Choose the event you wish to view from the drop down menu.  Click the Place tab to view all competitors in your division or the Detail tab to view an itemized list of tournaments where you have accumulated points.  If you have competed in more than one division throughout the year, you will receive your C-tot (combined total points) in the division where you accumulate the most points at the end of the season.

Suggestion: Search by division to view current place, search by name or PKC ID to view detail records of points accumulated over all events.

Best wishes to all and we look forward to seeing you at the PKC Grand Nationals over Labor Day Weekend in early fall for exciting competition and the exclusive “Big Dog” Grand finals to determine the Best of the Best in the PKC.  We will also be hosting the National Awards Banquet to honor our “Top Ten” Champions in each division listed here in the ratings. (Although all PKC Sanctioned events are open, you must be a PKC member to accumulate points)

Link: current rating include the following posted tournaments

PKC ID #"*"NameD-totC-totInstructorDivision
R4-137771Kabasinski, Len149149Arrington, BBB 35yrs+ Men
R3-122571Bukala, Michael125125Bukala, MBB 35yrs+ Men
R2-134111Blade, Courtland8181Hernly, VBB 35yrs+ Men
R3-126471McLaughlin, Chris7474McLaughlin, CBB 35yrs+ Men
R4-136641Rivera, Jose6060Duga, EBB 35yrs+ Men
R2-127201Ling, Zhichao4545Michael, DBB 35yrs+ Men
R2-19601Brading, Derek3030Bethea, EBB 35yrs+ Men
R3-131001Burke, Anthony3030Janes, DBB 35yrs+ Men
R1-125731Broomfield, Joshua3030Fink, FBB 35yrs+ Men
R2-137341Wilson, Jeffrey2020Bethea, EBB 35yrs+ Men
R2-134881Henry, Steven1515Bailey, TBB 35yrs+ Men
R2-134821Blade, Sr., Corey1010Blade, CBB 35yrs+ Men
R1-121831Cooley, Michael275275Venson, JBB 18-34yrs Men
R3-127661Cironi, Joseph140140McCutcheon, DBB 18-34yrs Men
R1-119141Venson, Elias8686Venson, JBB 18-34yrs Men
R3-129372Brink, Jesse64128Janes, DBB 18-34yrs Men
R3-130141Parr, Carl2828Charlillo, FBB 18-34yrs Men
R1-129881Guglielmetti, Philip2020Winner, DBB 18-34yrs Men
R3-122151Oquendo II, Pablo2020Bowen, JBB 18-34yrs Men
R3-127291Viets, Daniel2020McLaughlin, CBB 18-34yrs Men
R3-127281Bryan, Erik1010McLaughlin, CBB 18-34yrs Men
R3-122501Fickes, Amy200200BuBB18yrs+ Wmen
R2-134811Blade, Rachel144144Blade, CBB18yrs+ Wmen
R3-123401Valentine, Angel135135Harris, LBB18yrs+ Wmen
R1-126451Venson, Gabrielle135135Venson, JBB18yrs+ Wmen
R2-137311Light, Shannon2020Monroe, CBB18yrs+ Wmen
R2-134571Craft, Linda1515Recupido, DBB18yrs+ Wmen
R3-128761Savon Jr., David180180BuKyu 18yrs+ Men
R2-132941Manley, Ian135135Manley, JKyu 18yrs+ Men
R3-130071Schultz, Daniel8282McCutcheon, DKyu 18yrs+ Men
R2-00631Golston, Jermel8080MaKyu 18yrs+ Men
R2-2136801Flores, Joseph6565Kuhn, RKyu 18yrs+ Men
R3-128471Makar, John5252BuKyu 18yrs+ Men
R3-129071Houllette, Darrin4040McLaughlin, CKyu 18yrs+ Men
R3-129591Williams, Aaron3030BuKyu 18yrs+ Men
R3-129401Davis, Rosemarie155155Janes, DKyu Wmen 18yrs+
R3-130791Allen, Victoria8989Charlillo, FKyu Wmen 18yrs+
R3-128221Duncan, Emma3030McLaughlin, CKyu Wmen 18yrs+
R2-00141Thomas, Kayla2020Blade, CKyu Wmen 18yrs+
R3-128241Nelson, Andrea2020McCutcheon, DKyu Wmen 18yrs+
R3-130201Jurich, Barbara1010McLaughlin, CKyu Wmen 18yrs+
R3-130611Hawari, Muna1010McCutcheon, DKyu Wmen 18yrs+
R3-126251Barnes, Maria141141Bu13-17yrs Blk Blt
R4-137302Lobaugh, Jasmine130175Marziale, A13-17yrs Blk Blt
R2-134091Blade, Angel115115Blade, C13-17yrs Blk Blt
R3-126931Stockmaster, Ava9191Janes, D13-17yrs Blk Blt
R2-134221Purnell, Pashence9090Blade, C13-17yrs Blk Blt
R2-134081Blade, Amaziah7070Blade, C13-17yrs Blk Blt
R3-129372Brink, Jesse64128Janes, D13-17yrs Blk Blt
R3-126051Mollenkopf, Cooper6060McLaughlin, C13-17yrs Blk Blt
R4-138351Nock, Kaleb6060Viola, B13-17yrs Blk Blt
R3-122161Oquendo, Celestino4545Bowen, J13-17yrs Blk Blt
R2-135991Clark, Maria3131Rymer, R13-17yrs Blk Blt
R2-00874Muhammad, Akil30121Blade, C13-17yrs Blk Blt
R3-125241Dillinger, Jordan2424Bu13-17yrs Blk Blt
R3-129691Nicoletti, Alexander2020Janes, D13-17yrs Blk Blt
R3-128091Stanley, Adisyn55Powers, E13-17yrs Blk Blt
R2-136751Marshall Hewitt, James315315Michael, D13-17yrs Adv
R4-137302Lobaugh, Jasmine45175Marziale, A13-17yrs Adv
R3-130591Conley, Emilie4040Daniels, D13-17yrs Adv
R2-00874Muhammad, Akil30121Blade, C13-17yrs Adv
R4-138282Nowalk, Rebecca2454Viola, B13-17yrs Adv
R2-134691Bellaw, Abram2121Michael, D13-17yrs Adv
R1-126671Nettles IV, John2020Nettles, J13-17yrs Adv
R4-138331Regina, Kate1616Viola, B13-17yrs Adv
R2-2136831Brindel, Jesika1010Kuhn, R13-17yrs Adv
R3-130091Osborne, Zackary195195Charlillo, F13-17 Int/Nov
R3-128791Savon, Kaitlyn160160Bu13-17 Int/Nov
R3-128781Savon, Abigail139139Bu13-17 Int/Nov
R3-129491Brown, DeLancia9595Harris, L13-17 Int/Nov
R3-128771Savon, Zachariah6363Bu13-17 Int/Nov
R3-128571Franklin, Nathan5050McLaughlin, C13-17 Int/Nov
R4-138251Wiseman, Jordan4545Fernandez, T13-17 Int/Nov
