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Congratulations! These are the Final 2019-2020 PKC National Ratings. The season begins and ends on July 1st each year. The National Banquet to honor the Top Ten Champions in each division held at the PKC International Karate Championships in Indianapolis over Labor Day Weekend has been canceled for 2020 due to Covid-19 restrictions. If you would like your Top Ten Championship certificate, please email your name and PKC# to pkc@pkchq.com not later than August 31st, 2020 with the subject line as follows: “ Please email my National PKC Award Certificate”.

If you have points in more than one division, you have received your combined total in the division where you have accumulated the most points.

We remain committed to our karate community and realize this will come as an enormous disappointment to our Top Ten Champions, and industry professionals. We continue to monitor this situation and will resume tournament competition once restrictions are lifted and the Board of Directors feel we can safely resume operations.  In the meantime, thanks for your patience and understanding. Take care of yourselves. 

Suggestion: Search by division to view current place, search by name or PKC ID to view detail records of points accumuated over all events.

PKC ID#"*"NameD-totC-totInstructorDivision
R3-122571Bukala, Michael210210Bukala, MichaelBB Men Mstrs 35+
R2-127202Ling, Zhichao90150Michael, DonnieBB Men Mstrs 35+
R1-30651Venson, Reginald6060Venson, JohnBB Men Mstrs 35+
R2-81551White, Sr., Tim3030White, TimBB Men Mstrs 35+
R3-124011Grandini, Jr., Ciro3030McClain, RichardBB Men Mstrs 35+
R2-36721Belot, Mike2424Bowles, RobertBB Men Mstrs 35+
R3-126491Sneddon, Daniel101101Buker, DaveBB Men 43yrs+
R3-126471McLaughlin, Chris7676McLaughlin, ChrisBB Men 43yrs+
R2-127202Ling, Zhichao60150Michael, DonnieBB Men 43yrs+
R2-132991Bilek, Robert4545Gensheimer, JeanieBB Men 43yrs+
R2-136071Burgess, Doyle3030White TimBB Men 43yrs+
R2-134881Henry, Steven2424Bailey, TerryBB Men 43yrs+
R2-125861Monroe II, Coy2424Monroe, CoyBB Men 43yrs+
R5-120701Bossong, Dwight8080Wagner, BurleyMen BB 35-42yrs
R1-126841Winner, Daniel7070Beach, RicMen BB 35-42yrs
R2-19601Brading, Derek6060Bethea, EddieMen BB 35-42yrs
R2-134821Blade, Sr., Corey5454Blade, CoreyMen BB 35-42yrs
R2-134111Blade, Courtland4545Hernly, VinceMen BB 35-42yrs
R2-132981Culpepper II, Randy2020Culpepper, RandyMen BB 35-42yrs
R1-121831Cooley, Michael164164Venson, JohnBB 18-34yrs Men
R3-127661Cironi, Joseph115115McCutcheon, DaleBB 18-34yrs Men
R2-79611Sartino, Luke105105Adamson, DougBB 18-34yrs Men
R3-129221Shamosh, Joseph7575Brown, ReggieBB 18-34yrs Men
R3-129431Badorrek, Ryan7575Roberts, JerryBB 18-34yrs Men
R3-122151Oquendo II, Pablo6060Bowen, JeffBB 18-34yrs Men
R2-125271Ables, Tyler4040Ables, SteveBB 18-34yrs Men
R3-127291Viets, Daniel3030McLaughlin, ChrisBB 18-34yrs Men
R2-88251Brown, Colin3030Bowles, RobertBB 18-34yrs Men
R1-119141Venson, Elias1515Venson, JohnBB 18-34yrs Men
R3-69621Thompson, Benjamin1010Tittle, RoyBB 18-34yrs Men
R3-122501Fickes, Amy184184Buker, DaveBB wmen
R3-123401Valentine, Angel115115Harris, LeeBB wmen
R1-120431Harris, Rochelle6060Venson, JohnBB wmen
R2-134811Blade, Rachel6060Blade, CourtlandBB wmen
R3-129341Ponton, Lisa4545Roberts, JerryBB wmen
R3-129101Berkheimer, Carolyn4545Janes, DennisBB wmen
R3-121081Cunningham, Kelly3535Janes, DennisBB wmen
R1-126451Venson, Gabrielle3030Venson, JohnBB wmen
R3-120941Lucic, Michelle1515Janes, DennisBB wmen
R3-127121Winger, Blaine8585Buker, DaveBrn/Av Men18+
R3-130141Parr, Carl7575Charlillo, FrankBrn/Av Men18+
R3-130061Warner, John6565McCutcheon, DaleBrn/Av Men18+
R2-132942Manley, Ian4590Manley, JohnBrn/Av Men18+
R3-128762Savon Jr., David45158Buker, DaveBrn/Av Men18+
R2-137131Webb, Richard4545Piper, KennethBrn/Av Men18+
R2-137031Hsu, Denny3535Piper, KennethBrn/Av Men18+
R3-127271Finnegin, John1515Buker, DaveBrn/Av Men18+
R3-125581Bacho, William1515Buker, DaveBrn/Av Men18+
R3-128762Savon Jr., David113158Buker, DaveInt/Nov Men18+
R3-129071Houllette, Darrin110110McLaughlin, ChrisInt/Nov Men18+
R3-129901Mosley Sr., Steffon100100Brown, ReggieInt/Nov Men18+
R3-130071Schultz, Daniel8888McCutcheon, DaleInt/Nov Men18+
R2-132942Manley, Ian4590Manley, JohnInt/Nov Men18+
R3-129781DiGiacomo, Mark4545Buker, DaveInt/Nov Men18+
R2-135461Weller, Craig3030Ables, SteveInt/Nov Men18+
R2-128331Williams, Justice1616Ables, SteveInt/Nov Men18+
R2-137221Dominguez, Emilio1515Davidson, JeffInt/Nov Men18+
R3-128221Duncan, Emma124124McLaughlin, ChrisAdv Wmen 18+
R3-128241Nelson, Andrea9999McCutcheon, DaleAdv Wmen 18+
R3-129401Davis, Rosemarie2020Janes, DennisAdv Wmen 18+
R3-130201Jurich, Barbara1515McLaughlin, ChrisAdv Wmen 18+
R3-129061Coy, Taylor5555Buker, DaveInt/Nov Wmen 18yrs+
R2-137211Fisher, Robyn4545Davidson, JeffInt/Nov Wmen 18yrs+
R3-130611Hawari, Muna1515McCutcheon, DaleInt/Nov Wmen 18yrs+
R3-129773DiGiacomo, Marianna565Buker, DaveInt/Nov Wmen 18yrs+
R1-117941White, Marshawn6060Venson, JohnBys Blk Blt 13-17
R3-122161Oquendo, Celestino6060Bowen, JeffBys Blk Blt 13-17
R3-126051Mollenkopf, Cooper4848McLaughlin, ChrisBys Blk Blt 13-17
R2-134891Green, Zane4545Culpepper, RandyBys Blk Blt 13-17
R3-123691Black, Sean4141DeVries, DonBys Blk Blt 13-17
R3-129691Nicoletti, Alexander4040Janes, DennisBys Blk Blt 13-17
R3-125211Calton, Evan4040DeCore, JamesBys Blk Blt 13-17
