Kata Final Season Ratings

These are the 2018-2019 PKC National Final Season Ratings. The season begins July 1st and ended June 30th. The National Awards Banquet to honor the Top Ten Champions in each division will be held at the PKC International Karate Championships in Indianapolis over Labor Day Weekend.

Your final placement is noted below, all Top Ten winners have also been mailed notification.

Suggestion: Search by division to view current place, search by name or PKC ID to view detail records of points accumulated over all events.

PKC ID#"*"NameD-totC-totInstructorDivision
R2-132981Culpepper II, Randy135135Bethea, EddieBB Men Mstrs 35+
R3-122571Bukala, Michael114114Bukala, MichaelBB Men Mstrs 35+
R2-68011Kirby, Christopher8383Kirby, ChristopherBB Men Mstrs 35+
R2-44671Davidson, Jeff6060Davidson, JeffBB Men Mstrs 35+
R4-136641Rivera, Jose6060Duga, EdwardBB Men Mstrs 35+
R1-30651Venson, Reginald4040VensonBB Men Mstrs 35+
R5-120701Bossong, Dwight3030Wagner, BurleyBB Men Mstrs 35+
R2-27991Stephan, Matthew2020Bowles, RobertBB Men Mstrs 35+
R2-36721Belot, Mike1010Bowles, RobertBB Men Mstrs 35+
R2-134881Henry, Steven105105Bailey, TerryBB Men 43yrs+
R4-137081Swaby, Milton6565Cortazzo, AnthonyBB Men 43yrs+
R4-137771Kabasinski, Len5050Arrington, BrianBB Men 43yrs+
R3-125321Nieves, Edwin Samuel4040Nieves, SamuelBB Men 43yrs+
R4-137651Rainey, Mark3232Miller, GrantBB Men 43yrs+
R3-127441Edwards, Jack1010Edwards, JackBB Men 43yrs+
R2-126971Slattman, Jeffrey55Franz, StevenBB Men 43yrs+
R3-126491Sneddon, Daniel125125Buker, DaveMen BB 35-42yrs
R3-123711McDonough, Justin100100Janes, DennisMen BB 35-42yrs
R1-127861Claybrook, Damion6161VensonMen BB 35-42yrs
R2-19601Brading, Derek6060Bethea, EddieMen BB 35-42yrs
R7-140431Ruth, Charles4949Ruth, CharlesMen BB 35-42yrs
R3-125681Greene, Da'Ronn4545Charlillo, FrankMen BB 35-42yrs
R3-126471McLaughlin, Chris4242McLaughlin, ChrisMen BB 35-42yrs
R3-20411Flask, Joe3838McCutcheon, DaleMen BB 35-42yrs
R1-126841Winner, Daniel1010Ric BeachMen BB 35-42yrs
R2-42771Kirby, Patrick170170Kirby, ChristopherBB 18-34yrs Men
R3-128331Borosky, Ralph5656Tittle, RoyBB 18-34yrs Men
R3-127661Cironi, Joseph5555McCutcheon, DaleBB 18-34yrs Men
R2-79611Sartino, Luke4545Adamson, DougBB 18-34yrs Men
R3-69621Thompson, Benjamin4545Tittle, RoyBB 18-34yrs Men
R1-121831Cooley, Michael4040VensonBB 18-34yrs Men
R1-126621Walker, Kevin4040Tony YoungBB 18-34yrs Men
R2-125271Ables, Tyler3636Ables, SteveBB 18-34yrs Men
R3-122231Davis, Richard (RJ)3030Janes, DennisBB 18-34yrs Men
R3-121111Snodgrass, Christopher1515Harris, LeeBB 18-34yrs Men
R3-127291Viets, Daniel1010McLaughlin, ChrisBB 18-34yrs Men
R2-128131Edington, Matt1010Franz, StevenBB 18-34yrs Men
R3-122501Fickes, Amy108108Buker, DaveBB 35yrs+ wmen