R3-131091Maxwell, Hayden4545Bowen, J13-17 Int/Nov
R3-128271Blackwell, Aydin3030Nieves, S13-17 Int/Nov
R1-130021Smith, Ariel Ben-Yisrael3030Venson, J13-17 Int/Nov
R4-138282Nowalk, Rebecca3054Viola, B13-17 Int/Nov
R1-126391Smart, David3030Venson, J13-17 Int/Nov
R1-126461Venson, Kaliyah2424Venson, J13-17 Int/Nov
R3-130991Manley, Jackson2020McCutcheon, D13-17 Int/Nov
R1-130151Mack, Tyler2020Venson, J13-17 Int/Nov
R2-137601Russell, Elliot2020Monroe, C13-17 Int/Nov
R2-00874Muhammad, Akil16121Blade, C13-17 Int/Nov
R2-134171Lowry, Ming1515Ables, S13-17 Int/Nov
R2-137231Dominguez-Foutz, Landen1010Davidson, J13-17 Int/Nov
R3-130151Martinez, Elaina240240Daniels, D11-12 Adv Bys/Gls
R4-138041Viola, Gabby165165Viola, B11-12 Adv Bys/Gls
R3-128261Wilson, Braydon137137Nieves, S11-12 Adv Bys/Gls
R3-129751Zaslavskiy, Anthony100100Bu11-12 Adv Bys/Gls
R2-134851Anderson, Thomas100100Michael, D11-12 Adv Bys/Gls
R2-134581Blade, Aniyah9090Blade, C11-12 Adv Bys/Gls
R3-129581Deshpande, Roshnee6060Brown, R11-12 Adv Bys/Gls
R4-137981Bilinsky, Gavin6060Viola, B11-12 Adv Bys/Gls
R2-00874Muhammad, Akil45121Blade, C11-12 Adv Bys/Gls
R2-00361Olson, Lyric2626Kuhn, R11-12 Adv Bys/Gls
R4-138381Davis, Dryce2424Viola, B11-12 Adv Bys/Gls
R2-133672Sedaghat, Darya2051Michael, D11-12 Adv Bys/Gls
R3-129171Ushiroda, Kenton1515Brown, R11-12 Adv Bys/Gls
R2-00231Howe, Gage88Kuhn, R11-12 Adv Bys/Gls
R3-126881Mozzy, Thomas145145Bu11-12 Int/Nv Bys/Gls
R2-136731Hines, Mason125125Murkison, B11-12 Int/Nv Bys/Gls
R3-129791Wilson, Austin125125Bu11-12 Int/Nv Bys/Gls
R3-130551Gordon, Riley109109Bu11-12 Int/Nv Bys/Gls
R3-130561Powell, Lainey100100Bu11-12 Int/Nv Bys/Gls
R1-128591Whitelow, Jessica8585Venson, J11-12 Int/Nv Bys/Gls
R3-130891Martin, David8080Bu11-12 Int/Nv Bys/Gls
R3-130781Jackson, Dallas6060McLaughlin, C11-12 Int/Nv Bys/Gls
R2-136521Childers, Addison6060Foreman, D11-12 Int/Nv Bys/Gls
R3-130181Cole, Connor5656McLaughlin, C11-12 Int/Nv Bys/Gls
R3-129821Redmond, Landon5151McLaughlin, C11-12 Int/Nv Bys/Gls
R3-131101Mahangare, Krisha4545Brown, R11-12 Int/Nv Bys/Gls
R3-126501Sneddon, Wyatt4040Bu11-12 Int/Nv Bys/Gls
R3-130241Carr, Katrina4040Charlillo, F11-12 Int/Nv Bys/Gls
R2-136741Cole, Tejana3535Murkison, B11-12 Int/Nv Bys/Gls
R3-130232Wimer, George3171Charlillo, F11-12 Int/Nv Bys/Gls
R2-135921Miller, Sydney3030Michael, D11-12 Int/Nv Bys/Gls
R3-130341Clemens, Cullen2424McCutcheon, D11-12 Int/Nv Bys/Gls
R1-129251Hill, Jacob2020Venson, J11-12 Int/Nv Bys/Gls
R3-130011Byrne, James1616McLaughlin, C11-12 Int/Nv Bys/Gls
R3-130541Gordon, Rayne1616Bu11-12 Int/Nv Bys/Gls
R1-129421Montgomery, Akir1010Venson, J11-12 Int/Nv Bys/Gls
R3-128801Savon, Daniel1010Bu11-12 Int/Nv Bys/Gls
R2-137251Dominguez-Foutz, Gabriella66Davidson, J11-12 Int/Nv Bys/Gls
R3-130162Martinez, Anya120280Daniels, D9-10 Adv Bys
R3-129981Walker, Zachary105105Daniels, D9-10 Adv Bys
R3-130521Stockmaster, Cole104104Janes, D9-10 Adv Bys
R2-136151Blessing, Aiden8585Michael, D9-10 Adv Bys
R2-137201Blade, Anya4545Blade, C9-10 Adv Bys
R4-138431Bochicchio, Madison4545Viola, B9-10 Adv Bys
R3-126511Sneddon, Wesley4444Bu9-10 Adv Bys
R2-2136811Turner, Catelynn4040Kuhn, R9-10 Adv Bys
R2-2136771Hart, Max3131Kuhn, R9-10 Adv Bys
R2-133672Sedaghat, Darya3151Michael, D9-10 Adv Bys
R2-137651DeBoer, Taylor3030Wilson, J9-10 Adv Bys
R4-138341Jurkiewicz, Max3030Viola, B9-10 Adv Bys
R4-138371Fay, Aidan3030Viola, B9-10 Adv Bys
R2-137411Muhammad, Naeema2020Blade, C9-10 Adv Bys
R2-2136781Roach, Calynn2020Kuhn, R9-10 Adv Bys
R4-138101Lowry, Callen185185Marziale, A9-10 Int/Nv Bys
R3-130441Harris, Tallen8080Nieves, S9-10 Int/Nv Bys
R3-129151Case, Angelo8080Nieves, S9-10 Int/Nv Bys
R1-129261Hill, Joshua6060Venson, J9-10 Int/Nv Bys
R3-128832Wright, Adam53158Bu9-10 Int/Nv Bys
R3-125551Dayem, Malik4444DeCore, J9-10 Int/Nv Bys
R3-130232Wimer, George4071Charlillo, F9-10 Int/Nv Bys
R3-130801Ingledue, Kolton3636Bu9-10 Int/Nv Bys
R3-130511Williams, Tristian3636Harris, L9-10 Int/Nv Bys
R3-130831Bruner, Jeremiah3030Bu9-10 Int/Nv Bys
R2-00622Golston, Jailynn3054ma9-10 Int/Nv Bys
R3-129951Garceau, Dominic3030DeCore, J9-10 Int/Nv Bys
R3-129911Lanier, Xavier3030Brown, R9-10 Int/Nv Bys
R3-128811Savon, Benjamin1616Bu9-10 Int/Nv Bys
R3-129551Roesel, Carter1515Brown, R9-10 Int/Nv Bys
R3-129851Moore, Chayce88McLaughlin, C9-10 Int/Nv Bys
R3-127001Duong, Chloe260260DeCore, J9-10 Int/Nov Gls
R3-130131McGuire, Charlotte144144Nieves, S9-10 Int/Nov Gls
R4-138052Lobaugh, Laila5095Marziale, A9-10 Int/Nov Gls
R4-138311Nowalk, Charlotte4545Viola, B9-10 Int/Nov Gls
R1-130141Moore, Alexandria3030Venson, J9-10 Int/Nov Gls
R4-138181Black, Chloe3030Fernandez, T9-10 Int/Nov Gls
R1-130091Lule, Natalia2020Venson, J9-10 Int/Nov Gls
R4-138391Billiot, Flora2020Viola, B9-10 Int/Nov Gls
R2-137241Dominguez-Foutz, Justice66Davidson, J9-10 Int/Nov Gls
R2-137181Blade, Cortlyn131131Blade, C8yrs & under Bys
R3-129681Clark, Andrew (Andy)126126Roberts, J8yrs & under Bys
