Self Defense

Choose the event you wish to view from the drop down menu.  Click the Place tab to view all competitors in your division or the Detail tab to view an itemized list of tournaments where you have accumulated points.  If you have competed in more than one division throughout the year, you will receive your C-tot (combined total points) in the division where you accumulate the most points at the end of the season.

Suggestion: Search by division to view current place, search by name or PKC ID to view detail records of points accumulated over all events.

Best wishes to all and we look forward to seeing you at the PKC Grand Nationals over Labor Day Weekend in early fall for exciting competition and the exclusive “Big Dog” Grand finals to determine the Best of the Best in the PKC.  We will also be hosting the National Awards Banquet to honor our “Top Ten” Champions in each division listed here in the ratings. (Although all PKC Sanctioned events are open, you must be a PKC member to accumulate points)

Link: current rating include the following posted tournaments

PKC ID #"*"NameD-totC-totInstructorDivision
R3-114981Fickes, Deven6060Buker/FickesAdult Blk Blt
R3-116991Fickes, Steve4545Buker/FickesAdult Blk Blt
R3-122501Fickes, Amy4040Buker/FickesAdult Blk Blt
R3-125581Bacho, William3030Buker/FickesAdult Blk Blt
R1-119141Venson, Elias1515Venson, JohnAdult Blk Blt
R3-130611Hawari, Muna4545McCutcheon, DaleAdult Kyu
R3-128241Nelson, Andrea4545McCutcheon, DaleAdult Kyu
R3-128471Makar, John4545Buker/FickesAdult Kyu
R3-130071Schultz, Daniel3030McCutcheon, DaleAdult Kyu
R3-130201Jurich, Barbara2020McLaughlin, ChrisAdult Kyu
R3-125241Dillinger, Jordan6060Buker/Fickes13-17yrs Adv
R3-126251Barnes, Maria6060Buker/Fickes13-17yrs Adv
R3-126931Stockmaster, Ava4545Janes, Dennis13-17yrs Adv
R3-126051Mollenkopf, Cooper2424McLaughlin, Chris13-17yrs Adv
R3-128571Franklin, Nathan4545McLaughlin, Chris13-17 Int/Nov
R3-130091Osborne, Zackary3030Nieves, Samuel13-17 Int/Nov
R3-128781Savon, Abigail3030Buker/Fickes13-17 Int/Nov
R3-128791Savon, Kaitlyn2020Buker/Fickes13-17 Int/Nov
R3-128771Savon, Zachariah1010Buker/Fickes13-17 Int/Nov
R3-129751Zaslavskiy, Anthony9090Buker/Fickes9-12 Adv B/G
R3-126511Sneddon, Wesley7575Buker/Fickes9-12 Adv B/G
R3-126882Mozzy, Thomas4561Buker/Fickes9-12 Adv B/G
R3-129792Wilson, Austin3070Buker/Fickes9-12 Adv B/G
R3-130801Ingledue, Kolton3030Buker/Fickes9-12 Adv B/G
R3-129562McIntire, Harlie2444Buker/Fickes9-12 Adv B/G
R3-130001LaGroux, Gavyn2424Buker/Fickes9-12 Adv B/G
R3-129741LaGroux, Lliam7070Buker/Fickes9-12 Int/Nv Bys
R3-129792Wilson, Austin4070Buker/Fickes9-12 Int/Nv Bys
R3-130441Harris, Tallen3030Nieves, Samuel9-12 Int/Nv Bys