R2-45551Davidson, Maureen8484Davidson, JeffBB 35yrs+ wmen
R7-180431Whited, Sedita6060Hardin, MatthewBB 35yrs+ wmen
R1-122831Greene, Sheiry5050VensonBB 35yrs+ wmen
R2-128851Schaefer (Crago), Dixie3131Davenport, LarryBB 35yrs+ wmen
R1-30641Williams-Venson, La-Toya3030VensonBB 35yrs+ wmen
R1-120431Harris, Rochelle3030VensonBB 35yrs+ wmen
R2-134571Craft, Linda1010Recupido, DonBB 35yrs+ wmen
R2-42781Kirby-Sandoe, Michelle9090Kirby, ChristopherBB Wmn18-34
R3-129101Berkheimer, Carolyn1515Janes, DennisBB Wmn18-34
R3-123401Valentine, Angel1010Harris, LeeBB Wmn18-34
R1-119141Venson, Elias215215VensonBrn/Av Men18+
R3-126601Rashid, Atallah9595Nieves, SamuelBrn/Av Men18+
R3-128581Weiss, Dan7575Smith, BonnieBrn/Av Men18+
R3-127122Winger, Blaine50130Buker, DaveBrn/Av Men18+
R7-132631Watson, John4545Davis, TerrellBrn/Av Men18+
R3-127792Cain, Jason3054McCutcheon, DaleBrn/Av Men18+
R2-133751Kilgore, Douglas2424Franz, StevenBrn/Av Men18+
R2-123291Kirby, Caiden2323Kirby, ChristopherBrn/Av Men18+
R3-127881Seidner, Jeffrey1818McLaughlin, ChrisBrn/Av Men18+
R2-134821Blade, Corey1515Miller, NathanBrn/Av Men18+
R3-127271Finnegin, John1010McLaughlin, ChrisBrn/Av Men18+
R2-136301Hatfield, Kenneth1010Michael, DonnieBrn/Av Men18+
R3-127122Winger, Blaine80130Buker, DaveInt/Nov Men18+
R3-128371Potter, Michael7070Smith, BonnieInt/Nov Men18+
R2-135511Scrivner, Anthony4040Culpepper, RandyInt/Nov Men18+
R7-184151Wood, Shawn3030Starks, RobInt/Nov Men18+
R5-120831Tsourouktzis, Markos3030Cantrell, Freddie & LibbyInt/Nov Men18+
R2-135881Coomer, James3030Murkison, BrianInt/Nov Men18+
R2-135461Weller, Craig3030Ables, SteveInt/Nov Men18+
R3-128471Makar, John2828Buker, DaveInt/Nov Men18+
R3-129071Houllette, Darrin2828McLaughlin, ChrisInt/Nov Men18+
R3-127792Cain, Jason2454McCutcheon, DaleInt/Nov Men18+
R2-131381Bragg Jr., Gary1515Kirby, ChristopherInt/Nov Men18+
R2-134811Blade, Rachel6060Hernly, VinceAdv Wmen 18+
R3-128851Grimwood, Breanna5656Grimwood, GarryAdv Wmen 18+
R2-89411Bradford, Jennifer5555Bowles, RobertAdv Wmen 18+
R3-127491Raumberger, Kathleen3434Edwards, JackAdv Wmen 18+
R5-120781Bossong, Sunaina3030Bossong, DwightAdv Wmen 18+
R2-133102Singleton, Samantha1580Ables, SteveAdv Wmen 18+
R7-190202Easley, Cotaco1525Nutter, BrianAdv Wmen 18+
R3-128621Janes, DeAnna1010Janes, DennisAdv Wmen 18+
R2-134631Betzner, Kylie1010Michael, DonnieAdv Wmen 18+
R3-125841Cottrill, Sierra1010McLaughlin, ChrisAdv Wmen 18+
R1-127711Berry-Gray, Tesia8585VensonInt/Nov Wmen 18yrs+
R3-129061Coy, Taylor7575Buker, DaveInt/Nov Wmen 18yrs+
R2-133102Singleton, Samantha6580Ables, SteveInt/Nov Wmen 18yrs+
R1-128431Lewis, Stephanie3030VensonInt/Nov Wmen 18yrs+
R3-128361Potter, Jennifer3030Smith, BonnieInt/Nov Wmen 18yrs+
R2-133271Worland, Carrie1515Michael, DonnieInt/Nov Wmen 18yrs+