R1-129331Edwards, Kingson125125Venson, J8yrs & under Bys
R3-128832Wright, Adam105158Bu8yrs & under Bys
R4-138321Torrance, Beau8989Viola, B8yrs & under Bys
R1-129221Thomas, Carson7878Venson, J8yrs & under Bys
R1-129461Harris, Wesley5252Venson, J8yrs & under Bys
R1-128871Sisney, Cayden5050Venson, J8yrs & under Bys
R3-131021Torres, Jeremy5050Bu8yrs & under Bys
R3-130501Baker, Nolan4646McLaughlin, C8yrs & under Bys
R3-128641Barber, James4646Bu8yrs & under Bys
R2-2136791Gabbard, Luke4545Kuhn, R8yrs & under Bys
R3-130211Parilla, Jackson4545McLaughlin, C8yrs & under Bys
R3-129831Reiter, Carver4444McLaughlin, C8yrs & under Bys
R3-127701Sneddon, Asher3838Bu8yrs & under Bys
R1-130031Collay, Kendrix3636Venson, J8yrs & under Bys
R2-00622Golston, Jailynn2454ma8yrs & under Bys
R3-130531Hanley, Liam2424Nieves, S8yrs & under Bys
R3-131261Wilson, Logan2424Sfikas, W8yrs & under Bys
R4-138151Huff, Andrew2424Fernandez, T8yrs & under Bys
R3-130821Ward, AJ2020Janes, D8yrs & under Bys
R1-129511Devine, Kaiden55Venson, J8yrs & under Bys
R3-130171Martinez, Illyana190190Daniels, D8yrs & under Gls
R4-138401Kabasinski, Ariel160160Arrington, B8yrs & under Gls
R3-130162Martinez, Anya160280Daniels, D8yrs & under Gls
R1-129121Talbert, Nirvana Ellie7575Venson, J8yrs & under Gls
R2-00611Golston, Jada7070ma8yrs & under Gls
R3-130881Drews, Gianna6060Janes, D8yrs & under Gls
R3-129731Hawthorne, Briella4545Bu8yrs & under Gls
R4-138052Lobaugh, Laila4595Marziale, A8yrs & under Gls
R1-129831Nettles, Olivia4040Nettles, J8yrs & under Gls
R3-130461Schultz, Sophia3535McCutcheon, D8yrs & under Gls
R1-129411Ewing, Savannah1616Venson, J8yrs & under Gls
R3-131041Wilson, Maleena1515Bu8yrs & under Gls
R3-129721Savon, Kailey1010Bu8yrs & under Gls
PKC ID #NameNational PointsBonusDivisionEvent
R1-11914Venson, Elias30TRUEBB 18-34yrs Men***March Madness
R1-11914Venson, Elias30TRUEBB 18-34yrs MenTY 2022 Year End
R1-11914Venson, Elias20FALSEBB 18-34yrs Men**DeCore Elite Natls
R1-11914Venson, Elias6TRUEBB 18-34yrs MenIndy Showdown
R1-12183Cooley, Michael60TRUEBB 18-34yrs Men***March Madness
R1-12183Cooley, Michael40TRUEBB 18-34yrs Men**!st Indiana
R1-12183Cooley, Michael40TRUEBB 18-34yrs Men**Cabin Fever
R1-12183Cooley, Michael40TRUEBB 18-34yrs MenTY 2022 Year End
R1-12183Cooley, Michael30FALSEBB 18-34yrs Men**Wade Memorial
R1-12183Cooley, Michael45TRUEBB 18-34yrs Men***PKC Nationals
R1-12183Cooley, Michael20TRUEBB 18-34yrs MenIndy Showdown
R1-12573Broomfield, Joshua30TRUEBB 35yrs+ Men**Cabin Fever
R1-12639Smart, David30FALSE13-17 Int/Nov**Cabin Fever
R1-12645Venson, Gabrielle45FALSEBB18yrs+ Wmen***March Madness
R1-12645Venson, Gabrielle20FALSEBB18yrs+ Wmen**Cabin Fever
R1-12645Venson, Gabrielle30TRUEBB18yrs+ WmenTY 2022 Year End
R1-12645Venson, Gabrielle30FALSEBB18yrs+ Wmen**DeCore Elite Natls
R1-12645Venson, Gabrielle10FALSEBB18yrs+ WmenIndy Showdown
R1-12646Venson, Kaliyah24TRUE13-17 Int/Nov***PKC Nationals
R1-12667Nettles IV, John20FALSE13-17yrs Adv**Cabin Fever
R1-12859Whitelow, Jessica30FALSE11-12 Int/Nv Bys/Gls**Cabin Fever
R1-12859Whitelow, Jessica20FALSE11-12 Int/Nv Bys/GlsTY 2022 Year End
R1-12859Whitelow, Jessica20FALSE11-12 Int/Nv Bys/Gls**Wade Memorial
R1-12859Whitelow, Jessica15FALSE11-12 Int/Nv Bys/GlsHaynes Apperson
R1-12887Sisney, Cayden20TRUE8yrs & under Bys**Cabin Fever
R1-12887Sisney, Cayden30TRUE8yrs & under BysTY 2022 Year End
R1-12912Talbert, Nirvana Ellie30TRUE8yrs & under Gls**Cabin Fever
R1-12912Talbert, Nirvana Ellie20TRUE8yrs & under Gls**Wade Memorial
R1-12912Talbert, Nirvana Ellie15FALSE8yrs & under Gls***PKC Nationals
R1-12912Talbert, Nirvana Ellie10FALSE8yrs & under GlsHaynes Apperson
R1-12922Thomas, Carson24TRUE8yrs & under Bys***March Madness
R1-12922Thomas, Carson30TRUE8yrs & under Bys**Cabin Fever
R1-12922Thomas, Carson24TRUE8yrs & under Bys***PKC Nationals
R1-12925Hill, Jacob20FALSE11-12 Int/Nv Bys/Gls**Cabin Fever
R1-12926Hill, Joshua40TRUE9-10 Int/Nv Bys**Cabin Fever
R1-12926Hill, Joshua20TRUE9-10 Int/Nv BysIndy Showdown
R1-12933Edwards, Kingson45TRUE8yrs & under Bys***March Madness
R1-12933Edwards, Kingson20TRUE8yrs & under Bys**Cabin Fever
R1-12933Edwards, Kingson30TRUE8yrs & under BysTY 2022 Year End
R1-12933Edwards, Kingson30TRUE8yrs & under Bys**DeCore Elite Natls
R1-12941Ewing, Savannah16TRUE8yrs & under Gls**Cabin Fever
R1-12942Montgomery, Akir10FALSE11-12 Int/Nv Bys/Gls**Wade Memorial
R1-12946Harris, Wesley16TRUE8yrs & under Bys**Cabin Fever
R1-12946Harris, Wesley20TRUE8yrs & under BysTY 2022 Year End
R1-12946Harris, Wesley16TRUE8yrs & under Bys**DeCore Elite Natls
R1-12951Devine, Kaiden5FALSE8yrs & under BysHaynes Apperson
R1-12983Nettles, Olivia40TRUE8yrs & under Gls**Cabin Fever
R1-12988Guglielmetti, Philip20TRUEBB 18-34yrs Men**Cabin Fever
R1-13002Smith, Ariel Ben-Yisrael30FALSE13-17 Int/Nov**Cabin Fever
R1-13003Collay, Kendrix16TRUE8yrs & under Bys**Cabin Fever
R1-13003Collay, Kendrix20FALSE8yrs & under Bys**DeCore Elite Natls