R2-135591Davis, Lucas4040Culpepper, RandyBys Blk Blt 13-17
R3-127451Edwards, Gavin1515Edwards, JackBys Blk Blt 13-17
R3-129371Brink, Jesse1010Janes, DennisBys Blk Blt 13-17
R3-130381Smith, Zachary1010Burley, WayneBys Blk Blt 13-17
R3-125243Dillinger, Jordan10150Buker, DaveBys Blk Blt 13-17
R2-136012Shank, Anthony3054Foreman, DavidBys Adv15-17
R2-135071Williamson, J.C.2424Webster, JoealBys Adv15-17
R3-125861Negron, Randy2020Nieves, SamuelBys Adv15-17
R3-127331Szklarz, Ethan1010Nieves, SamuelBys Adv15-17
R2-134541Weller, Rayden200200Ables, SteveBys Int/Nv15-17
R2-134171Lowry, Ming120120Ables, SteveBys Int/Nv15-17
R3-128771Savon, Zachariah6666Buker, DaveBys Int/Nv15-17
R2-137121Matson, Ethan4545St. Pierre, SteveBys Int/Nv15-17
R3-128571Franklin, Nathan2626McLaughlin, ChrisBys Int/Nv15-17
R3-129411Cook, Riley5555Brown, ReggieBys Adv13-14
R2-136752Marshall Hewitt, James Ian40100Michael, DonnieBys Adv13-14
R2-136012Shank, Anthony2454Foreman, DavidBys Adv13-14
R2-136361Johnson, Warren2020Culpepper, RandyBys Adv13-14
R3-128251Nelson, Wesley1010McCutcheon, DaleBys Adv13-14
R3-130252Stalnaker, Elijah1020Charlillo, FrankBys Adv13-14
R3-129871Jones, Jamall9696Harris, LeeBys Int/Nv13-14
R3-129571Rhea, Jeremiah9595Cooper, RobertBys Int/Nv13-14
R3-129281Henry, Antonio7575Nieves, SamuelBys Int/Nv13-14
R2-136752Marshall Hewitt, James Ian60100Michael, DonnieBys Int/Nv13-14
R2-134692Bellaw, Abram4565Michael, DonnieBys Int/Nv13-14
R3-130091Osborne, Zackary4444Nieves, SamuelBys Int/Nv13-14
R2-137231Dominguez-Foutz, Landen3030Davidson, JeffBys Int/Nv13-14
R2-134801Wheeler, Cody2424Recupido, DonBys Int/Nv13-14
R3-128972Stauffer, Wyatt839Smith, BonnieBys Int/Nv13-14
R2-134091Blade, Angel110110Blade, CourtlandGls Blk Blt13-17
R3-127671Cironi, Victoria105105McCutcheon, DaleGls Blk Blt13-17
R2-134221Purnell, Pashence8484Blade, CourtlandGls Blk Blt13-17
R4-136971Geertson, Ella4545Arrington, BrianGls Blk Blt13-17
R3-126932Stockmaster, Ava3045Janes, DennisGls Blk Blt13-17
R3-128092Stanley, Adisyn97112Powers, EdGls Adv13-17
R4-137301Lobaugh, Jasmine5858Marziale, AngeloGls Adv13-17
R3-126451Azar, Miya2828Harris, LeeGls Adv13-17
R2-135691Sargent, Tara2424Culpepper, RandyGls Adv13-17
R3-125871Quintanilla, Jessenia1515Nieves, SamuelGls Adv13-17
R3-129491Brown, DeLancia134134Harris, LeeGls Int/Nv13-17
R3-128781Savon, Abigail4848Buker, DaveGls Int/Nv13-17
R3-127931Strbac, Jelena3030Charlillo, FrankGls Int/Nv13-17
R3-130401Jacobs, Maya3030Buker, DaveGls Int/Nv13-17
R3-128092Stanley, Adisyn15112Powers, EdGls Int/Nv13-17
R3-128792Savon, Kaitlyn1081Buker, DaveGls Int/Nv13-17
R3-127231Bishop, Baylee1010Charlillo, FrankGls Int/Nv13-17
R3-130191Harper, Aurora1010McLaughlin, ChrisGls Int/Nv13-17
R3-125243Dillinger, Jordan95150Buker, Dave12(-) Blk Bys
R2-134361O'Day, Riley6060St. Pierre, Steve12(-) Blk Bys
R2-134741Burchett, Carter2424Tucker, Tim12(-) Blk Bys
R3-127101Nicholls, Aiden2424Janes, Dennis12(-) Blk Bys
R3-130521Stockmaster, Cole1010Janes, Dennis12(-) Blk Bys
R2-134842Heiskell, Gabriel6084Michael, Donnie11-12 AdvBys
R3-125243Dillinger, Jordan45150Buker, Dave11-12 AdvBys
R3-127181Byrd, Christopher3030Charlillo, Frank11-12 AdvBys
R3-128262Wilson, Braydon1525Nieves, Samuel11-12 AdvBys
R3-128211Johnson, Zachery9595McLaughlin, Chris11-12 In/Nv Bys
R3-129891Mosley Jr., Steffon8080Brown, Reggie11-12 In/Nv Bys
R3-130001LaGroux, Gavyn6666Buker, Dave11-12 In/Nv Bys
R3-128801Savon, Daniel3434Buker, Dave11-12 In/Nv Bys
R3-128972Stauffer, Wyatt3139Smith, Bonnie11-12 In/Nv Bys
R3-129141Caldwell, ZayVion3030Charlillo, Frank11-12 In/Nv Bys
R3-126883Mozzy, Thomas30118Buker, Dave11-12 In/Nv Bys
R2-134842Heiskell, Gabriel2484Michael, Donnie11-12 In/Nv Bys
R2-134692Bellaw, Abram2065Michael, Donnie11-12 In/Nv Bys
R3-130181Cole, Connor1515McLaughlin, Chris11-12 In/Nv Bys
R3-130252Stalnaker, Elijah1020Charlillo, Frank11-12 In/Nv Bys
R3-129131Capien, Brian88Charlillo, Frank11-12 In/Nv Bys
R3-129982Walker, Zachary190251Daniels, Dee9-10 Adv Bys
R3-126552Duty, Michael115123Charlillo, Frank9-10 Adv Bys
R3-126883Mozzy, Thomas60118Buker, Dave9-10 Adv Bys
R2-135931Font III, Timothy6060Franz, Steven9-10 Adv Bys
R2-134141Shaw, Levi4545Webster, Joeal9-10 Adv Bys
R3-127131Winger, Parker3939Buker, Dave9-10 Adv Bys
R3-128262Wilson, Braydon1025Nieves, Samuel9-10 Adv Bys
R3-126512Sneddon, Wesley832Buker, Dave9-10 Adv Bys
R3-129791Wilson, Austin9393Buker, Dave9-10 Int/Nov Bys
R2-136152Blessing, Aiden85130Michael, Donnie9-10 Int/Nov Bys
R3-130341Clemens, Cullen4040McCutcheon, Dale9-10 Int/Nov Bys
R3-130011Byrne, James3939McLaughlin, Chris9-10 Int/Nov Bys
R3-129751Zaslavskiy, Anthony3838Buker, Dave9-10 Int/Nov Bys
R3-129192Gibson, Blake3040Brown, Reggie9-10 Int/Nov Bys
R3-126883Mozzy, Thomas28118Buker, Dave9-10 Int/Nov Bys
R3-129821Redmond, Landon2525McLaughlin, Chris9-10 Int/Nov Bys
R3-129742LaGroux, Liam2553Buker, Dave9-10 Int/Nov Bys
R3-126512Sneddon, Wesley2432Buker, Dave9-10 Int/Nov Bys
R3-130111Spellman, Cyrus2424Charlillo, Frank9-10 Int/Nov Bys
R2-136731Hines, Mason2424Murkison, Brian9-10 Int/Nov Bys
R3-126501Sneddon, Wyatt2020Buker, Dave9-10 Int/Nov Bys
R3-129552Roesel, Carter1545Brown, Reggie9-10 Int/Nov Bys
R3-128811Savon, Benjamin1010Buker, Dave9-10 Int/Nov Bys
R3-130511Williams, Tristian88Harris, Lee9-10 Int/Nov Bys
R4-138042Viola, Gabby6075Viola, Bill12(-) Blk Grls
