taylor20TRUEKyu Wmen 18yrs+**DeCore Elite
R3-12906Coy, Taylor30FALSEKyu Wmen 18yrs+***PKC Intl. Chmps
R3-12907Houllette, Darrin10FALSEKyu 18yrs+ MenKing of the Ring
R3-12907Houllette, Darrin30FALSEKyu 18yrs+ Men**Yes I Can! Open
R3-12910Berkheimer, Carolyn15FALSEBB18yrs+ WmenKing of the Ring
R3-2041Flask, Joe15TRUEBB 35yrs+ MenKing of the Ring
R3-2041Flask, Joe20FALSEBB 35yrs+ Men**Yes I Can! Open
R3-6962Thompson, Benjamin15FALSEBB 18-34yrs MenKing of the Ring
R3-6962Thompson, Benjamin20FALSEBB 18-34yrs Men**DeCore Elite
R3-6962Thompson, Benjamin30FALSEBB 18-34yrs Men**Yes I Can! Open
R4-13664Rivera, Jose15FALSEBB Men Mstrs 35yr+King of the Ring
R4-13664Rivera, Jose30TRUEBB Men Mstrs 35yr+**Yes I Can! Open
R4-13664Rivera, Jose60TRUEBB Men Mstrs 35yr+***PKC Intl. Chmps
R4-13697Geertson, Ella20TRUE13-17yrs AdvUltimate Challenge
R4-13732Fry, Zachary30FALSE13-17yrs Blk Blt***PKC Intl. Chmps
R4-13733Pohl, Thomas10TRUE11-12 Brn/Blk BysKing of the Ring
R4-13733Pohl, Thomas20FALSE11-12 Brn/Blk Bys**DeCore Elite
R4-13733Pohl, Thomas30FALSE11-12 Brn/Blk Bys**Yes I Can! Open
R4-13764Frazier, Asher30TRUE15-17 Int/Nov**DeCore Elite
R4-13764Frazier, Asher40TRUE15-17 Int/Nov**Yes I Can! Open
R4-13765Rainey, Mark5FALSEBB 35yrs+ MenKing of the Ring
R4-13765Rainey, Mark8TRUEBB 35yrs+ MenUltimate Challenge
R5-12079Gutierrez, Steve60TRUE9-10 Int/Nv Bys***PKC Intl. Chmps
R5-12089Bryant, Tafi15FALSE15-17 Int/Nov***PKC Intl. Chmps
R7-12837Chism, Elizabeth45FALSE13-17yrs Blk Blt***Triple Crown
R7-12987Hankins, Adonijah10FALSE13-17yrs Blk BltUnited Open
R7-13057Hankins, Elijah45FALSE13-17yrs Adv***Triple Crown
R7-13057Hankins, Elijah20TRUE13-17yrs AdvUnited Open
R7-13263Watson, John15FALSEKyu 18yrs+ Men***Triple Crown
R7-13979Trammell, Lee'Shell15TRUE13-14 Int/NovUnited Open
R7-14043Ruth, Charles15FALSEBB 35yrs+ Men***Triple Crown
R7-14043Ruth, Charles15FALSEBB 35yrs+ MenKY State Chmp
R7-14043Ruth, Charles15FALSEBB 35yrs+ MenTN State Chmps
R7-14052Raheem, Ashanti15FALSE13-17yrs Blk BltUnited Open
R7-14140Cross, Jakyree8TRUE9-10 Int/Nv BysUnited Open
R7-15638Jackson, Vincent15FALSE15-17 Int/NovUnited Open
R7-16002Gass, Caroline45FALSE9-10 Brn/Blk Bys***Triple Crown
R7-16002Gass, Caroline15FALSE9-10 Brn/Blk BysTN State Chmps
R7-16026Kennedy, Devlin45FALSE11-12 Int/Nv Bys***Triple Crown
R7-16037Minano, Shawn30FALSE13-17yrs Blk Blt***Triple Crown
R7-16038Webb, Aianna10FALSE11-12 Brn/Blk BysTN State Chmps
R7-16039Marsh, Sean15FALSE9-10 Brn/Blk BysKY State Chmp
R7-16040Marsh, Kelly15FALSE8yrs & under GlsKY State Chmp
R7-16040Marsh, Kelly10FALSE8yrs & under GlsTN State Chmps
R7-17005Daugherty, Joseph15FALSE13-17yrs AdvTN State Chmps
R7-17006Daugherty, Jackson5FALSE13-17yrs AdvTN State Chmps
R7-17301Billups-Raheem, Christina15TRUE8yrs & under GlsTradititional Warrior
R7-17315Hankins, Victor45TRUE11-12 Int/Nv Bys***Triple Crown
R7-17315Hankins, Victor15FALSE11-12 Int/Nv BysUnited Open
R7-17320Jones, Mashayla15FALSE15-17 Int/NovUnited Open
R7-17333Hankins, Dianna30TRUE13-14 Int/Nov***Triple Crown
R7-18021Avery, Dorian15FALSE11-12 Brn/Blk BysKY State Chmp
R7-18043Whited, Sedita45FALSEBB18yrs+ Wmen***Triple Crown
R7-18044Gass, Christopher60TRUE8yrs & under Bys***Triple Crown
R7-18044Gass, Christopher15FALSE8yrs & under BysTN State Chmps
R7-18201Preston, Michael5FALSE11-12 Int/Nv BysThoroughbred Open
R7-18203Maples, Josie10FALSE8yrs & under GlsKY State Chmp
R7-18406Easley, Maxwell30FALSE9-10 Brn/Blk Bys***Triple Crown
R7-18406Easley, Maxwell5FALSE9-10 Brn/Blk BysKY State Chmp
R7-18406Easley, Maxwell15FALSE9-10 Int/Nv BysThoroughbred Open
R7-18408Bevins, Aaron5FALSE9-10 Brn/Blk BysKY State Chmp
R7-19020Easley, Cotaco15FALSEKyu Wmen 18yrs+KY State Chmp
R7-19020Easley, Cotaco10FALSEKyu Wmen 18yrs+Thoroughbred Open
R7-19021Adams, Kelsie10FALSE9-10 Brn/Blk BysKY State Chmp
R7-19021Adams, Kelsie10FALSE9-10 Brn/Blk BysTN State Chmps
R7-19021Adams, Kelsie15FALSE9-10 Int/Nov GlsThoroughbred Open
R7-19022Fortner, Landon30FALSE9-10 Int/Nv Bys***Triple Crown
R7-19022Fortner, Landon10FALSE9-10 Int/Nv BysKY State Chmp
R7-19022Fortner, Landon10FALSE9-10 Int/Nv BysTN State Chmps
R7-19022Fortner, Landon15FALSE9-10 Int/Nv BysThoroughbred Open