R3-128241Nelson, Andrea1515McCutcheon, DaleInt/Nov Wmen 18yrs+
R7-190202Easley, Cotaco1025Nutter, BrianInt/Nov Wmen 18yrs+
R2-124651Roehlk, Skyler200200Piper, KennethBys Blk Blt 13-17
R3-124881Arroyo, Anthony134134Janes, DennisBys Blk Blt 13-17
R2-135601Cole, Dylan6565Culpepper, RandyBys Blk Blt 13-17
R7-160371Minano, Shawn3030Esz, GregBys Blk Blt 13-17
R3-126051Mollenkopf, Cooper2626McLaughlin, ChrisBys Blk Blt 13-17
R1-126601Smith, Akil2020Tony YoungBys Blk Blt 13-17
R3-125211Calton, Evan1515DeCore, JamesBys Blk Blt 13-17
R3-124961Maughan, Joey88Buker, DaveBys Blk Blt 13-17
R1-117941White, Marshawn100100VensonBys Adv15-17
R7-130571Hankins, Elijah6060Haines, Roger/Allen, SteveBys Adv15-17
R3-129011Mikes, Nicholas3434Tittle, RoyBys Adv15-17
R1-126192Golod, Tyler2439Nettles, JohnBys Adv15-17
R7-170051Daugherty, Joseph1515Daugherty, MitchellBys Adv15-17
R2-130631Brantley, Justin1010Ables, SteveBys Adv15-17
R2-127271Edison, Matthew120120Kirby, ChristopherBys Int/Nv15-17
R2-135591Davis, Lucas5555Culpepper, RandyBys Int/Nv15-17
R2-134541Weller, Rayden5454Ables, SteveBys Int/Nv15-17
R4-137641Frazier, Asher2020Barton, JohnBys Int/Nv15-17
R2-135561Sechrest, Brodie1818Culpepper, RandyBys Int/Nv15-17
R3-127042Rai, Anmol30125Charlillo, FrankBys Adv13-14
R4-136941Barbieri, Anthony2424Caliguri, FrankBys Adv13-14
R3-125581Bacho, William2020Buker, DaveBys Adv13-14
R1-126192Golod, Tyler1539Nettles, JohnBys Adv13-14
R7-170061Daugherty, Jackson55Daugherty, MitchellBys Adv13-14
R2-134171Lowry, Ming121121Ables, SteveBys Int/Nv13-14
R1-126061Parker, Robert105105VensonBys Int/Nv13-14
R3-127042Rai, Anmol95125Charlillo, FrankBys Int/Nv13-14
R2-127281Binder, Eric8080Kirby, ChristopherBys Int/Nv13-14
R1-127612Nayyar, Balin6075Nettles, JohnBys Int/Nv13-14
R7-156421Skinner, Jeremiah6060Haines, Roger/Allen, SteveBys Int/Nv13-14
R3-127332Szklarz, Ethan45100Nieves, SamuelBys Int/Nv13-14
R2-135541Fisher, George4141Culpepper, RandyBys Int/Nv13-14
R2-131371Bragg, Payden3030Kirby, ChristopherBys Int/Nv13-14
R1-122851Greene, Morpheus3030VensonBys Int/Nv13-14
R3-128571Franklin, Nathan2020McLaughlin, ChrisBys Int/Nv13-14
R1-126531Alexander, Jeremiah2020Tony YoungBys Int/Nv13-14
R1-127671Marsh, Elija2020Tony YoungBys Int/Nv13-14
R1-126551Burney, Waymon1616Tony YoungBys Int/Nv13-14
R1-120351Harvey-Venson, Alexis165165VensonGls Blk Blt13-17
R3-126101Macklin, Brooklyn110110Nieves, SamuelGls Blk Blt13-17
R2-130622LaMons, Emma85115Bethea, EddieGls Blk Blt13-17
R7-128371Chism, Elizabeth4545Chukwueneka, KamauGls Blk Blt13-17
R2-135551Culpepper, Summer3333Culpepper, RandyGls Blk Blt13-17
R3-124151Menchaca, Madalaine3030Janes, DennisGls Blk Blt13-17
R1-127881Frith, Gina1515PedrickGls Blk Blt13-17
R1-126451Venson, Gabrielle108108VensonGls Adv13-17
R3-126391Weiss, Danielle105105Smith, BonnieGls Adv13-17