R2-135681McDanile, Kiley1616Culpepper, Randy12(-) Blk Grls
R2-134581Blade, Aniyah1515Blade, Courtland12(-) Blk Grls
R3-126932Stockmaster, Ava1545Janes, Dennis12(-) Blk Grls
R3-126251Barnes, Maria147147Buker, Dave9-12 Adv Gls
R3-127171Rogers, Alana115115Charlillo, Frank9-12 Adv Gls
R3-130151Martinez, Elaina9595Daniels, Dee9-12 Adv Gls
R2-137202Blade, Anya3458Blade, Corey9-12 Adv Gls
R2-136521Childers, Addison3030Foreman, David9-12 Adv Gls
R3-129672Stanley, Avery18139Powers, Ed9-12 Adv Gls
R4-138042Viola, Gabby1575Viola, Bill9-12 Adv Gls
R3-127461Edwards, Penny88Edwards, Jack9-12 Adv Gls
R3-130551Gordon, Riley7575Buker, Dave11-12 Int/Nov Gls
R3-128792Savon, Kaitlyn7181Buker, Dave11-12 Int/Nov Gls
R2-132441Singleton, Kaylee6161Ables, Steve11-12 Int/Nov Gls
R3-130241Carr, Katrina4040Charlillo, Frank11-12 Int/Nov Gls
R3-130261Stalnaker, Rain2323Charlillo, Frank11-12 Int/Nov Gls
R3-130561Powell, Lainey1010Buker, Dave11-12 Int/Nov Gls
R3-129161Rardin, Angelina1010Charlillo, Frank11-12 Int/Nov Gls
R3-127003Duong, Chloe170220DeCore, James9-10 Int/Nov Gls
R3-129672Stanley, Avery121139Powers, Ed9-10 Int/Nov Gls
R3-130131McGuire, Charlotte115115Nieves, Samuel9-10 Int/Nov Gls
R2-133671Sedaghat, Darya5454Michael, Donnie9-10 Int/Nov Gls
R3-129773DiGiacomo, Marianna3065Buker, Dave9-10 Int/Nov Gls
R2-137251Dominguez-Foutz, Gabriella3030Davidson, Jeff9-10 Int/Nov Gls
R2-137202Blade, Anya2458Blade, Corey9-10 Int/Nov Gls
R2-137241Dominguez-Foutz, Justice1515Davidson, Jeff9-10 Int/Nov Gls
R3-129841Adams, Rylee1010McLaughlin, Chris9-10 Int/Nov Gls
R3-130051Plough, Neve1010Edwards, Jack9-10 Int/Nov Gls
R3-128831Wright, Adam8585Buker, Dave7-8yrs Adv/Int Bys
R3-127701Sneddon, Asher8080Buker, Dave7-8yrs Adv/Int Bys
R3-129982Walker, Zachary61251Daniels, Dee7-8yrs Adv/Int Bys
R2-136152Blessing, Aiden45130Michael, Donnie7-8yrs Adv/Int Bys
R3-129552Roesel, Carter3045Brown, Reggie7-8yrs Adv/Int Bys
R3-129742LaGroux, Liam2853Buker, Dave7-8yrs Adv/Int Bys
R2-137171Blade, Jr., Corey1515Blade, Corey7-8yrs Adv/Int Bys
R3-129192Gibson, Blake1040Brown, Reggie7-8yrs Adv/Int Bys
R3-126552Duty, Michael8123Charlillo, Frank7-8yrs Adv/Int Bys
R3-128641Barber, James55Buker, Dave7-8yrs Adv/Int Bys
R3-129711Savon, Matthew8686Buker, Dave7-8 Nov Bys
R3-129681Clark, Andrew (Andy)6767Roberts, Jerry7-8 Nov Bys
R2-137081Taylor, Adam2424Michael, Donnie7-8 Nov Bys
R3-129831Reiter, Carver1818McLaughlin, Chris7-8 Nov Bys
R3-130211Parilla, Jackson88McLaughlin, Chris7-8 Nov Bys
R3-130161Martinez, Anya125125Daniels, Dee7-8yrs Adv/Int Grl
R3-129181Ensinger, Lilly2424Brown, Reggie7-8yrs Adv/Int Grl
R3-127003Duong, Chloe20220DeCore, James7-8yrs Adv/Int Grl
R4-138051Lobaugh, Laila1515Marziale, Angelo7-8yrs Adv/Int Grl
R3-129421Tyler, Tori1515Brown, Reggie7-8yrs Adv/Int Grl
R3-129881Mosley, Calypso100100Brown, Reggie7-8 Nov Grl
R3-129732Hawthorne, Briella80135Buker, Dave7-8 Nov Grl
R3-129773DiGiacomo, Marianna3065Buker, Dave7-8 Nov Grl
R3-127003Duong, Chloe30220DeCore, James7-8 Nov Grl
R3-130451Nelson, Harper1010McCutcheon, Dale7-8 Nov Grl
R3-130171Martinez, Illyana7575Daniels, Dee6yr & under Ad/Nv B/G
R3-129732Hawthorne, Briella55135Buker, Dave6yr & under Ad/Nv B/G
R2-136611Oakley, Robert3030Bethea, Eddie6yr & under Ad/Nv B/G
R1-129121Talbert, Nirvana Ellie2424Venson, John6yr & under Ad/Nv B/G
R2-136161Ables, Connor2020Ables, Steve6yr & under Ad/Nv B/G
R3-129921Breznak, Izabella1515Charlillo, Frank6yr & under Ad/Nv B/G
R3-130461Shultz, Sophia1515McCutcheon, Dale6yr & under Ad/Nv B/G
R3-129721Savon, Kailey1010Buker, Dave6yr & under Ad/Nv B/G
R3-130101Fischer, Derrick3030Charlillo, Frank6yr & under Beg B/G
R2-137181Blade, Cortlyn1616Blade, Courtland6yr & under Beg B/G
PKC ID#NameNational PointsBonusDivisionEvent
R1-11794White, Marshawn60TRUEBys Blk Blt 13-17***PKC Intl Chmps
R1-11914Venson, Elias15FALSEBB 18-34yrs Men***PKC Intl Chmps
R1-12043Harris, Rochelle30FALSEBB wmen***PKC Intl Chmps
R1-12043Harris, Rochelle30TRUEBB wmen***SMASH
R1-12183Cooley, Michael30TRUEBB 18-34yrs Men***Smash
R1-12183Cooley, Michael40TRUEBB 18-34yrs Men1st PKC Region 2
R1-12183Cooley, Michael30FALSEBB 18-34yrs Men***PKC Intl Chmps
R1-12183Cooley, Michael40TRUEBB 18-34yrs Men**USKA World
R1-12183Cooley, Michael24TRUEBB 18-34yrs Men***SMASH
R1-12645Venson, Gabrielle30TRUEBB wmen***SMASH
R1-12684Winner, Daniel40TRUEMen BB 35-42yrs1st PKC Region 2
R1-12684Winner, Daniel30TRUEMen BB 35-42yrs***SMASH
R1-12912Talbert, Nirvana Ellie24TRUE6yr & under Ad/Nv B/G***Smash
R1-3065Venson, Reginald60TRUEBB Men Mstrs 35+***PKC Intl Chmps
R2-12527Ables, Tyler40TRUEBB 18-34yrs Men1st PKC Region 2
R2-12586Monroe II, Coy24TRUEBB Men 43yrs+***SMASH
R2-12720Ling, Zhichao60TRUEBB Men Mstrs 35+***Smash
R2-12720Ling, Zhichao30TRUEBB Men Mstrs 35+***PKC Intl Chmps
R2-12720Ling, Zhichao60TRUEBB Men 43yrs+***SMASH
R2-12833Williams, Justice16TRUEInt/Nov Men18+1st PKC Region 2
R2-13244Singleton, Kaylee16TRUE11-12 Int/Nov Gls1st PKC Region 2
R2-13244Singleton, Kaylee45TRUE11-12 Int/Nov Gls***SMASH
R2-13294Manley, Ian45FALSEBrn/Av Men18+***Smash
R2-13294Manley, Ian45TRUEInt/Nov Men18+***SMASH
R2-13298Culpepper II, Randy20TRUEMen BB 35-42yrs1st PKC Region 2
R2-13299Bilek, Robert45TRUEBB Men 43yrs+***SMASH
R2-13367Sedaghat, Darya24TRUE9-10 Int/Nov Gls***Smash
R2-13367Sedaghat, Darya30TRUE9-10 Int/Nov Gls1st PKC Region 2
R2-13409Blade, Angel45TRUEGls Blk Blt13-17***Smash