R1-13009Lule, Natalia20TRUE9-10 Int/Nov Gls**Cabin Fever
R1-13014Moore, Alexandria30TRUE9-10 Int/Nov Gls**Cabin Fever
R1-13015Mack, Tyler20FALSE13-17 Int/Nov**Cabin Fever
R2-0014Thomas, Kayla10FALSEKyu Wmen 18yrs+**Wade Memorial
R2-0014Thomas, Kayla10FALSEKyu Wmen 18yrs+Haynes Apperson
R2-0023Howe, Gage8TRUE11-12 Adv Bys/GlsBattle for a Cause
R2-0036Olson, Lyric16TRUE11-12 Adv Bys/Gls**!st Indiana
R2-0036Olson, Lyric10TRUE11-12 Adv Bys/GlsBattle for a Cause
R2-0061Golston, Jada40TRUE8yrs & under Gls**Cabin Fever
R2-0061Golston, Jada30TRUE8yrs & under Gls***PKC Nationals
R2-0062Golston, Jailynn30FALSE9-10 Int/Nv Bys**Cabin Fever
R2-0062Golston, Jailynn24TRUE8yrs & under Bys***PKC Nationals
R2-0063Golston, Jermel20TRUEKyu 18yrs+ Men**Cabin Fever
R2-0063Golston, Jermel60TRUEKyu 18yrs+ Men***PKC Nationals
R2-0087Muhammad, Akil30TRUE13-17yrs Blk Blt**!st Indiana
R2-0087Muhammad, Akil30FALSE13-17yrs Adv**Cabin Fever
R2-0087Muhammad, Akil16TRUE13-17 Int/Nov**Wade Memorial
R2-0087Muhammad, Akil45TRUE11-12 Adv Bys/Gls***PKC Nationals
R2-12720Ling, Zhichao45TRUEBB 35yrs+ Men***PKC Nationals
R2-13294Manley, Ian60TRUEKyu 18yrs+ Men***March Madness
R2-13294Manley, Ian30FALSEKyu 18yrs+ Men**Cabin Fever
R2-13294Manley, Ian30FALSEKyu 18yrs+ Men***PKC Nationals
R2-13294Manley, Ian15TRUEKyu 18yrs+ MenIndy Showdown
R2-13367Sedaghat, Darya20TRUE11-12 Adv Bys/Gls**!st Indiana
R2-13367Sedaghat, Darya16TRUE9-10 Adv Bys**Wade Memorial
R2-13367Sedaghat, Darya15FALSE9-10 Adv BysHaynes Apperson
R2-13408Blade, Amaziah20FALSE13-17yrs Blk Blt**Cabin Fever
R2-13408Blade, Amaziah20TRUE13-17yrs Blk Blt**Wade Memorial
R2-13408Blade, Amaziah15TRUE13-17yrs Blk BltIndy Showdown
R2-13408Blade, Amaziah15TRUE13-17yrs Blk BltHaynes Apperson
R2-13409Blade, Angel20TRUE13-17yrs Blk Blt**!st Indiana
R2-13409Blade, Angel30FALSE13-17yrs Blk Blt**Cabin Fever
R2-13409Blade, Angel30TRUE13-17yrs Blk Blt**Wade Memorial
R2-13409Blade, Angel20TRUE13-17yrs Blk BltIndy Showdown
R2-13409Blade, Angel15FALSE13-17yrs Blk BltHaynes Apperson
R2-13411Blade, Courtland16TRUEBB 35yrs+ Men**!st Indiana
R2-13411Blade, Courtland16TRUEBB 35yrs+ Men**Cabin Fever
R2-13411Blade, Courtland10FALSEBB 35yrs+ Men**Wade Memorial
R2-13411Blade, Courtland24TRUEBB 35yrs+ Men***PKC Nationals
R2-13411Blade, Courtland15TRUEBB 35yrs+ MenHaynes Apperson
R2-13417Lowry, Ming15FALSE13-17 Int/NovBattle for a Cause
R2-13422Purnell, Pashence30TRUE13-17yrs Blk Blt**!st Indiana
R2-13422Purnell, Pashence45TRUE13-17yrs Blk Blt***PKC Nationals
R2-13422Purnell, Pashence15TRUE13-17yrs Blk BltIndy Showdown
R2-13457Craft, Linda15FALSEBB18yrs+ WmenBattle for a Cause
R2-13458Blade, Aniyah20FALSE11-12 Adv Bys/Gls**Cabin Fever
R2-13458Blade, Aniyah30TRUE11-12 Adv Bys/Gls**Wade Memorial
R2-13458Blade, Aniyah30FALSE11-12 Adv Bys/Gls***PKC Nationals
R2-13458Blade, Aniyah10TRUE11-12 Adv Bys/GlsHaynes Apperson
R2-13469Bellaw, Abram15TRUE13-17yrs AdvBattle for a Cause
R2-13469Bellaw, Abram6FALSE13-17yrs AdvHaynes Apperson
R2-13481Blade, Rachel40TRUEBB18yrs+ Wmen**!st Indiana
R2-13481Blade, Rachel20FALSEBB18yrs+ Wmen**Cabin Fever
R2-13481Blade, Rachel30FALSEBB18yrs+ Wmen**Wade Memorial
R2-13481Blade, Rachel24TRUEBB18yrs+ Wmen***PKC Nationals
R2-13481Blade, Rachel15FALSEBB18yrs+ WmenIndy Showdown
R2-13481Blade, Rachel15FALSEBB18yrs+ WmenHaynes Apperson
R2-13482Blade, Sr., Corey10TRUEBB 35yrs+ MenIndy Showdown
R2-13485Anderson, Thomas40TRUE11-12 Adv Bys/Gls**!st Indiana
R2-13485Anderson, Thomas40TRUE11-12 Adv Bys/Gls**Wade Memorial
R2-13485Anderson, Thomas20TRUE11-12 Adv Bys/GlsBattle for a Cause
R2-13488Henry, Steven15TRUEBB 35yrs+ MenIndy Showdown
R2-13592Miller, Sydney30TRUE11-12 Int/Nv Bys/Gls**!st Indiana
R2-13599Clark, Maria16TRUE13-17yrs Blk Blt**Wade Memorial
R2-13599Clark, Maria10TRUE13-17yrs Blk BltIndy Showdown
R2-13599Clark, Maria5FALSE13-17yrs Blk BltHaynes Apperson
R2-13615Blessing, Aiden30TRUE9-10 Adv Bys**Wade Memorial
R2-13615Blessing, Aiden45TRUE9-10 Adv Bys***PKC Nationals
R2-13615Blessing, Aiden10FALSE9-10 Adv BysIndy Showdown
R2-13652Childers, Addison60TRUE11-12 Int/Nv Bys/Gls***PKC Nationals
R2-13673Hines, Mason40TRUE11-12 Int/Nv Bys/Gls**!st Indiana
R2-13673Hines, Mason30FALSE11-12 Int/Nv Bys/Gls**Wade Memorial
R2-13673Hines, Mason45FALSE11-12 Int/Nv Bys/Gls***PKC Nationals
R2-13673Hines, Mason10FALSE11-12 Int/Nv Bys/GlsHaynes Apperson
R2-13674Cole, Tejana20TRUE11-12 Int/Nv Bys/Gls**Wade Memorial
R2-13674Cole, Tejana15FALSE11-12 Int/Nv Bys/GlsIndy Showdown
R2-13675Marshall Hewitt, James45TRUE13-17yrs Adv***March Madness
R2-13675Marshall Hewitt, James40TRUE13-17yrs Adv**!st Indiana
R2-13675Marshall Hewitt, James20FALSE13-17yrs Adv**Cabin Fever
R2-13675Marshall Hewitt, James30FALSE13-17yrs Adv**Mayhem
R2-13675Marshall Hewitt, James5FALSE13-17yrs AdvKing of the Ring
R2-13675Marshall Hewitt, James40TRUE13-17yrs Adv**Wade Memorial
R2-13675Marshall Hewitt, James16TRUE13-17yrs Adv**DeCore Elite Natls