R3-129821Redmond, Landon3030McLaughlin, Chris9-12 Int/Nv Bys
R3-128811Savon, Benjamin3030Buker/Fickes9-12 Int/Nv Bys
R3-128801Savon, Daniel2020Buker/Fickes9-12 Int/Nv Bys
R3-130701Sustin, Samuel1616Bralliar, Dan9-12 Int/Nv Bys
R3-126882Mozzy, Thomas1661Buker/Fickes9-12 Int/Nv Bys
R3-129151Case, Angelo1515Nieves, Samuel9-12 Int/Nv Bys
R3-130561Powell, Lainey8585Buker/Fickes9-12 Int/Nov Gls
R3-130131McGuire, Charlotte6565Nieves, Samuel9-12 Int/Nov Gls
R3-129841Adams, Rylee3030McLaughlin, Chris9-12 Int/Nov Gls
R3-130551Gordon, Riley3030Buker/Fickes9-12 Int/Nov Gls
R3-129562McIntire, Harlie2044Buker/Fickes9-12 Int/Nov Gls
R3-130241Carr, Katrina2020Charlillo, Frank9-12 Int/Nov Gls
R3-128831Wright, Adam9090Buker/Fickes8yrs & under Bys
R3-127701Sneddon, Asher6464Buker/Fickes8yrs & under Bys
R3-129631Forgus, Dominic4545DeCore, James8yrs & under Bys
R3-129711Savon, Matthew4040Buker/Fickes8yrs & under Bys
R2-136161Ables, Connor3030Ables, Steve8yrs & under Bys
R3-129831Reiter, Carver2020McLaughlin, Chris8yrs & under Bys
R3-130081Savon, Jeremiah2020Buker/Fickes8yrs & under Bys
R3-130211Parilla, Jackson1616McLaughlin, Chris8yrs & under Bys
R3-128641Barber, James1616Buker/Fickes8yrs & under Bys
R3-129731Hawthorne, Briella5050Buker/Fickes8yrs & under Gls
R3-130461Schultz, Sophia4545McCutcheon, Dale8yrs & under Gls
R3-130421McKeever, Rylee4545McCutcheon, Dale8yrs & under Gls
R3-129721Savon, Kailey3030Buker/Fickes8yrs & under Gls
PKC ID #NameNational PointsBonusDivisionsEvent
R1-11914Venson, Elias15FALSEAdult Blk Blt***PKC Nationals
R2-13616Ables, Connor30FALSE8yrs & under Bys***PKC Nationals
R3-11498Fickes, Deven60TRUEAdult Blk Blt***PKC Nationals
R3-11699Fickes, Steve45FALSEAdult Blk Blt***PKC Nationals
R3-12250Fickes, Amy30FALSEAdult Blk Blt***PKC Nationals
R3-12250Fickes, Amy10FALSEAdult Blk Blt**Battle of PA
R3-12524Dillinger, Jordan60TRUE13-17yrs Adv***PKC Nationals
R3-12558Bacho, William30FALSEAdult Blk Blt**Battle of PA
R3-12605Mollenkopf, Cooper24TRUE13-17yrs Adv***PKC Nationals
R3-12625Barnes, Maria30TRUE13-17yrs Adv***PKC Nationals
R3-12625Barnes, Maria30FALSE13-17yrs Adv**Battle of PA
R3-12651Sneddon, Wesley45TRUE9-12 Adv B/G***PKC Nationals
R3-12651Sneddon, Wesley30FALSE9-12 Adv B/G**Battle of PA
R3-12688Mozzy, Thomas45TRUE9-12 Adv B/G***PKC Nationals
R3-12688Mozzy, Thomas16TRUE9-12 Int/Nv Bys**Battle of PA
R3-12693Stockmaster, Ava45TRUE13-17yrs Adv***PKC Nationals
R3-12770Sneddon, Asher24TRUE8yrs & under Bys***PKC Nationals
R3-12770Sneddon, Asher40TRUE8yrs & under Bys**Battle of PA
R3-12824Nelson, Andrea45FALSEAdult Kyu***PKC Nationals
R3-12847Makar, John15FALSEAdult Kyu***PKC Nationals