R2-13409Blade, Angel20TRUEGls Blk Blt13-171st PKC Region 2
R2-13409Blade, Angel45FALSEGls Blk Blt13-17***PKC Intl Chmps
R2-13411Blade, Courtland45FALSEMen BB 35-42yrs***PKC Intl Chmps
R2-13414Shaw, Levi45TRUE9-10 Adv Bys***PKC Intl Chmps
R2-13417Lowry, Ming60TRUEBys Int/Nv15-17***Smash
R2-13417Lowry, Ming60TRUEBys Int/Nv15-17***March Madness
R2-13422Purnell, Pashence30TRUEGls Blk Blt13-171st PKC Region 2
R2-13422Purnell, Pashence30FALSEGls Blk Blt13-17***PKC Intl Chmps
R2-13422Purnell, Pashence24TRUEGls Blk Blt13-17***SMASH
R2-13436O'Day, Riley60TRUE12(-) Blk Bys***PKC Intl Chmps
R2-13454Weller, Rayden45TRUEBys Int/Nv15-17***Smash
R2-13454Weller, Rayden45TRUEBys Int/Nv15-17***March Madness
R2-13454Weller, Rayden20FALSEBys Int/Nv15-171st PKC Region 2
R2-13454Weller, Rayden60TRUEBys Int/Nv15-17***PKC Intl Chmps
R2-13454Weller, Rayden30TRUEBys Int/Nv15-17***SMASH
R2-13458Blade, Aniyah15FALSE12(-) Blk Grls***Smash
R2-13469Bellaw, Abram45TRUEBys Int/Nv13-14***Smash
R2-13469Bellaw, Abram20TRUE11-12 In/Nv Bys1st PKC Region 2
R2-13474Burchett, Carter24TRUE12(-) Blk Bys***PKC Intl Chmps
R2-13480Wheeler, Cody24TRUEBys Int/Nv13-14***SMASH
R2-13481Blade, Rachel30FALSEBB wmen***Smash
R2-13481Blade, Rachel30FALSEBB wmen1st PKC Region 2
R2-13482Blade, Sr., Corey30FALSEMen BB 35-42yrs***PKC Intl Chmps
R2-13482Blade, Sr., Corey24TRUEMen BB 35-42yrs***SMASH
R2-13484Heiskell, Gabriel30TRUE11-12 AdvBys1st PKC Region 2
R2-13484Heiskell, Gabriel30FALSE11-12 AdvBys***PKC Intl Chmps
R2-13484Heiskell, Gabriel24TRUE11-12 In/Nv Bys***SMASH
R2-13488Henry, Steven24TRUEBB Men 43yrs+***Smash
R2-13489Green, Zane45TRUEBys Blk Blt 13-17***Smash
R2-13507Williamson, J.C.24TRUEBys Adv15-17***Smash
R2-13546Weller, Craig30FALSEInt/Nov Men18+***PKC Intl Chmps
R2-13559Davis, Lucas40TRUEBys Blk Blt 13-171st PKC Region 2
R2-13568McDanile, Kiley16TRUE12(-) Blk Grls1st PKC Region 2
R2-13569Sargent, Tara24TRUEGls Adv13-17***Smash
R2-13593Font III, Timothy60TRUE9-10 Adv Bys***SMASH
R2-13601Shank, Anthony30TRUEBys Adv15-17***Smash
R2-13601Shank, Anthony24TRUEBys Adv13-14***PKC Intl Chmps
R2-13607Burgess, Doyle30FALSEBB Men 43yrs+***PKC Intl Chmps
R2-13615Blessing, Aiden45TRUE9-10 Int/Nov Bys***Smash
R2-13615Blessing, Aiden40TRUE9-10 Int/Nov Bys1st PKC Region 2
R2-13615Blessing, Aiden45FALSE7-8yrs Adv/Int Bys***SMASH
R2-13616Ables, Connor20TRUE6yr & under Ad/Nv B/G1st PKC Region 2
R2-13636Johnson, Warren20TRUEBys Adv13-141st PKC Region 2
R2-13652Childers, Addison30TRUE9-12 Adv Gls***PKC Intl Chmps
R2-13661Oakley, Robert30TRUE6yr & under Ad/Nv B/G***Smash
R2-13673Hines, Mason24TRUE9-10 Int/Nov Bys***Smash
R2-13675Marshall Hewitt, James Ian60TRUEBys Int/Nv13-14***Smash
R2-13675Marshall Hewitt, James Ian40TRUEBys Adv13-141st PKC Region 2
R2-13703Hsu, Denny15FALSEBrn/Av Men18+***Smash
R2-13703Hsu, Denny20FALSEBrn/Av Men18+1st PKC Region 2
R2-13708Taylor, Adam24TRUE7-8 Nov Bys***Smash
R2-13712Matson, Ethan45TRUEBys Int/Nv15-17***PKC Intl Chmps
R2-13713Webb, Richard45FALSEBrn/Av Men18+***PKC Intl Chmps
R2-13717Blade, Jr., Corey15FALSE7-8yrs Adv/Int Bys***PKC Intl Chmps
R2-13718Blade, Cortlyn16TRUE6yr & under Beg B/G1st PKC Region 2
R2-13720Blade, Anya24TRUE9-12 Adv Gls***Smash
R2-13720Blade, Anya10TRUE9-12 Adv Gls1st PKC Region 2
R2-13720Blade, Anya24TRUE9-10 Int/Nov Gls***PKC Intl Chmps
R2-13721Fisher, Robyn45FALSEInt/Nov Wmen 18yrs+***PKC Intl Chmps
R2-13722Dominguez, Emilio15FALSEInt/Nov Men18+***PKC Intl Chmps
R2-13723Dominguez-Foutz, Landen30TRUEBys Int/Nv13-14***PKC Intl Chmps
R2-13724Dominguez-Foutz, Justice15FALSE9-10 Int/Nov Gls***PKC Intl Chmps
R2-13725Dominguez-Foutz, Gabriella30FALSE9-10 Int/Nov Gls***PKC Intl Chmps
R2-1960Brading, Derek60TRUEMen BB 35-42yrs***SMASH
R2-3672Belot, Mike24TRUEBB Men Mstrs 35+***PKC Intl Chmps
R2-7961Sartino, Luke45TRUEBB 18-34yrs Men***Smash
R2-7961Sartino, Luke60TRUEBB 18-34yrs Men***SMASH
R2-8155White, Sr., Tim30TRUEBB Men Mstrs 35+***SMASH
R2-8825Brown, Colin30TRUEBB 18-34yrs Men***SMASH
R3-12094Lucic, Michelle15FALSEBB wmenSummer Brawl
R3-12108Cunningham, Kelly20FALSEBB wmen**Ultimate Challenge
R3-12108Cunningham, Kelly15FALSEBB wmenSummer Brawl
R3-12215Oquendo II, Pablo60TRUEBB 18-34yrs Men***March Madness
R3-12216Oquendo, Celestino60TRUEBys Blk Blt 13-17***March Madness
R3-12250Fickes, Amy15FALSEBB wmenBattle of Warriors
R3-12250Fickes, Amy45FALSEBB wmen***March Madness
R3-12250Fickes, Amy15FALSEBB wmenMA Mayhem
R3-12250Fickes, Amy10FALSEBB wmenKing of the Ring
R3-12250Fickes, Amy30FALSEBB wmenDeCore Elite Nationals
R3-12250Fickes, Amy10FALSEBB wmenSummer Gauntlet
R3-12250Fickes, Amy15FALSEBB wmen***PKC Intl Chmps
R3-12250Fickes, Amy10FALSEBB wmen**Ultimate Challenge
R3-12250Fickes, Amy24TRUEBB wmen***SMASH
R3-12250Fickes, Amy10FALSEBB wmenSummer Brawl
R3-12257Bukala, Michael10FALSEBB Men Mstrs 35+Battle of Warriors
R3-12257Bukala, Michael60TRUEBB Men Mstrs 35+***March Madness
R3-12257Bukala, Michael15FALSEBB Men Mstrs 35+MA Mayhem
R3-12257Bukala, Michael20TRUEBB Men Mstrs 35+King of the Ring
R3-12257Bukala, Michael30FALSEBB Men Mstrs 35+DeCore Elite Nationals
R3-12257Bukala, Michael15FALSEBB Men Mstrs 35+Summer Gauntlet
R3-12257Bukala, Michael40TRUEBB Men Mstrs 35+**Ultimate Challenge
R3-12257Bukala, Michael20TRUEBB Men Mstrs 35+Summer Brawl
R3-12340Valentine, Angel15FALSEBB wmenBattle of Warriors
R3-12340Valentine, Angel45FALSEBB wmen***March Madness
R3-12340Valentine, Angel15FALSEBB wmenKing of the Ring