R2-13675Marshall Hewitt, James15TRUE13-17yrs AdvBattle for a Cause
R2-13675Marshall Hewitt, James24TRUE13-17yrs Adv***PKC Nationals
R2-13675Marshall Hewitt, James40TRUE13-17yrs Adv**Battle of PA
R2-13675Marshall Hewitt, James20TRUE13-17yrs AdvIndy Showdown
R2-13675Marshall Hewitt, James20TRUE13-17yrs AdvHaynes Apperson
R2-13718Blade, Cortlyn40TRUE8yrs & under Bys**Cabin Fever
R2-13718Blade, Cortlyn40TRUE8yrs & under Bys**Wade Memorial
R2-13718Blade, Cortlyn30TRUE8yrs & under Bys***PKC Nationals
R2-13718Blade, Cortlyn6TRUE8yrs & under BysIndy Showdown
R2-13718Blade, Cortlyn15FALSE8yrs & under BysHaynes Apperson
R2-13720Blade, Anya30TRUE9-10 Adv Bys***PKC Nationals
R2-13720Blade, Anya15FALSE9-10 Adv BysIndy Showdown
R2-13723Dominguez-Foutz, Landen10TRUE13-17 Int/NovIndy Showdown
R2-13724Dominguez-Foutz, Justice6TRUE9-10 Int/Nov GlsIndy Showdown
R2-13725Dominguez-Foutz, Gabriella6TRUE11-12 Int/Nv Bys/GlsIndy Showdown
R2-13731Light, Shannon20TRUEBB18yrs+ Wmen**!st Indiana
R2-13734Wilson, Jeffrey20TRUEBB 35yrs+ Men**!st Indiana
R2-13741Muhammad, Naeema20TRUE9-10 Adv Bys**!st Indiana
R2-13760Russell, Elliot20TRUE13-17 Int/Nov**!st Indiana
R2-13765DeBoer, Taylor30TRUE9-10 Adv Bys**!st Indiana
R2-1960Brading, Derek30TRUEBB 35yrs+ Men**!st Indiana
R2-213677Hart, Max16TRUE9-10 Adv Bys**!st Indiana
R2-213677Hart, Max15TRUE9-10 Adv BysBattle for a Cause
R2-213678Roach, Calynn20TRUE9-10 Adv Bys**Wade Memorial
R2-213679Gabbard, Luke30TRUE8yrs & under Bys**!st Indiana
R2-213679Gabbard, Luke15FALSE8yrs & under BysBattle for a Cause
R2-213680Flores, Joseph20TRUEKyu 18yrs+ Men**!st Indiana
R2-213680Flores, Joseph30FALSEKyu 18yrs+ Men**Wade Memorial
R2-213680Flores, Joseph15TRUEKyu 18yrs+ MenBattle for a Cause
R2-213681Turner, Catelynn40TRUE9-10 Adv Bys**Wade Memorial
R2-213683Brindel, Jesika10TRUE13-17yrs AdvBattle for a Cause
R3-12215Oquendo II, Pablo20TRUEBB 18-34yrs MenKing of the Ring
R3-12216Oquendo, Celestino15FALSE13-17yrs Blk BltKing of the Ring
R3-12216Oquendo, Celestino30TRUE13-17yrs Blk Blt**DeCore Elite Natls
R3-12250Fickes, Amy45FALSEBB18yrs+ Wmen***March Madness
R3-12250Fickes, Amy30FALSEBB18yrs+ Wmen**Mayhem
R3-12250Fickes, Amy10FALSEBB18yrs+ WmenKing of the Ring
R3-12250Fickes, Amy10FALSEBB18yrs+ Wmen**Wade Memorial
R3-12250Fickes, Amy10FALSEBB18yrs+ Wmen**DeCore Elite Natls
R3-12250Fickes, Amy30FALSEBB18yrs+ Wmen***PKC Nationals
R3-12250Fickes, Amy20TRUEBB18yrs+ Wmen**Battle of PA
R3-12250Fickes, Amy45FALSEBB18yrs+ Wmen***Summer Shiai
R3-12257Bukala, Michael20FALSEBB 35yrs+ Men**Mayhem
R3-12257Bukala, Michael15FALSEBB 35yrs+ MenKing of the Ring
R3-12257Bukala, Michael30FALSEBB 35yrs+ Men**DeCore Elite Natls
R3-12257Bukala, Michael30FALSEBB 35yrs+ Men**Battle of PA
R3-12257Bukala, Michael30TRUEBB 35yrs+ Men***Summer Shiai
R3-12340Valentine, Angel15FALSEBB18yrs+ WmenKing of the Ring
R3-12340Valentine, Angel30TRUEBB18yrs+ Wmen***PKC Nationals
R3-12340Valentine, Angel40TRUEBB18yrs+ Wmen**Battle of PA
R3-12340Valentine, Angel30FALSEBB18yrs+ Wmen***Summer Shiai
R3-12340Valentine, Angel20TRUEBB18yrs+ Wmen**USKA World
R3-12524Dillinger, Jordan24TRUE13-17yrs Blk Blt***March Madness
R3-12555Dayem, Malik20FALSE9-10 Int/Nv Bys**DeCore Elite Natls
R3-12555Dayem, Malik24TRUE9-10 Int/Nv Bys***PKC Nationals
R3-12605Mollenkopf, Cooper30TRUE13-17yrs Blk Blt***March Madness
R3-12605Mollenkopf, Cooper30FALSE13-17yrs Blk Blt**Mayhem
R3-12625Barnes, Maria60TRUE13-17yrs Blk Blt***March Madness
R3-12625Barnes, Maria20FALSE13-17yrs Blk Blt**Mayhem
R3-12625Barnes, Maria15FALSE13-17yrs Blk BltKing of the Ring
R3-12625Barnes, Maria30FALSE13-17yrs Blk Blt**DeCore Elite Natls
R3-12625Barnes, Maria16TRUE13-17yrs Blk Blt**Battle of PA
R3-12647McLaughlin, Chris15FALSEBB 35yrs+ Men***March Madness
R3-12647McLaughlin, Chris5FALSEBB 35yrs+ MenKing of the Ring
R3-12647McLaughlin, Chris10FALSEBB 35yrs+ Men**DeCore Elite Natls
R3-12647McLaughlin, Chris24TRUEBB 35yrs+ Men***PKC Nationals
R3-12647McLaughlin, Chris20FALSEBB 35yrs+ Men**Battle of PA
R3-12650Sneddon, Wyatt40TRUE11-12 Int/Nv Bys/Gls**Battle of PA
R3-12651Sneddon, Wesley16TRUE9-10 Adv Bys**Mayhem
R3-12651Sneddon, Wesley8TRUE9-10 Adv BysKing of the Ring
R3-12651Sneddon, Wesley20FALSE9-10 Adv Bys**Battle of PA
R3-12688Mozzy, Thomas60TRUE11-12 Int/Nv Bys/Gls***March Madness
R3-12688Mozzy, Thomas40TRUE11-12 Int/Nv Bys/Gls**DeCore Elite Natls
R3-12688Mozzy, Thomas45TRUE11-12 Int/Nv Bys/Gls***PKC Nationals
R3-12693Stockmaster, Ava45TRUE13-17yrs Blk Blt***March Madness
R3-12693Stockmaster, Ava30TRUE13-17yrs Blk Blt**Mayhem
R3-12693Stockmaster, Ava16TRUE13-17yrs Blk Blt**DeCore Elite Natls
R3-12700Duong, Chloe60TRUE9-10 Int/Nov Gls***March Madness
R3-12700Duong, Chloe30FALSE9-10 Int/Nov Gls**!st Indiana
R3-12700Duong, Chloe40TRUE9-10 Int/Nov Gls**Mayhem
R3-12700Duong, Chloe30TRUE9-10 Int/Nov Gls**DeCore Elite Natls
R3-12700Duong, Chloe60TRUE9-10 Int/Nov Gls***PKC Nationals
R3-12700Duong, Chloe40TRUE9-10 Int/Nov Gls**Battle of PA