R3-127671Cironi, Victoria8585McCutcheon, DaleGls Adv13-17
R1-126861Agrawal, Nikita5555Nettles, JohnGls Adv13-17
R2-135691Sargent, Tara5555Culpepper, RandyGls Adv13-17
R2-133781Kilgore, Danielle4545Franz, StevenGls Adv13-17
R3-126451Azar, Miya4040Charlillo, FrankGls Adv13-17
R2-130622LaMons, Emma30115Bethea, EddieGls Adv13-17
R1-127931Niemeier, Reina2020PedrickGls Adv13-17
R3-125931Zidian, Jillian2020Buker, DaveGls Adv13-17
R7-129871Hankins, Adonijah1515Haines, Roger/Allen, SteveGls Adv13-17
R7-140521Raheem, Ashanti1010Raheem, KhalidGls Adv13-17
R3-127931Strbac, Jelena120120Charlillo, FrankGls Int/Nv13-17
R3-127251Abood, Abby7676Charlillo, FrankGls Int/Nv13-17
R3-127871Wood, Kerrigan5858Nieves, SamuelGls Int/Nv13-17
R2-135711McHenry, Alex5555Culpepper, RandyGls Int/Nv13-17
R1-126461Venson, Kaliyah4545VensonGls Int/Nv13-17
R1-127251Williams, Folasade4444Hercle BrownGls Int/Nv13-17
R3-125871Quintanilla, Jessenia4040Nieves, SamuelGls Int/Nv13-17
R2-132461Singleton, Alex4040Ables, SteveGls Int/Nv13-17
R3-128221Duncan, Emma3232McLaughlin, ChrisGls Int/Nv13-17
R3-126631Taylor, Jaylah3232Nieves, SamuelGls Int/Nv13-17
R3-127191Robinson, Tianna2020Charlillo, FrankGls Int/Nv13-17
R7-139791Trammell, Lee'Shell1515Haines, Roger/Allen, SteveGls Int/Nv13-17
R7-173201Jones, Mashayla1515Haines, Roger/Allen, SteveGls Int/Nv13-17
R1-127381Stuckey, Mariah1010Hercle BrownGls Int/Nv13-17
R7-173331Hankins, Dianna88Haines, Roger/Allen, SteveGls Int/Nv13-17
R2-134222Purnell, Pashence878Hernly, VinceGls Int/Nv13-17
R3-127561Hamilton, Greg6161Edwards, Jack12(-) Blk Bys
R3-127451Edwards, Gavin4848Edwards, Jack12(-) Blk Bys
R2-134861Payton, Keyan4040Adamson, Peter12(-) Blk Bys
R2-134891Green, Zane3030Culpepper, Randy12(-) Blk Bys
R2-134742Burchett, Carter1624Tucker, Tim12(-) Blk Bys
R1-126711Som, Vishal153153Nettles, John11-12 AdvBys
R2-134362O'Day, Riley65180St. Pierre, Steve11-12 AdvBys
R2-132952Pugh, Xavyn4585Bethea, Eddie11-12 AdvBys
R4-137331Pohl, Thomas4040Barton, John11-12 AdvBys
R1-125952Shelby, Rashad4070Venson11-12 AdvBys
R3-125421Beard, Jakeb3232McCutcheon, Dale11-12 AdvBys
R2-134081Blade, Amaziah2323Hernly, Vince11-12 AdvBys
R1-127111Delbrune, Aiden1616Tony Young11-12 AdvBys
R7-182011Preston, Michael1010Nutter, Brian11-12 AdvBys
R2-136062Huckleberry, Cooper848Tucker, Tim11-12 AdvBys
R1-127621Nayyar, Ketan155155Nettles, John11-12 In/Nv Bys
R7-173151Hankins, Victor8080Haines, Roger/Allen, Steve11-12 In/Nv Bys
R2-134701Psurny, Carter7575Franz, Steven11-12 In/Nv Bys
R3-128321Rakhmistrovskiy, Alan7070Janes, Dennis11-12 In/Nv Bys
R3-125861Negron, Randy6060Nieves, Samuel11-12 In/Nv Bys
R5-120791Gutierrez, Steve6060Bossong, Dwight11-12 In/Nv Bys
R3-127332Szklarz, Ethan55100Nieves, Samuel11-12 In/Nv Bys
R3-128281Deastlov, Thomas5050Nieves, Samuel11-12 In/Nv Bys