R3-12340Valentine, Angel10FALSEBB wmenSummer Gauntlet
R3-12340Valentine, Angel30FALSEBB wmen**Ultimate Challenge
R3-12369Black, Sean15FALSEBys Blk Blt 13-17King of the Ring
R3-12369Black, Sean10FALSEBys Blk Blt 13-17Summer Gauntlet
R3-12369Black, Sean16TRUEBys Blk Blt 13-17**Ultimate Challenge
R3-12401Grandini, Jr., Ciro10TRUEBB Men Mstrs 35+King of the Ring
R3-12401Grandini, Jr., Ciro20TRUEBB Men Mstrs 35+**Ultimate Challenge
R3-12521Calton, Evan30FALSEBys Blk Blt 13-17DeCore Elite Nationals
R3-12521Calton, Evan10FALSEBys Blk Blt 13-17Summer Brawl
R3-12524Dillinger, Jordan10FALSEBys Blk Blt 13-17Battle of Warriors
R3-12524Dillinger, Jordan15FALSE12(-) Blk BysMA Mayhem
R3-12524Dillinger, Jordan10FALSE12(-) Blk BysKing of the Ring
R3-12524Dillinger, Jordan30FALSE12(-) Blk BysDeCore Elite Nationals
R3-12524Dillinger, Jordan10FALSE12(-) Blk BysSummer Gauntlet
R3-12524Dillinger, Jordan30TRUE12(-) Blk Bys***PKC Intl Chmps
R3-12524Dillinger, Jordan30TRUE11-12 AdvBys***SMASH
R3-12524Dillinger, Jordan15TRUE11-12 AdvBysSummer Brawl
R3-12558Bacho, William15TRUEBrn/Av Men18+Summer Brawl
R3-12586Negron, Randy20TRUEBys Adv15-17Battle of Warriors
R3-12587Quintanilla, Jessenia15TRUEGls Adv13-17Battle of Warriors
R3-12605Mollenkopf, Cooper5FALSEBys Blk Blt 13-17Battle of Warriors
R3-12605Mollenkopf, Cooper10FALSEBys Blk Blt 13-17MA Mayhem
R3-12605Mollenkopf, Cooper20FALSEBys Blk Blt 13-17DeCore Elite Nationals
R3-12605Mollenkopf, Cooper5FALSEBys Blk Blt 13-17Summer Gauntlet
R3-12605Mollenkopf, Cooper8TRUEBys Blk Blt 13-17Summer Brawl
R3-12625Barnes, Maria20TRUE9-12 Adv GlsBattle of Warriors
R3-12625Barnes, Maria30TRUE9-12 Adv Gls***March Madness
R3-12625Barnes, Maria10TRUE9-12 Adv GlsMA Mayhem
R3-12625Barnes, Maria15TRUE9-12 Adv GlsKing of the Ring
R3-12625Barnes, Maria30FALSE9-12 Adv GlsDeCore Elite Nationals
R3-12625Barnes, Maria10TRUE9-12 Adv GlsSummer Gauntlet
R3-12625Barnes, Maria24TRUE9-12 Adv Gls***SMASH
R3-12625Barnes, Maria8TRUE9-12 Adv GlsSummer Brawl
R3-12645Azar, Miya8TRUEGls Adv13-17King of the Ring
R3-12645Azar, Miya20TRUEGls Adv13-17**Ultimate Challenge
R3-12647McLaughlin, Chris5FALSEBB Men 43yrs+Battle of Warriors
R3-12647McLaughlin, Chris30TRUEBB Men 43yrs+***March Madness
R3-12647McLaughlin, Chris8TRUEBB Men 43yrs+King of the Ring
R3-12647McLaughlin, Chris20FALSEBB Men 43yrs+DeCore Elite Nationals
R3-12647McLaughlin, Chris5FALSEBB Men 43yrs+Summer Gauntlet
R3-12647McLaughlin, Chris8TRUEBB Men 43yrs+Summer Brawl
R3-12649Sneddon, Daniel15TRUEBB Men 43yrs+King of the Ring
R3-12649Sneddon, Daniel10FALSEBB Men 43yrs+Summer Gauntlet
R3-12649Sneddon, Daniel45FALSEBB Men 43yrs+***PKC Intl Chmps
R3-12649Sneddon, Daniel16TRUEBB Men 43yrs+**Ultimate Challenge
R3-12649Sneddon, Daniel15TRUEBB Men 43yrs+Summer Brawl
R3-12650Sneddon, Wyatt20TRUE9-10 Int/Nov BysKing of the Ring
R3-12651Sneddon, Wesley8TRUE9-10 Adv BysMA Mayhem
R3-12651Sneddon, Wesley8TRUE9-10 Int/Nov BysSummer Gauntlet
R3-12651Sneddon, Wesley16TRUE9-10 Int/Nov Bys**Ultimate Challenge
R3-12655Duty, Michael10FALSE9-10 Adv BysBattle of Warriors
R3-12655Duty, Michael45TRUE9-10 Adv Bys***March Madness
R3-12655Duty, Michael15TRUE9-10 Adv BysMA Mayhem
R3-12655Duty, Michael5FALSE9-10 Adv BysKing of the Ring
R3-12655Duty, Michael30TRUE9-10 Adv BysDeCore Elite Nationals
R3-12655Duty, Michael10FALSE9-10 Adv BysSummer Gauntlet
R3-12655Duty, Michael8TRUE7-8yrs Adv/Int BysSummer Brawl
R3-12688Mozzy, Thomas10TRUE11-12 In/Nv BysBattle of Warriors
R3-12688Mozzy, Thomas20TRUE11-12 In/Nv BysMA Mayhem
R3-12688Mozzy, Thomas8TRUE9-10 Int/Nov BysKing of the Ring
R3-12688Mozzy, Thomas30TRUE9-10 Adv BysDeCore Elite Nationals
R3-12688Mozzy, Thomas30TRUE9-10 Adv Bys***PKC Intl Chmps
R3-12688Mozzy, Thomas20TRUE9-10 Int/Nov BysSummer Brawl
R3-12693Stockmaster, Ava30TRUEGls Blk Blt13-17***March Madness
R3-12693Stockmaster, Ava15FALSE12(-) Blk GrlsSummer Gauntlet
R3-12700Duong, Chloe60TRUE9-10 Int/Nov Gls***Smash
R3-12700Duong, Chloe15TRUE9-10 Int/Nov GlsBattle of Warriors
R3-12700Duong, Chloe45TRUE9-10 Int/Nov Gls***March Madness
R3-12700Duong, Chloe20TRUE9-10 Int/Nov GlsMA Mayhem
R3-12700Duong, Chloe10TRUE9-10 Int/Nov GlsKing of the Ring
R3-12700Duong, Chloe20TRUE9-10 Int/Nov GlsDeCore Elite Nationals
R3-12700Duong, Chloe20TRUE7-8yrs Adv/Int GrlSummer Gauntlet
R3-12700Duong, Chloe30TRUE7-8 Nov Grl***SMASH
R3-12710Nicholls, Aiden24TRUE12(-) Blk Bys***March Madness
R3-12712Winger, Blaine60TRUEBrn/Av Men18+***March Madness
R3-12712Winger, Blaine10TRUEBrn/Av Men18+MA Mayhem
R3-12712Winger, Blaine15TRUEBrn/Av Men18+Summer Brawl
R3-12713Winger, Parker24TRUE9-10 Adv Bys***March Madness
R3-12713Winger, Parker10TRUE9-10 Adv BysMA Mayhem
R3-12713Winger, Parker5FALSE9-10 Adv BysSummer Brawl
R3-12717Rogers, Alana60TRUE9-12 Adv Gls***March Madness
R3-12717Rogers, Alana20TRUE9-12 Adv GlsKing of the Ring
R3-12717Rogers, Alana15TRUE9-12 Adv GlsSummer Gauntlet
R3-12717Rogers, Alana20TRUE9-12 Adv GlsSummer Brawl
R3-12718Byrd, Christopher20TRUE11-12 AdvBysSummer Gauntlet
R3-12718Byrd, Christopher10TRUE11-12 AdvBysSummer Brawl
R3-12723Bishop, Baylee10TRUEGls Int/Nv13-17Summer Brawl
R3-12727Finnegin, John15FALSEBrn/Av Men18+***March Madness
R3-12729Viets, Daniel10FALSEBB 18-34yrs MenBattle of Warriors
R3-12729Viets, Daniel10FALSEBB 18-34yrs MenMA Mayhem
R3-12729Viets, Daniel10FALSEBB 18-34yrs Men**Ultimate Challenge