R3-12728Bryan, Erik10FALSEBB 18-34yrs Men**Mayhem
R3-12729Viets, Daniel20FALSEBB 18-34yrs Men**Battle of PA
R3-12766Cironi, Joseph45TRUEBB 18-34yrs Men***March Madness
R3-12766Cironi, Joseph20FALSEBB 18-34yrs Men**Mayhem
R3-12766Cironi, Joseph15TRUEBB 18-34yrs MenKing of the Ring
R3-12766Cironi, Joseph30FALSEBB 18-34yrs Men**DeCore Elite Natls
R3-12766Cironi, Joseph30TRUEBB 18-34yrs Men***PKC Nationals
R3-12770Sneddon, Asher8TRUE8yrs & under BysKing of the Ring
R3-12770Sneddon, Asher30TRUE8yrs & under Bys**Battle of PA
R3-12809Stanley, Adisyn5FALSE13-17yrs Blk BltKing of the Ring
R3-12822Duncan, Emma30FALSEKyu Wmen 18yrs+**DeCore Elite Natls
R3-12824Nelson, Andrea20TRUEKyu Wmen 18yrs+**DeCore Elite Natls
R3-12826Wilson, Braydon45TRUE11-12 Adv Bys/Gls***March Madness
R3-12826Wilson, Braydon8TRUE11-12 Adv Bys/GlsKing of the Ring
R3-12826Wilson, Braydon40TRUE11-12 Adv Bys/Gls**DeCore Elite Natls
R3-12826Wilson, Braydon24TRUE11-12 Adv Bys/Gls***PKC Nationals
R3-12826Wilson, Braydon20TRUE11-12 Adv Bys/Gls**Battle of PA
R3-12827Blackwell, Aydin30TRUE13-17 Int/Nov***March Madness
R3-12847Makar, John16TRUEKyu 18yrs+ Men**Mayhem
R3-12847Makar, John16TRUEKyu 18yrs+ Men**DeCore Elite Natls
R3-12847Makar, John20FALSEKyu 18yrs+ Men**Battle of PA
R3-12857Franklin, Nathan30FALSE13-17 Int/Nov**Mayhem
R3-12857Franklin, Nathan20TRUE13-17 Int/Nov**Battle of PA
R3-12864Barber, James20TRUE8yrs & under Bys**Mayhem
R3-12864Barber, James10TRUE8yrs & under BysKing of the Ring
R3-12864Barber, James16TRUE8yrs & under Bys**Battle of PA
R3-12876Savon Jr., David60TRUEKyu 18yrs+ Men***March Madness
R3-12876Savon Jr., David30TRUEKyu 18yrs+ Men**Mayhem
R3-12876Savon Jr., David20TRUEKyu 18yrs+ MenKing of the Ring
R3-12876Savon Jr., David40TRUEKyu 18yrs+ Men**DeCore Elite Natls
R3-12876Savon Jr., David30FALSEKyu 18yrs+ Men**Battle of PA
R3-12877Savon, Zachariah16TRUE13-17 Int/Nov**Mayhem
R3-12877Savon, Zachariah15FALSE13-17 Int/NovKing of the Ring
R3-12877Savon, Zachariah16TRUE13-17 Int/Nov**DeCore Elite Natls
R3-12877Savon, Zachariah16TRUE13-17 Int/Nov**Battle of PA
R3-12878Savon, Abigail24TRUE13-17 Int/Nov***March Madness
R3-12878Savon, Abigail40TRUE13-17 Int/Nov**Mayhem
R3-12878Savon, Abigail5FALSE13-17 Int/NovKing of the Ring
R3-12878Savon, Abigail40TRUE13-17 Int/Nov**DeCore Elite Natls
R3-12878Savon, Abigail30TRUE13-17 Int/Nov**Battle of PA
R3-12879Savon, Kaitlyn60TRUE13-17 Int/Nov***March Madness
R3-12879Savon, Kaitlyn30TRUE13-17 Int/Nov**Mayhem
R3-12879Savon, Kaitlyn10FALSE13-17 Int/NovKing of the Ring
R3-12879Savon, Kaitlyn20TRUE13-17 Int/Nov**DeCore Elite Natls
R3-12879Savon, Kaitlyn40TRUE13-17 Int/Nov**Battle of PA
R3-12880Savon, Daniel10TRUE11-12 Int/Nv Bys/GlsKing of the Ring
R3-12881Savon, Benjamin16TRUE9-10 Int/Nv Bys**Battle of PA
R3-12883Wright, Adam45TRUE9-10 Int/Nv Bys***March Madness
R3-12883Wright, Adam8TRUE9-10 Int/Nv BysKing of the Ring
R3-12883Wright, Adam40TRUE8yrs & under Bys**DeCore Elite Natls
R3-12883Wright, Adam45TRUE8yrs & under Bys***PKC Nationals
R3-12883Wright, Adam20TRUE8yrs & under Bys**Battle of PA
R3-12907Houllette, Darrin30FALSEKyu 18yrs+ Men**Mayhem
R3-12907Houllette, Darrin10FALSEKyu 18yrs+ MenKing of the Ring
R3-12915Case, Angelo24TRUE9-10 Int/Nv Bys***March Madness
R3-12915Case, Angelo10TRUE9-10 Int/Nv BysKing of the Ring
R3-12915Case, Angelo16TRUE9-10 Int/Nv Bys**DeCore Elite Natls
R3-12915Case, Angelo30TRUE9-10 Int/Nv Bys***PKC Nationals
R3-12917Ushiroda, Kenton15TRUE11-12 Adv Bys/GlsKing of the Ring
R3-12937Brink, Jesse24TRUEBB 18-34yrs Men***March Madness
R3-12937Brink, Jesse30FALSEBB 18-34yrs Men**Mayhem
R3-12937Brink, Jesse10TRUEBB 18-34yrs MenKing of the Ring
R3-12937Brink, Jesse40TRUE13-17yrs Blk Blt**DeCore Elite Natls
R3-12937Brink, Jesse24TRUE13-17yrs Blk Blt***PKC Nationals
R3-12940Davis, Rosemarie45TRUEKyu Wmen 18yrs+***March Madness
R3-12940Davis, Rosemarie40TRUEKyu Wmen 18yrs+**Mayhem
R3-12940Davis, Rosemarie10TRUEKyu Wmen 18yrs+King of the Ring
R3-12940Davis, Rosemarie30TRUEKyu Wmen 18yrs+**DeCore Elite Natls
R3-12940Davis, Rosemarie30TRUEKyu Wmen 18yrs+***PKC Nationals
R3-12949Brown, DeLancia20FALSE13-17 Int/Nov**Mayhem
R3-12949Brown, DeLancia30TRUE13-17 Int/Nov**DeCore Elite Natls
R3-12949Brown, DeLancia45TRUE13-17 Int/Nov***PKC Nationals
R3-12955Roesel, Carter15TRUE9-10 Int/Nv BysKing of the Ring
R3-12958Deshpande, Roshnee30TRUE11-12 Adv Bys/Gls***March Madness
R3-12958Deshpande, Roshnee30FALSE11-12 Adv Bys/Gls**DeCore Elite Natls
R3-12959Williams, Aaron30TRUEKyu 18yrs+ Men***March Madness
R3-12968Clark, Andrew (Andy)20TRUE8yrs & under BysKing of the Ring
R3-12968Clark, Andrew (Andy)16TRUE8yrs & under Bys**DeCore Elite Natls
R3-12968Clark, Andrew (Andy)45FALSE8yrs & under Bys***PKC Nationals
R3-12968Clark, Andrew (Andy)45TRUE8yrs & under Bys***Summer Shiai
R3-12969Nicoletti, Alexander20TRUE13-17yrs Blk Blt**Mayhem
R3-12972Savon, Kailey10FALSE8yrs & under Gls**Battle of PA