R7-160261Kennedy, Devlin4545Davis, Terrell11-12 In/Nv Bys
R2-135071Williamson, J.C.3434Webster, Joeal11-12 In/Nv Bys
R1-126391Smart, David2020Venson11-12 In/Nv Bys
R2-135571Vagenas, Aiden1616Culpepper, Randy11-12 In/Nv Bys
R2-135491Trueblood, Jacob1515Michael, Donnie11-12 In/Nv Bys
R1-127612Nayyar, Balin1575Nettles, John11-12 In/Nv Bys
R1-126791McKinnes, Jaylan1515Darrell Simms11-12 In/Nv Bys
R2-135501Trueblood, Jonoah1010Michael, Donnie11-12 In/Nv Bys
R2-135431Fitchpatrick, Sayre1010Ables, Steve11-12 In/Nv Bys
R3-128971Stauffer, Wyatt1010Smith, Bonnie11-12 In/Nv Bys
R1-126781Cox, Tyrique1010Darrell Simms11-12 In/Nv Bys
R2-134261Shearer-Royalty, Brice1010Ingram, Charles11-12 In/Nv Bys
R2-136011Shank, Anthony55Foreman, David11-12 In/Nv Bys
R3-125241Dillinger, Jordan168168Buker, Dave9-10 Adv Bys
R2-134362O'Day, Riley115180St. Pierre, Steve9-10 Adv Bys
R2-135421Dixon, Drew9090Piper, Kenneth9-10 Adv Bys
R7-184062Easley, Maxwell5065Nutter, Brian9-10 Adv Bys
R2-136062Huckleberry, Cooper4048Tucker, Tim9-10 Adv Bys
R2-132952Pugh, Xavyn4085Bethea, Eddie9-10 Adv Bys
R1-125952Shelby, Rashad3070Venson9-10 Adv Bys
R3-127181Byrd, Christopher1010Charlillo, Frank9-10 Adv Bys
R7-160391Marsh, Sean1010Ruth, Charles9-10 Adv Bys
R7-184081Bevins, Aaron1010Hunsucker, Harry9-10 Adv Bys
R2-134742Burchett, Carter824Tucker, Tim9-10 Adv Bys
R1-126751Stubberfield, Micah120120Nettles, John9-10 Int/Nov Bys
R3-128991Robinson, Dominic8080Tittle, Roy9-10 Int/Nov Bys
R7-190221Fortner, Landon8080Nutter, Brian9-10 Int/Nov Bys
R2-134841Heiskell, Gabriel6868Michael, Donnie9-10 Int/Nov Bys
R2-134381Booker, Braedyn4848Kirby, Christopher9-10 Int/Nov Bys
R3-129001Cole, Connor4848Tittle, Roy9-10 Int/Nov Bys
R3-127941Frame, Gage4444Charlillo, Frank9-10 Int/Nov Bys
R3-128271Blackwell, Aydin4040Nieves, Samuel9-10 Int/Nov Bys
R2-135631Collins, Blayze4040Culpepper, Randy9-10 Int/Nov Bys
R1-127141McAdams, Trayden4040Tony Young9-10 Int/Nov Bys
R3-128211Johnson, Zachary3838McLaughlin, Chris9-10 Int/Nov Bys
R1-126891McGuire, Cian3636Nettles, John9-10 Int/Nov Bys
R1-127001Crawford Jr., Joseph T.3232Venson9-10 Int/Nov Bys
R2-135531Morrison, Alec2424Culpepper, Randy9-10 Int/Nov Bys
R3-127781Brandvold, Ryan2020McCutcheon, Dale9-10 Int/Nov Bys
R2-133821Patel, Jeet1515Franz, Steven9-10 Int/Nov Bys
R1-127701Lee, Mark1515Darrell Simms9-10 Int/Nov Bys
R7-184062Easley, Maxwell1565Nutter, Brian9-10 Int/Nov Bys
R2-134691Bellaw, Abram1313Michael, Donnie9-10 Int/Nov Bys
R2-134851Anderson, Thomas1010Michael, Donnie9-10 Int/Nov Bys
R1-128391Curry, Jr., Phillip1010John Allison9-10 Int/Nov Bys
R2-135831Lahr, Lucas1010Michael, Donnie9-10 Int/Nov Bys
R2-134091Blade, Angel100100Hernly, Vince12(-) Blk Grls
R3-125821Quiggle, Angelina7070Janes, Dennis12(-) Blk Grls