R3-12733Szklarz, Ethan10TRUEBys Adv15-17Battle of Warriors
R3-12745Edwards, Gavin10FALSEBys Blk Blt 13-17Summer Gauntlet
R3-12745Edwards, Gavin5FALSEBys Blk Blt 13-17Summer Brawl
R3-12746Edwards, Penny8TRUE9-12 Adv GlsSummer Gauntlet
R3-12766Cironi, Joseph15FALSEBB 18-34yrs MenBattle of Warriors
R3-12766Cironi, Joseph30TRUEBB 18-34yrs Men***March Madness
R3-12766Cironi, Joseph15FALSEBB 18-34yrs MenMA Mayhem
R3-12766Cironi, Joseph20FALSEBB 18-34yrs MenDeCore Elite Nationals
R3-12766Cironi, Joseph10FALSEBB 18-34yrs MenSummer Gauntlet
R3-12766Cironi, Joseph20FALSEBB 18-34yrs Men**Ultimate Challenge
R3-12766Cironi, Joseph5FALSEBB 18-34yrs MenSummer Brawl
R3-12767Cironi, Victoria30TRUEGls Blk Blt13-17***March Madness
R3-12767Cironi, Victoria15FALSEGls Blk Blt13-17MA Mayhem
R3-12767Cironi, Victoria15FALSEGls Blk Blt13-17Summer Gauntlet
R3-12767Cironi, Victoria30FALSEGls Blk Blt13-17**Ultimate Challenge
R3-12767Cironi, Victoria15TRUEGls Blk Blt13-17Summer Brawl
R3-12770Sneddon, Asher30TRUE7-8yrs Adv/Int Bys***March Madness
R3-12770Sneddon, Asher10TRUE7-8yrs Adv/Int BysMA Mayhem
R3-12770Sneddon, Asher10TRUE7-8yrs Adv/Int BysKing of the Ring
R3-12770Sneddon, Asher30FALSE7-8yrs Adv/Int Bys***PKC Intl Chmps
R3-12793Strbac, Jelena30TRUEGls Int/Nv13-17***March Madness
R3-12809Stanley, Adisyn8TRUEGls Adv13-17Battle of Warriors
R3-12809Stanley, Adisyn15TRUEGls Adv13-17MA Mayhem
R3-12809Stanley, Adisyn20TRUEGls Adv13-17DeCore Elite Nationals
R3-12809Stanley, Adisyn15TRUEGls Int/Nv13-17Summer Gauntlet
R3-12809Stanley, Adisyn24TRUEGls Adv13-17***PKC Intl Chmps
R3-12809Stanley, Adisyn30TRUEGls Adv13-17***SMASH
R3-12821Johnson, Zachery15TRUE11-12 In/Nv BysBattle of Warriors
R3-12821Johnson, Zachery30TRUE11-12 In/Nv Bys***March Madness
R3-12821Johnson, Zachery15TRUE11-12 In/Nv BysMA Mayhem
R3-12821Johnson, Zachery15TRUE11-12 In/Nv BysSummer Gauntlet
R3-12821Johnson, Zachery20TRUE11-12 In/Nv Bys**Ultimate Challenge
R3-12822Duncan, Emma10FALSEAdv Wmen 18+Battle of Warriors
R3-12822Duncan, Emma30FALSEAdv Wmen 18+***March Madness
R3-12822Duncan, Emma10FALSEAdv Wmen 18+MA Mayhem
R3-12822Duncan, Emma15FALSEAdv Wmen 18+King of the Ring
R3-12822Duncan, Emma20FALSEAdv Wmen 18+DeCore Elite Nationals
R3-12822Duncan, Emma15FALSEAdv Wmen 18+Summer Gauntlet
R3-12822Duncan, Emma16TRUEAdv Wmen 18+**Ultimate Challenge
R3-12822Duncan, Emma8TRUEAdv Wmen 18+Summer Brawl
R3-12824Nelson, Andrea10FALSEAdv Wmen 18+Battle of Warriors
R3-12824Nelson, Andrea20TRUEAdv Wmen 18+MA Mayhem
R3-12824Nelson, Andrea15FALSEAdv Wmen 18+King of the Ring
R3-12824Nelson, Andrea20FALSEAdv Wmen 18+DeCore Elite Nationals
R3-12824Nelson, Andrea10FALSEAdv Wmen 18+Summer Gauntlet
R3-12824Nelson, Andrea16TRUEAdv Wmen 18+**Ultimate Challenge
R3-12824Nelson, Andrea8TRUEAdv Wmen 18+Summer Brawl
R3-12825Nelson, Wesley10FALSEBys Adv13-14MA Mayhem
R3-12826Wilson, Braydon15TRUE11-12 AdvBysMA Mayhem
R3-12826Wilson, Braydon10FALSE9-10 Adv BysKing of the Ring
R3-12857Franklin, Nathan10TRUEBys Int/Nv15-17Battle of Warriors
R3-12857Franklin, Nathan16TRUEBys Int/Nv15-17DeCore Elite Nationals
R3-12864Barber, James5FALSE7-8yrs Adv/Int BysBattle of Warriors
R3-12876Savon Jr., David45TRUEBrn/Av Men18+***March Madness
R3-12876Savon Jr., David8TRUEInt/Nov Men18+MA Mayhem
R3-12876Savon Jr., David20TRUEInt/Nov Men18+King of the Ring
R3-12876Savon Jr., David30TRUEInt/Nov Men18+DeCore Elite Nationals
R3-12876Savon Jr., David40TRUEInt/Nov Men18+**Ultimate Challenge
R3-12876Savon Jr., David15FALSEInt/Nov Men18+Summer Brawl
R3-12877Savon, Zachariah15TRUEBys Int/Nv15-17King of the Ring
R3-12877Savon, Zachariah20TRUEBys Int/Nv15-17DeCore Elite Nationals
R3-12877Savon, Zachariah16TRUEBys Int/Nv15-17**Ultimate Challenge
R3-12877Savon, Zachariah15TRUEBys Int/Nv15-17Summer Brawl
R3-12878Savon, Abigail8TRUEGls Int/Nv13-17MA Mayhem
R3-12878Savon, Abigail20TRUEGls Int/Nv13-17King of the Ring
R3-12878Savon, Abigail20TRUEGls Int/Nv13-17Summer Brawl
R3-12879Savon, Kaitlyn10TRUEGls Int/Nv13-17MA Mayhem
R3-12879Savon, Kaitlyn15FALSE11-12 Int/Nov GlsKing of the Ring
R3-12879Savon, Kaitlyn16TRUE11-12 Int/Nov GlsDeCore Elite Nationals
R3-12879Savon, Kaitlyn40TRUE11-12 Int/Nov Gls**Ultimate Challenge
R3-12880Savon, Daniel24TRUE11-12 In/Nv Bys***March Madness
R3-12880Savon, Daniel10TRUE11-12 In/Nv BysMA Mayhem
R3-12881Savon, Benjamin10TRUE9-10 Int/Nov BysMA Mayhem
R3-12883Wright, Adam10FALSE7-8yrs Adv/Int BysBattle of Warriors
R3-12883Wright, Adam20TRUE7-8yrs Adv/Int BysKing of the Ring
R3-12883Wright, Adam40TRUE7-8yrs Adv/Int BysDeCore Elite Nationals
R3-12883Wright, Adam15TRUE7-8yrs Adv/Int BysSummer Gauntlet
R3-12897Stauffer, Wyatt8TRUEBys Int/Nv13-14Battle of Warriors
R3-12897Stauffer, Wyatt5FALSE11-12 In/Nv BysSummer Gauntlet
R3-12897Stauffer, Wyatt16TRUE11-12 In/Nv Bys**Ultimate Challenge
R3-12897Stauffer, Wyatt10FALSE11-12 In/Nv BysSummer Brawl
R3-12906Coy, Taylor45FALSEInt/Nov Wmen 18yrs+***March Madness
R3-12906Coy, Taylor10FALSEInt/Nov Wmen 18yrs+Summer Brawl
R3-12907Houllette, Darrin15FALSEInt/Nov Men18+Battle of Warriors
R3-12907Houllette, Darrin45FALSEInt/Nov Men18+***March Madness
R3-12907Houllette, Darrin15FALSEInt/Nov Men18+MA Mayhem
R3-12907Houllette, Darrin10FALSEInt/Nov Men18+King of the Ring
R3-12907Houllette, Darrin15FALSEInt/Nov Men18+Summer Gauntlet
R3-12907Houllette, Darrin10FALSEInt/Nov Men18+Summer Brawl
R3-12910Berkheimer, Carolyn30FALSEBB wmenDeCore Elite Nationals