R3-12847Makar, John30FALSEAdult Kyu**Battle of PA
R3-12857Franklin, Nathan45FALSE13-17 Int/Nov***PKC Nationals
R3-12864Barber, James16TRUE8yrs & under Bys**Battle of PA
R3-12877Savon, Zachariah10FALSE13-17 Int/Nov**Battle of PA
R3-12878Savon, Abigail30FALSE13-17 Int/Nov**Battle of PA
R3-12879Savon, Kaitlyn20FALSE13-17 Int/Nov**Battle of PA
R3-12880Savon, Daniel20TRUE9-12 Int/Nv Bys**Battle of PA
R3-12881Savon, Benjamin30FALSE9-12 Int/Nv Bys**Battle of PA
R3-12883Wright, Adam60TRUE8yrs & under Bys***PKC Nationals
R3-12883Wright, Adam30TRUE8yrs & under Bys**Battle of PA
R3-12915Case, Angelo15FALSE9-12 Int/Nv Bys***PKC Nationals
R3-12956McIntire, Harlie24TRUE9-12 Adv B/G***PKC Nationals
R3-12956McIntire, Harlie20FALSE9-12 Int/Nov Gls**Battle of PA
R3-12963Forgus, Dominic45FALSE8yrs & under Bys***PKC Nationals
R3-12971Savon, Matthew40TRUE8yrs & under Bys**Battle of PA
R3-12972Savon, Kailey30FALSE8yrs & under Gls**Battle of PA
R3-12973Hawthorne, Briella30TRUE8yrs & under Gls***PKC Nationals
R3-12973Hawthorne, Briella20TRUE8yrs & under Gls**Battle of PA
R3-12974LaGroux, Lliam60TRUE9-12 Int/Nv Bys***PKC Nationals
R3-12974LaGroux, Lliam10FALSE9-12 Int/Nv Bys**Battle of PA
R3-12975Zaslavskiy, Anthony60TRUE9-12 Adv B/G***PKC Nationals
R3-12975Zaslavskiy, Anthony30FALSE9-12 Adv B/G**Battle of PA
R3-12979Wilson, Austin30TRUE9-12 Adv B/G***PKC Nationals
R3-12979Wilson, Austin40TRUE9-12 Int/Nv Bys**Battle of PA
R3-12982Redmond, Landon30TRUE9-12 Int/Nv Bys**Battle of PA
R3-12983Reiter, Carver20TRUE8yrs & under Bys**Battle of PA
R3-12984Adams, Rylee30FALSE9-12 Int/Nov Gls**Battle of PA
R3-13000LaGroux, Gavyn24TRUE9-12 Adv B/G***PKC Nationals
R3-13007Schultz, Daniel30FALSEAdult Kyu***PKC Nationals
R3-13008Savon, Jeremiah20FALSE8yrs & under Bys**Battle of PA
R3-13009Osborne, Zackary30FALSE13-17 Int/Nov***PKC Nationals
R3-13013McGuire, Charlotte45FALSE9-12 Int/Nov Gls***PKC Nationals
R3-13013McGuire, Charlotte20FALSE9-12 Int/Nov Gls**Battle of PA
R3-13020Jurich, Barbara20FALSEAdult Kyu**Battle of PA
R3-13021Parilla, Jackson16TRUE8yrs & under Bys**Battle of PA
R3-13024Carr, Katrina20TRUE9-12 Int/Nov Gls**Battle of PA
R3-13042McKeever, Rylee45TRUE8yrs & under Gls***PKC Nationals
R3-13044Harris, Tallen30FALSE9-12 Int/Nv Bys***PKC Nationals
R3-13046Schultz, Sophia45FALSE8yrs & under Gls***PKC Nationals
R3-13055Gordon, Riley30TRUE9-12 Int/Nov Gls**Battle of PA
R3-13056Powell, Lainey45FALSE9-12 Int/Nov Gls***PKC Nationals
R3-13056Powell, Lainey40TRUE9-12 Int/Nov Gls**Battle of PA
R3-13061Hawari, Muna45FALSEAdult Kyu***PKC Nationals
R3-13070Sustin, Samuel16TRUE9-12 Int/Nv Bys**Battle of PA
R3-13080Ingledue, Kolton30TRUE9-12 Adv B/G***PKC Nationals