R3-126931Stockmaster, Ava3030Janes, Dennis12(-) Blk Grls
R2-132533Tucker, Elizabeth860Michael, Donnie12(-) Blk Grls
R2-135221Ping, Erika8585Tucker, Tim9-12 Adv Gls
R3-127172Rogers, Alana7590Charlillo, Frank9-12 Adv Gls
R2-134222Purnell, Pashence7078Hernly, Vince9-12 Adv Gls
R7-160021Gass, Caroline6060Ruth, Charles9-12 Adv Gls
R3-126251Barnes, Maria3232Buker, Dave9-12 Adv Gls
R7-160121Pitts, Natalya3030Dillon, Fred & Celita9-12 Adv Gls
R2-135681McDanile, Kiley3030Culpepper, Randy9-12 Adv Gls
R2-132533Tucker, Elizabeth2460Michael, Donnie9-12 Adv Gls
R3-127501Wills, Adysen2020Edwards, Jack9-12 Adv Gls
R3-126681Jobes, Joslynn2020Smith, Bonnie9-12 Adv Gls
R3-127461Edwards, Penny1616Edwards, Jack9-12 Adv Gls
R3-129042Yarian, Makala1624Tittle, Roy9-12 Adv Gls
R7-190212Adams, Kelsie1020Nutter, Brian9-12 Adv Gls
R7-160381Webb, Aianna1010Ruth, Charles9-12 Adv Gls
R1-127891King, Madyson55Pedrick9-12 Adv Gls
R2-135441Kenworthy, Sophia100100Ables, Steve11-12 Int/Nov Gls
R3-127341Parravano, Angelina7575Nieves, Samuel11-12 Int/Nov Gls
R3-126291Quillen, Emma6060McCutcheon, Dale11-12 Int/Nov Gls
R4-137941Broda, Racquel4545Caliguri, Frank11-12 Int/Nov Gls
R3-128091Stanley, Adisyn3636Powers, Ed11-12 Int/Nov Gls
R2-133011Chandler, Natalie3535Kirby, Christopher11-12 Int/Nov Gls
R2-132533Tucker, Elizabeth2860Michael, Donnie11-12 Int/Nov Gls
R2-134651Powless, Paige2424Michael, Donnie11-12 Int/Nov Gls
R3-128021Parravano, Julianne2020Nieves, Samuel11-12 Int/Nov Gls
R1-127071Brown, Katelyn1515Venson11-12 Int/Nov Gls
R1-128421Brown, Payton1515Venson11-12 Int/Nov Gls
R3-129042Yarian, Makala824Tittle, Roy11-12 Int/Nov Gls
R3-128301Flores, Madilyn8080Nieves, Samuel9-10 Int/Nov Gls
R3-126581Redding, Erycka7070Nieves, Samuel9-10 Int/Nov Gls
R3-127261Potter, Bella4646Smith, Bonnie9-10 Int/Nov Gls
R2-136041Litchfield, Autumn4040Franz, Steven9-10 Int/Nov Gls
R2-136031Martin, Evelyn "Eva"3030Ables, Steve9-10 Int/Nov Gls
R3-128032Hostler, Keira3070Charlillo, Frank9-10 Int/Nov Gls
R2-135721Haigwood, Sophie2424Culpepper, Randy9-10 Int/Nov Gls
R2-132441Singleton, Kaylee2020Ables, Steve9-10 Int/Nov Gls
R7-184101Easterling, Lydia1616Schneider, Will9-10 Int/Nov Gls
R3-127172Rogers, Alana1590Charlillo, Frank9-10 Int/Nov Gls
R7-190212Adams, Kelsie1020Nutter, Brian9-10 Int/Nov Gls
R1-127461Cotton, Edward9090Venson7-8yrs Adv/Int Bys
R3-127481Sekierko, Lucian8383Edwards, Jack7-8yrs Adv/Int Bys
R3-127511Wills, Ayden6060Edwards, Jack7-8yrs Adv/Int Bys
R3-126511Sneddon, Wesley3030Buker, Dave7-8yrs Adv/Int Bys
R3-126501Sneddon, Wyatt2424Buker, Dave7-8yrs Adv/Int Bys
R3-127132Winger, Parker2080Buker, Dave7-8yrs Adv/Int Bys
R3-126882Mozzy, Thomas15100Buker, Dave7-8yrs Adv/Int Bys
R3-128841Charvat Jr., Paul88Charlillo, Frank7-8yrs Adv/Int Bys
R2-135931Font III, Timothy140140Franz, Steven7-8 Nov Bys