R3-12910Berkheimer, Carolyn15FALSEBB wmenSummer Gauntlet
R3-12913Capien, Brian8TRUE11-12 In/Nv BysSummer Brawl
R3-12914Caldwell, ZayVion30TRUE11-12 In/Nv BysDeCore Elite Nationals
R3-12916Rardin, Angelina10TRUE11-12 Int/Nov GlsKing of the Ring
R3-12918Ensinger, Lilly16TRUE7-8yrs Adv/Int GrlDeCore Elite Nationals
R3-12918Ensinger, Lilly8TRUE7-8yrs Adv/Int GrlSummer Gauntlet
R3-12919Gibson, Blake30TRUE9-10 Int/Nov Bys***March Madness
R3-12919Gibson, Blake10TRUE7-8yrs Adv/Int BysSummer Brawl
R3-12922Shamosh, Joseph45TRUEBB 18-34yrs Men***March Madness
R3-12922Shamosh, Joseph15FALSEBB 18-34yrs MenKing of the Ring
R3-12922Shamosh, Joseph15FALSEBB 18-34yrs MenSummer Gauntlet
R3-12928Henry, Antonio20TRUEBys Int/Nv13-14MA Mayhem
R3-12928Henry, Antonio40TRUEBys Int/Nv13-14DeCore Elite Nationals
R3-12928Henry, Antonio15TRUEBys Int/Nv13-14Summer Gauntlet
R3-12934Ponton, Lisa15FALSEBB wmenSummer Gauntlet
R3-12934Ponton, Lisa30FALSEBB wmen**Ultimate Challenge
R3-12937Brink, Jesse10FALSEBys Blk Blt 13-17Battle of Warriors
R3-12940Davis, Rosemarie10FALSEAdv Wmen 18+DeCore Elite Nationals
R3-12940Davis, Rosemarie10TRUEAdv Wmen 18+Summer Brawl
R3-12941Cook, Riley10TRUEBys Adv13-14King of the Ring
R3-12941Cook, Riley30TRUEBys Adv13-14DeCore Elite Nationals
R3-12941Cook, Riley15TRUEBys Adv13-14Summer Gauntlet
R3-12942Tyler, Tori15TRUE7-8yrs Adv/Int GrlKing of the Ring
R3-12943Badorrek, Ryan30FALSEBB 18-34yrs MenDeCore Elite Nationals
R3-12943Badorrek, Ryan30FALSEBB 18-34yrs Men**Ultimate Challenge
R3-12943Badorrek, Ryan15FALSEBB 18-34yrs MenSummer Brawl
R3-12949Brown, DeLancia20TRUEGls Int/Nv13-17Battle of Warriors
R3-12949Brown, DeLancia24TRUEGls Int/Nv13-17***March Madness
R3-12949Brown, DeLancia10TRUEGls Int/Nv13-17King of the Ring
R3-12949Brown, DeLancia30TRUEGls Int/Nv13-17DeCore Elite Nationals
R3-12949Brown, DeLancia20TRUEGls Int/Nv13-17Summer Gauntlet
R3-12949Brown, DeLancia30TRUEGls Int/Nv13-17**Ultimate Challenge
R3-12955Roesel, Carter15TRUE9-10 Int/Nov BysKing of the Ring
R3-12955Roesel, Carter30TRUE7-8yrs Adv/Int BysDeCore Elite Nationals
R3-12957Rhea, Jeremiah15FALSEBys Int/Nv13-14Battle of Warriors
R3-12957Rhea, Jeremiah15FALSEBys Int/Nv13-14MA Mayhem
R3-12957Rhea, Jeremiah10TRUEBys Int/Nv13-14King of the Ring
R3-12957Rhea, Jeremiah40TRUEBys Int/Nv13-14DeCore Elite Nationals
R3-12957Rhea, Jeremiah15TRUEBys Int/Nv13-14Summer Brawl
R3-12967Stanley, Avery10TRUE9-12 Adv GlsBattle of Warriors
R3-12967Stanley, Avery8TRUE9-12 Adv GlsMA Mayhem
R3-12967Stanley, Avery16TRUE9-10 Int/Nov GlsDeCore Elite Nationals
R3-12967Stanley, Avery15TRUE9-10 Int/Nov GlsSummer Gauntlet
R3-12967Stanley, Avery45FALSE9-10 Int/Nov Gls***PKC Intl Chmps
R3-12967Stanley, Avery45TRUE9-10 Int/Nov Gls***SMASH
R3-12968Clark, Andrew (Andy)15TRUE7-8 Nov BysBattle of Warriors
R3-12968Clark, Andrew (Andy)24TRUE7-8 Nov Bys***March Madness
R3-12968Clark, Andrew (Andy)20TRUE7-8 Nov BysMA Mayhem
R3-12968Clark, Andrew (Andy)8TRUE7-8 Nov BysKing of the Ring
R3-12969Nicoletti, Alexander30FALSEBys Blk Blt 13-17DeCore Elite Nationals
R3-12969Nicoletti, Alexander10FALSEBys Blk Blt 13-17Summer Brawl
R3-12971Savon, Matthew60TRUE7-8 Nov Bys***March Madness
R3-12971Savon, Matthew10TRUE7-8 Nov BysMA Mayhem
R3-12971Savon, Matthew16TRUE7-8 Nov BysDeCore Elite Nationals
R3-12972Savon, Kailey10FALSE6yr & under Ad/Nv B/GMA Mayhem
R3-12973Hawthorne, Briella20TRUE7-8 Nov GrlBattle of Warriors
R3-12973Hawthorne, Briella45TRUE7-8 Nov Grl***March Madness
R3-12973Hawthorne, Briella15TRUE7-8 Nov GrlMA Mayhem
R3-12973Hawthorne, Briella20TRUE6yr & under Ad/Nv B/GDeCore Elite Nationals
R3-12973Hawthorne, Briella20TRUE6yr & under Ad/Nv B/GSummer Gauntlet
R3-12973Hawthorne, Briella15TRUE6yr & under Ad/Nv B/GSummer Brawl
R3-12974LaGroux, Liam10TRUE9-10 Int/Nov BysBattle of Warriors
R3-12974LaGroux, Liam15TRUE9-10 Int/Nov BysMA Mayhem
R3-12974LaGroux, Liam8TRUE7-8yrs Adv/Int BysKing of the Ring
R3-12974LaGroux, Liam20TRUE7-8yrs Adv/Int BysDeCore Elite Nationals
R3-12975Zaslavskiy, Anthony30TRUE9-10 Int/Nov Bys**Ultimate Challenge
R3-12975Zaslavskiy, Anthony8TRUE9-10 Int/Nov BysSummer Brawl
R3-12977DiGiacomo, Marianna30TRUE9-10 Int/Nov Gls***March Madness
R3-12977DiGiacomo, Marianna10TRUE7-8 Nov GrlKing of the Ring
R3-12977DiGiacomo, Marianna20TRUE7-8 Nov Grl**Ultimate Challenge
R3-12977DiGiacomo, Marianna5FALSEInt/Nov Wmen 18yrs+Summer Brawl
R3-12978DiGiacomo, Mark30TRUEInt/Nov Men18+***March Madness
R3-12978DiGiacomo, Mark15TRUEInt/Nov Men18+King of the Ring
R3-12979Wilson, Austin8TRUE9-10 Int/Nov BysBattle of Warriors
R3-12979Wilson, Austin15TRUE9-10 Int/Nov BysKing of the Ring
R3-12979Wilson, Austin30TRUE9-10 Int/Nov BysDeCore Elite Nationals
R3-12979Wilson, Austin20TRUE9-10 Int/Nov BysSummer Gauntlet
R3-12979Wilson, Austin20TRUE9-10 Int/Nov BysSummer Brawl
R3-12982Redmond, Landon15TRUE9-10 Int/Nov BysBattle of Warriors
R3-12982Redmond, Landon10TRUE9-10 Int/Nov BysMA Mayhem
R3-12983Reiter, Carver8TRUE7-8 Nov BysBattle of Warriors
R3-12983Reiter, Carver10TRUE7-8 Nov BysSummer Gauntlet
R3-12984Adams, Rylee10TRUE9-10 Int/Nov GlsBattle of Warriors
R3-12987Jones, Jamall45TRUEBys Int/Nv13-14***March Madness
R3-12987Jones, Jamall20TRUEBys Int/Nv13-14King of the Ring
R3-12987Jones, Jamall16TRUEBys Int/Nv13-14DeCore Elite Nationals
R3-12987Jones, Jamall15FALSEBys Int/Nv13-14Summer Gauntlet