R3-12973Hawthorne, Briella30TRUE8yrs & under Gls**Mayhem
R3-12973Hawthorne, Briella15TRUE8yrs & under GlsKing of the Ring
R3-12975Zaslavskiy, Anthony20TRUE11-12 Adv Bys/Gls**Mayhem
R3-12975Zaslavskiy, Anthony20TRUE11-12 Adv Bys/Gls**DeCore Elite Natls
R3-12975Zaslavskiy, Anthony30TRUE11-12 Adv Bys/Gls***PKC Nationals
R3-12975Zaslavskiy, Anthony30TRUE11-12 Adv Bys/Gls**Battle of PA
R3-12979Wilson, Austin45TRUE11-12 Int/Nv Bys/Gls***March Madness
R3-12979Wilson, Austin20TRUE11-12 Int/Nv Bys/Gls**Mayhem
R3-12979Wilson, Austin30TRUE11-12 Int/Nv Bys/Gls***PKC Nationals
R3-12979Wilson, Austin30TRUE11-12 Int/Nv Bys/Gls**Battle of PA
R3-12982Redmond, Landon16TRUE11-12 Int/Nv Bys/Gls**DeCore Elite Natls
R3-12982Redmond, Landon15FALSE11-12 Int/Nv Bys/Gls***PKC Nationals
R3-12982Redmond, Landon20TRUE11-12 Int/Nv Bys/Gls**Battle of PA
R3-12983Reiter, Carver20TRUE8yrs & under Bys**Mayhem
R3-12983Reiter, Carver8TRUE8yrs & under BysKing of the Ring
R3-12983Reiter, Carver16TRUE8yrs & under Bys**Battle of PA
R3-12985Moore, Chayce8TRUE9-10 Int/Nv BysKing of the Ring
R3-12991Lanier, Xavier30TRUE9-10 Int/Nv Bys***PKC Nationals
R3-12995Garceau, Dominic30TRUE9-10 Int/Nv Bys**Mayhem
R3-12998Walker, Zachary60TRUE9-10 Adv Bys***PKC Nationals
R3-12998Walker, Zachary45FALSE9-10 Adv Bys***Summer Shiai
R3-13001Byrne, James16TRUE11-12 Int/Nv Bys/Gls**Mayhem
R3-13007Schultz, Daniel30TRUEKyu 18yrs+ Men***March Madness
R3-13007Schultz, Daniel20TRUEKyu 18yrs+ Men**Mayhem
R3-13007Schultz, Daniel8TRUEKyu 18yrs+ MenKing of the Ring
R3-13007Schultz, Daniel24TRUEKyu 18yrs+ Men***PKC Nationals
R3-13009Osborne, Zackary45FALSE13-17 Int/Nov***March Madness
R3-13009Osborne, Zackary30FALSE13-17 Int/Nov**Mayhem
R3-13009Osborne, Zackary15FALSE13-17 Int/NovKing of the Ring
R3-13009Osborne, Zackary30FALSE13-17 Int/Nov**Wade Memorial
R3-13009Osborne, Zackary30TRUE13-17 Int/Nov**DeCore Elite Natls
R3-13009Osborne, Zackary45FALSE13-17 Int/Nov***PKC Nationals
R3-13013McGuire, Charlotte24TRUE9-10 Int/Nov Gls***March Madness
R3-13013McGuire, Charlotte20TRUE9-10 Int/Nov Gls**DeCore Elite Natls
R3-13013McGuire, Charlotte60TRUE9-10 Int/Nov Gls***PKC Nationals
R3-13013McGuire, Charlotte40TRUE9-10 Int/Nov Gls**Battle of PA
R3-13014Parr, Carl8TRUEBB 18-34yrs MenKing of the Ring
R3-13014Parr, Carl10FALSEBB 18-34yrs Men**DeCore Elite Natls
R3-13014Parr, Carl10FALSEBB 18-34yrs Men**Battle of PA
R3-13015Martinez, Elaina60TRUE11-12 Adv Bys/Gls***March Madness
R3-13015Martinez, Elaina30TRUE11-12 Adv Bys/Gls**Mayhem
R3-13015Martinez, Elaina20TRUE11-12 Adv Bys/GlsKing of the Ring
R3-13015Martinez, Elaina60TRUE11-12 Adv Bys/Gls***PKC Nationals
R3-13015Martinez, Elaina40TRUE11-12 Adv Bys/Gls**Battle of PA
R3-13015Martinez, Elaina30TRUE11-12 Adv Bys/Gls***Summer Shiai
R3-13016Martinez, Anya60TRUE9-10 Adv Bys***March Madness
R3-13016Martinez, Anya40TRUE9-10 Adv Bys**Mayhem
R3-13016Martinez, Anya20TRUE9-10 Adv BysKing of the Ring
R3-13016Martinez, Anya30FALSE8yrs & under Gls**DeCore Elite Natls
R3-13016Martinez, Anya60TRUE8yrs & under Gls***PKC Nationals
R3-13016Martinez, Anya40TRUE8yrs & under Gls**Battle of PA
R3-13016Martinez, Anya30FALSE8yrs & under Gls***Summer Shiai
R3-13017Martinez, Illyana60TRUE8yrs & under Gls***March Madness
R3-13017Martinez, Illyana40TRUE8yrs & under Gls**Mayhem
R3-13017Martinez, Illyana60TRUE8yrs & under Gls***PKC Nationals
R3-13017Martinez, Illyana30FALSE8yrs & under Gls**Battle of PA
R3-13018Cole, Connor30TRUE11-12 Int/Nv Bys/Gls**Mayhem
R3-13018Cole, Connor10FALSE11-12 Int/Nv Bys/GlsKing of the Ring
R3-13018Cole, Connor16TRUE11-12 Int/Nv Bys/Gls**Battle of PA
R3-13020Jurich, Barbara10FALSEKyu Wmen 18yrs+**Battle of PA
R3-13021Parilla, Jackson30TRUE8yrs & under Bys***March Madness
R3-13021Parilla, Jackson15TRUE8yrs & under BysKing of the Ring
R3-13023Wimer, George16TRUE11-12 Int/Nv Bys/Gls**Mayhem
R3-13023Wimer, George15FALSE11-12 Int/Nv Bys/GlsKing of the Ring
R3-13023Wimer, George24TRUE9-10 Int/Nv Bys***PKC Nationals
R3-13023Wimer, George16TRUE9-10 Int/Nv Bys**Battle of PA
R3-13024Carr, Katrina40TRUE11-12 Int/Nv Bys/Gls**Mayhem
R3-13034Clemens, Cullen8TRUE11-12 Int/Nv Bys/GlsKing of the Ring
R3-13034Clemens, Cullen16TRUE11-12 Int/Nv Bys/Gls**DeCore Elite Natls
R3-13044Harris, Tallen60TRUE9-10 Int/Nv Bys***March Madness
R3-13044Harris, Tallen20TRUE9-10 Int/Nv Bys**Mayhem
R3-13046Schultz, Sophia15TRUE8yrs & under GlsKing of the Ring
R3-13046Schultz, Sophia20TRUE8yrs & under Gls**DeCore Elite Natls
R3-13050Baker, Nolan16TRUE8yrs & under Bys**Mayhem
R3-13050Baker, Nolan10TRUE8yrs & under BysKing of the Ring
R3-13050Baker, Nolan20TRUE8yrs & under Bys**Battle of PA
R3-13051Williams, Tristian16TRUE9-10 Int/Nv Bys**Mayhem
R3-13051Williams, Tristian20TRUE9-10 Int/Nv BysKing of the Ring
R3-13052Stockmaster, Cole30FALSE9-10 Adv Bys***March Madness
R3-13052Stockmaster, Cole30FALSE9-10 Adv Bys**Mayhem
R3-13052Stockmaster, Cole20FALSE9-10 Adv Bys**DeCore Elite Natls