R1-126671Nettles IV, John130130Nettles, John7-8 Nov Bys
R3-126882Mozzy, Thomas85100Buker, Dave7-8 Nov Bys
R3-127132Winger, Parker6080Buker, Dave7-8 Nov Bys
R2-135031Brown, Jr., Timmy6060Murkison, Brian7-8 Nov Bys
R3-128261Wilson, Braydon5151Nieves, Samuel7-8 Nov Bys
R7-182221Wright, Jeremyah4545Dillon, Fred & Celita7-8 Nov Bys
R1-127091Baker, Kaysahn4040Tony Young7-8 Nov Bys
R3-128491Grimwood, Dane3030Grimwood, Garry7-8 Nov Bys
R3-127011Beard, Easton2424McCutcheon, Dale7-8 Nov Bys
R1-127631Hardaway, Jr., Jonathan2020Venson7-8 Nov Bys
R3-126552Duty, Michael1646Charlillo, Frank7-8 Nov Bys
R2-134141Shaw, Levi1010Webster, Joeal7-8 Nov Bys
R2-135641Uphaus, Braxton1010Culpepper, Randy7-8 Nov Bys
R2-136151Blessing, Aiden88Michael, Donnie7-8 Nov Bys
R2-133791Kilgore, Michelle6060Franz, Steven7-8yrs Adv/Int Grl
R3-128032Hostler, Keira4070Charlillo, Frank7-8yrs Adv/Int Grl
R7-173011Billups-Raheem, Christina1515Raheem, Khalid7-8yrs Adv/Int Grl
R5-120821Tsourouktzis, Gianna1515Cantrell, Freddie & Libby7-8yrs Adv/Int Grl
R7-182031Maples, Josie1010Hunsucker, Harry7-8yrs Adv/Int Grl
R7-160401Marsh, Kelly1010Ruth, Charles7-8yrs Adv/Int Grl
R3-128881Beckham, Braylee88Daniels, Dee7-8yrs Adv/Int Grl
R3-127002Duong, Chloe60125DeCore, James7-8 Nov Grl
R2-133671Sedaghat, Darya3535Michael, Donnie7-8 Nov Grl
R3-128561Hugg, Laila3030Charlillo, Frank7-8 Nov Grl
R2-135921Miller, Sydney2020Michael, Donnie7-8 Nov Grl
R1-127551Fitch, Larue125125Venson6yr & under Ad/Nv B/G
R3-127002Duong, Chloe65125DeCore, James6yr & under Ad/Nv B/G
R2-135081Netherly, Jackson6060Webster, Joeal6yr & under Ad/Nv B/G
R3-129052Grimwood, Nicole5868Grimwood, Garry6yr & under Ad/Nv B/G
R3-128951Wardrope, Chloe5050Nieves, Samuel6yr & under Ad/Nv B/G
R7-180441Gass, Christopher4545Ruth, Charles6yr & under Ad/Nv B/G
R1-127191Smith, Kai4040Tony Young6yr & under Ad/Nv B/G
R3-126552Duty, Michael3046Charlillo, Frank6yr & under Ad/Nv B/G
R1-128401Curry , Ethan1515John Allison6yr & under Ad/Nv B/G
R2-135801Heath, Hudson'1010Michael, Donnie6yr & under Ad/Nv B/G
R3-127701Sneddon, Asher112112Buker, Dave6yr & under Beg B/G
R3-128831Wright, Adam4040Buker, Dave6yr & under Beg B/G
R1-127751Hardaway, Genesis3030Venson6yr & under Beg B/G
R1-127721Crowell, Jai2020Venson6yr & under Beg B/G
R3-129052Grimwood, Nicole1068Grimwood, Garry6yr & under Beg B/G
PKC ID#NameNational PointsBonusDivisionEvent
R1-11794White, Marshawn40TRUEBys Adv15-17**TY Yr. End Natl
R1-11794White, Marshawn45TRUEBys Adv15-17***PKC Intl. Chmps
R1-11794White, Marshawn15TRUEBys Adv15-17Haynes Apperson
R1-11914Venson, Elias40TRUEBrn/Av Men18+**TY Yr. End Natl
R1-11914Venson, Elias60TRUEBrn/Av Men18+***Triple Crown
R1-11914Venson, Elias15FALSEBrn/Av Men18+Tradititional Warrior
R1-11914Venson, Elias60TRUEBrn/Av Men18+***PKC Intl. Chmps