R3-12988Mosley, Calypso20TRUE7-8 Nov GrlKing of the Ring
R3-12988Mosley, Calypso30TRUE7-8 Nov GrlDeCore Elite Nationals
R3-12988Mosley, Calypso20TRUE7-8 Nov GrlSummer Gauntlet
R3-12988Mosley, Calypso30TRUE7-8 Nov Grl**Ultimate Challenge
R3-12989Mosley Jr., Steffon40TRUE11-12 In/Nv BysDeCore Elite Nationals
R3-12989Mosley Jr., Steffon40TRUE11-12 In/Nv Bys**Ultimate Challenge
R3-12990Mosley Sr., Steffon10TRUEInt/Nov Men18+King of the Ring
R3-12990Mosley Sr., Steffon40TRUEInt/Nov Men18+DeCore Elite Nationals
R3-12990Mosley Sr., Steffon20TRUEInt/Nov Men18+Summer Gauntlet
R3-12990Mosley Sr., Steffon30TRUEInt/Nov Men18+**Ultimate Challenge
R3-12992Breznak, Izabella15TRUE6yr & under Ad/Nv B/GSummer Gauntlet
R3-12998Walker, Zachary60TRUE9-10 Adv Bys***Smash
R3-12998Walker, Zachary60TRUE9-10 Adv Bys***March Madness
R3-12998Walker, Zachary15FALSE9-10 Adv BysKing of the Ring
R3-12998Walker, Zachary40TRUE9-10 Adv BysDeCore Elite Nationals
R3-12998Walker, Zachary15FALSE9-10 Adv BysSummer Gauntlet
R3-12998Walker, Zachary45TRUE7-8yrs Adv/Int Bys***PKC Intl Chmps
R3-12998Walker, Zachary16TRUE7-8yrs Adv/Int Bys**Ultimate Challenge
R3-13000LaGroux, Gavyn8TRUE11-12 In/Nv BysBattle of Warriors
R3-13000LaGroux, Gavyn8TRUE11-12 In/Nv BysMA Mayhem
R3-13000LaGroux, Gavyn15FALSE11-12 In/Nv BysKing of the Ring
R3-13000LaGroux, Gavyn20TRUE11-12 In/Nv BysDeCore Elite Nationals
R3-13000LaGroux, Gavyn15FALSE11-12 In/Nv BysSummer Gauntlet
R3-13001Byrne, James8TRUE9-10 Int/Nov BysKing of the Ring
R3-13001Byrne, James15TRUE9-10 Int/Nov BysSummer Gauntlet
R3-13001Byrne, James16TRUE9-10 Int/Nov Bys**Ultimate Challenge
R3-13005Plough, Neve10TRUE9-10 Int/Nov GlsSummer Gauntlet
R3-13006Warner, John15FALSEBrn/Av Men18+Battle of Warriors
R3-13006Warner, John30TRUEBrn/Av Men18+***March Madness
R3-13006Warner, John15TRUEBrn/Av Men18+MA Mayhem
R3-13006Warner, John5FALSEBrn/Av Men18+King of the Ring
R3-13007Schultz, Daniel15FALSEInt/Nov Men18+Battle of Warriors
R3-13007Schultz, Daniel45TRUEInt/Nov Men18+***March Madness
R3-13007Schultz, Daniel8TRUEInt/Nov Men18+King of the Ring
R3-13007Schultz, Daniel20TRUEInt/Nov Men18+DeCore Elite Nationals
R3-13009Osborne, Zackary5FALSEBys Int/Nv13-14Battle of Warriors
R3-13009Osborne, Zackary24TRUEBys Int/Nv13-14***March Madness
R3-13009Osborne, Zackary15TRUEBys Int/Nv13-14King of the Ring
R3-13010Fischer, Derrick15FALSE6yr & under Beg B/GMA Mayhem
R3-13010Fischer, Derrick15FALSE6yr & under Beg B/GKing of the Ring
R3-13011Spellman, Cyrus24TRUE9-10 Int/Nov Bys***March Madness
R3-13013McGuire, Charlotte20TRUE9-10 Int/Nov GlsBattle of Warriors
R3-13013McGuire, Charlotte60TRUE9-10 Int/Nov Gls***March Madness
R3-13013McGuire, Charlotte15TRUE9-10 Int/Nov GlsMA Mayhem
R3-13013McGuire, Charlotte20TRUE9-10 Int/Nov GlsKing of the Ring
R3-13014Parr, Carl15FALSEBrn/Av Men18+Battle of Warriors
R3-13014Parr, Carl45FALSEBrn/Av Men18+***March Madness
R3-13014Parr, Carl15FALSEBrn/Av Men18+MA Mayhem
R3-13015Martinez, Elaina45FALSE9-12 Adv Gls***Smash
R3-13015Martinez, Elaina30TRUE9-12 Adv Gls***March Madness
R3-13015Martinez, Elaina20TRUE9-12 Adv GlsMA Mayhem
R3-13016Martinez, Anya45FALSE7-8yrs Adv/Int Grl***Smash
R3-13016Martinez, Anya60TRUE7-8yrs Adv/Int Grl***March Madness
R3-13016Martinez, Anya20TRUE7-8yrs Adv/Int GrlMA Mayhem
R3-13017Martinez, Illyana60TRUE6yr & under Ad/Nv B/G***March Madness
R3-13017Martinez, Illyana15FALSE6yr & under Ad/Nv B/GMA Mayhem
R3-13018Cole, Connor15TRUE11-12 In/Nv BysMA Mayhem
R3-13019Harper, Aurora10FALSEGls Int/Nv13-17MA Mayhem
R3-13020Jurich, Barbara15FALSEAdv Wmen 18+MA Mayhem
R3-13021Parilla, Jackson8TRUE7-8 Nov BysMA Mayhem
R3-13024Carr, Katrina20TRUE11-12 Int/Nov GlsBattle of Warriors
R3-13024Carr, Katrina20TRUE11-12 Int/Nov GlsMA Mayhem
R3-13025Stalnaker, Elijah10FALSEBys Adv13-14Battle of Warriors
R3-13025Stalnaker, Elijah10TRUE11-12 In/Nv BysMA Mayhem
R3-13026Stalnaker, Rain15TRUE11-12 Int/Nov GlsBattle of Warriors
R3-13026Stalnaker, Rain8TRUE11-12 Int/Nov GlsMA Mayhem
R3-13034Clemens, Cullen20TRUE9-10 Int/Nov BysBattle of Warriors
R3-13034Clemens, Cullen20TRUE9-10 Int/Nov BysMA Mayhem
R3-13038Smith, Zachary10FALSEBys Blk Blt 13-17MA Mayhem
R3-13040Jacobs, Maya15TRUEGls Int/Nv13-17Battle of Warriors
R3-13040Jacobs, Maya15TRUEGls Int/Nv13-17MA Mayhem
R3-13045Nelson, Harper10TRUE7-8 Nov GrlBattle of Warriors
R3-13046Shultz, Sophia15FALSE6yr & under Ad/Nv B/GBattle of Warriors
R3-13051Williams, Tristian8TRUE9-10 Int/Nov BysBattle of Warriors
R3-13052Stockmaster, Cole10FALSE12(-) Blk BysBattle of Warriors
R3-13055Gordon, Riley15TRUE11-12 Int/Nov GlsBattle of Warriors
R3-13055Gordon, Riley60TRUE11-12 Int/Nov Gls***March Madness
R3-13056Powell, Lainey10TRUE11-12 Int/Nov GlsBattle of Warriors
R3-13061Hawari, Muna15FALSEInt/Nov Wmen 18yrs+Battle of Warriors
R3-6962Thompson, Benjamin10FALSEBB 18-34yrs MenSummer Brawl
R4-13697Geertson, Ella45TRUEGls Blk Blt13-17***March Madness
R4-13730Lobaugh, Jasmine30TRUEGls Adv13-17***March Madness
R4-13730Lobaugh, Jasmine20TRUEGls Adv13-17MA Mayhem
R4-13730Lobaugh, Jasmine8TRUEGls Adv13-17Summer Brawl
R4-13804Viola, Gabby60TRUE12(-) Blk Grls***March Madness
R4-13804Viola, Gabby15FALSE9-12 Adv GlsSummer Brawl
R4-13805Lobaugh, Laila15TRUE7-8yrs Adv/Int GrlMA Mayhem
R5-12070Bossong, Dwight30TRUEMen BB 35-42yrs***Smash
R5-12070Bossong, Dwight30TRUEMen BB 35-42yrs1st PKC Region 2
R5-12070Bossong, Dwight20TRUEMen BB 35-42yrsUSAMA Intls.