R3-13052Stockmaster, Cole24TRUE9-10 Adv Bys***PKC Nationals
R3-13053Hanley, Liam24TRUE8yrs & under Bys***March Madness
R3-13054Gordon, Rayne16TRUE11-12 Int/Nv Bys/Gls**Battle of PA
R3-13055Gordon, Riley30TRUE11-12 Int/Nv Bys/Gls**Mayhem
R3-13055Gordon, Riley15TRUE11-12 Int/Nv Bys/GlsKing of the Ring
R3-13055Gordon, Riley20TRUE11-12 Int/Nv Bys/Gls**DeCore Elite Natls
R3-13055Gordon, Riley24TRUE11-12 Int/Nv Bys/Gls***PKC Nationals
R3-13055Gordon, Riley20TRUE11-12 Int/Nv Bys/Gls**Battle of PA
R3-13056Powell, Lainey30TRUE11-12 Int/Nv Bys/Gls***March Madness
R3-13056Powell, Lainey40TRUE11-12 Int/Nv Bys/Gls**Mayhem
R3-13056Powell, Lainey30FALSE11-12 Int/Nv Bys/Gls***PKC Nationals
R3-13059Conley, Emilie40TRUE13-17yrs Adv**DeCore Elite Natls
R3-13061Hawari, Muna10FALSEKyu Wmen 18yrs+**Mayhem
R3-13078Jackson, Dallas20TRUE11-12 Int/Nv Bys/Gls**DeCore Elite Natls
R3-13078Jackson, Dallas40TRUE11-12 Int/Nv Bys/Gls**Battle of PA
R3-13079Allen, Victoria24TRUEKyu Wmen 18yrs+***March Madness
R3-13079Allen, Victoria20FALSEKyu Wmen 18yrs+**Mayhem
R3-13079Allen, Victoria45FALSEKyu Wmen 18yrs+***PKC Nationals
R3-13080Ingledue, Kolton20TRUE9-10 Int/Nv Bys**Mayhem
R3-13080Ingledue, Kolton16TRUE9-10 Int/Nv Bys**DeCore Elite Natls
R3-13082Ward, AJ20TRUE8yrs & under BysKing of the Ring
R3-13083Bruner, Jeremiah30TRUE9-10 Int/Nv Bys***March Madness
R3-13088Drews, Gianna30TRUE8yrs & under Gls***March Madness
R3-13088Drews, Gianna30FALSE8yrs & under Gls**Mayhem
R3-13089Martin, David60TRUE11-12 Int/Nv Bys/Gls***March Madness
R3-13089Martin, David20TRUE11-12 Int/Nv Bys/Gls**Mayhem
R3-13099Manley, Jackson20FALSE13-17 Int/Nov**Mayhem
R3-13100Burke, Anthony30FALSEBB 35yrs+ Men***March Madness
R3-13102Torres, Jeremy30FALSE8yrs & under Bys***March Madness
R3-13102Torres, Jeremy20FALSE8yrs & under Bys**Mayhem
R3-13104Wilson, Maleena15FALSE8yrs & under Gls***March Madness
R3-13109Maxwell, Hayden45TRUE13-17 Int/Nov***March Madness
R3-13110Mahangare, Krisha45TRUE11-12 Int/Nv Bys/Gls***March Madness
R3-13126Wilson, Logan24TRUE8yrs & under Bys***March Madness
R4-13664Rivera, Jose60TRUEBB 35yrs+ Men***Summer Shiai
R4-13730Lobaugh, Jasmine60TRUE13-17yrs Blk Blt***March Madness
R4-13730Lobaugh, Jasmine40TRUE13-17yrs Blk Blt**Mayhem
R4-13730Lobaugh, Jasmine10FALSE13-17yrs Blk BltKing of the Ring
R4-13730Lobaugh, Jasmine20TRUE13-17yrs Blk Blt**DeCore Elite Natls
R4-13730Lobaugh, Jasmine30TRUE13-17yrs Adv**Battle of PA
R4-13730Lobaugh, Jasmine15FALSE13-17yrs Adv***Summer Shiai
R4-13777Kabasinski, Len45FALSEBB 35yrs+ Men***March Madness
R4-13777Kabasinski, Len30FALSEBB 35yrs+ Men**Mayhem
R4-13777Kabasinski, Len20FALSEBB 35yrs+ Men**DeCore Elite Natls
R4-13777Kabasinski, Len30TRUEBB 35yrs+ Men***PKC Nationals
R4-13777Kabasinski, Len24TRUEBB 35yrs+ Men***Summer Shiai
R4-13798Bilinsky, Gavin60TRUE11-12 Adv Bys/Gls***Summer Shiai
R4-13804Viola, Gabby45FALSE11-12 Adv Bys/Gls***March Madness
R4-13804Viola, Gabby45FALSE11-12 Adv Bys/Gls***PKC Nationals
R4-13804Viola, Gabby30FALSE11-12 Adv Bys/Gls**Battle of PA
R4-13804Viola, Gabby45FALSE11-12 Adv Bys/Gls***Summer Shiai
R4-13805Lobaugh, Laila10TRUE9-10 Int/Nov GlsKing of the Ring
R4-13805Lobaugh, Laila40TRUE9-10 Int/Nov Gls**DeCore Elite Natls
R4-13805Lobaugh, Laila45TRUE8yrs & under Gls***Summer Shiai
R4-13810Lowry, Callen30TRUE9-10 Int/Nv Bys***March Madness
R4-13810Lowry, Callen15TRUE9-10 Int/Nv BysKing of the Ring
R4-13810Lowry, Callen30TRUE9-10 Int/Nv Bys**DeCore Elite Natls
R4-13810Lowry, Callen45TRUE9-10 Int/Nv Bys***PKC Nationals
R4-13810Lowry, Callen20TRUE9-10 Int/Nv Bys**Battle of PA
R4-13810Lowry, Callen45TRUE9-10 Int/Nv Bys***Summer Shiai
R4-13815Huff, Andrew24TRUE8yrs & under Bys***Summer Shiai
R4-13818Black, Chloe30FALSE9-10 Int/Nov Gls**Mayhem
R4-13825Wiseman, Jordan45FALSE13-17 Int/Nov***Summer Shiai
R4-13828Nowalk, Rebecca24TRUE13-17yrs Adv***March Madness
R4-13828Nowalk, Rebecca30TRUE13-17 Int/Nov***PKC Nationals
R4-13831Nowalk, Charlotte45TRUE9-10 Int/Nov Gls***PKC Nationals
R4-13832Torrance, Beau24TRUE8yrs & under Bys***March Madness
R4-13832Torrance, Beau45TRUE8yrs & under Bys***PKC Nationals
R4-13832Torrance, Beau20FALSE8yrs & under Bys**Battle of PA
R4-13833Regina, Kate16TRUE13-17yrs Adv**Battle of PA
R4-13834Jurkiewicz, Max30FALSE9-10 Adv Bys**Battle of PA
R4-13835Nock, Kaleb30TRUE13-17yrs Blk Blt**Battle of PA
R4-13835Nock, Kaleb30TRUE13-17yrs Blk Blt***Summer Shiai
R4-13837Fay, Aidan30TRUE9-10 Adv Bys***March Madness
R4-13838Davis, Dryce24TRUE11-12 Adv Bys/Gls***March Madness
R4-13839Billiot, Flora20TRUE9-10 Int/Nov Gls**Battle of PA
R4-13840Kabasinski, Ariel40TRUE8yrs & under Gls**Mayhem
R4-13840Kabasinski, Ariel30TRUE8yrs & under Gls**DeCore Elite Natls
R4-13840Kabasinski, Ariel30FALSE8yrs & under Gls***PKC Nationals
R4-13840Kabasinski, Ariel30TRUE8yrs & under Gls**Battle of PA
R4-13840Kabasinski, Ariel30TRUE8yrs & under Gls***Summer Shiai
R4-13843Bochicchio, Madison45TRUE9-10 Adv Bys***March Madness