R1-11914Venson, Elias30FALSEBrn/Av Men18+**Wade Memorial
R1-11914Venson, Elias10TRUEBrn/Av Men18+Haynes Apperson
R1-12035Harvey-Venson, Alexis40TRUEGls Blk Blt13-17**TY Yr. End Natl
R1-12035Harvey-Venson, Alexis45TRUEGls Blk Blt13-17***Triple Crown
R1-12035Harvey-Venson, Alexis60TRUEGls Blk Blt13-17***PKC Intl. Chmps
R1-12035Harvey-Venson, Alexis20TRUEGls Blk Blt13-17United Open
R1-12043Harris, Rochelle30FALSEBB 35yrs+ wmen**TY Yr. End Natl
R1-12183Cooley, Michael10TRUEBB 18-34yrs MenHoliday Tourney
R1-12183Cooley, Michael30TRUEBB 18-34yrs Men***PKC Intl. Chmps
R1-12283Greene, Sheiry30TRUEBB 35yrs+ wmen***PKC Intl. Chmps
R1-12283Greene, Sheiry20TRUEBB 35yrs+ wmen**Wade Memorial
R1-12285Greene, Morpheus30TRUEBys Int/Nv13-14***PKC Intl. Chmps
R1-12595Shelby, Rashad40TRUE11-12 AdvBys**TY Yr. End Natl
R1-12595Shelby, Rashad30TRUE9-10 Adv Bys***PKC Intl. Chmps
R1-12606Parker, Robert40TRUEBys Int/Nv13-14**TY Yr. End Natl
R1-12606Parker, Robert45TRUEBys Int/Nv13-14***Triple Crown
R1-12606Parker, Robert20TRUEBys Int/Nv13-14United Open
R1-12619Golod, Tyler24TRUEBys Adv15-17***Triple Crown
R1-12619Golod, Tyler15TRUEBys Adv13-14Tradititional Warrior
R1-12639Smart, David20TRUE11-12 In/Nv BysUnited Open
R1-12645Venson, Gabrielle30TRUEGls Adv13-17**TY Yr. End Natl
R1-12645Venson, Gabrielle30FALSEGls Adv13-17***Triple Crown
R1-12645Venson, Gabrielle20TRUEGls Adv13-17Tradititional Warrior
R1-12645Venson, Gabrielle20TRUEGls Adv13-17United Open
R1-12645Venson, Gabrielle8TRUEGls Adv13-17Haynes Apperson
R1-12646Venson, Kaliyah45TRUEGls Int/Nv13-17***PKC Intl. Chmps
R1-12653Alexander, Jeremiah20TRUEBys Int/Nv13-14**TY Yr. End Natl
R1-12655Burney, Waymon16TRUEBys Int/Nv13-14**TY Yr. End Natl
R1-12660Smith, Akil20TRUEBys Blk Blt 13-17**TY Yr. End Natl
R1-12662Walker, Kevin40TRUEBB 18-34yrs Men**TY Yr. End Natl
R1-12667Nettles IV, John30TRUE7-8 Nov Bys**TY Yr. End Natl
R1-12667Nettles IV, John60TRUE7-8 Nov Bys***Triple Crown
R1-12667Nettles IV, John20TRUE7-8 Nov BysTradititional Warrior
R1-12667Nettles IV, John20TRUE7-8 Nov BysTN State Chmps
R1-12671Som, Vishal40TRUE11-12 AdvBys**TY Yr. End Natl
R1-12671Som, Vishal60TRUE11-12 AdvBys***Triple Crown
R1-12671Som, Vishal8TRUE11-12 AdvBysTradititional Warrior
R1-12671Som, Vishal15FALSE11-12 AdvBysTN State Chmps
R1-12671Som, Vishal30TRUE11-12 AdvBys***PKC Intl. Chmps
R1-12675Stubberfield, Micah30TRUE9-10 Int/Nov Bys**TY Yr. End Natl
R1-12675Stubberfield, Micah15TRUE9-10 Int/Nov BysTradititional Warrior
R1-12675Stubberfield, Micah15FALSE9-10 Int/Nov BysTN State Chmps
R1-12675Stubberfield, Micah60TRUE9-10 Int/Nov Bys***PKC Intl. Chmps
R1-12678Cox, Tyrique10TRUE11-12 In/Nv BysTradititional Warrior
R1-12679McKinnes, Jaylan15TRUE11-12 In/Nv BysTradititional Warrior
R1-12684Winner, Daniel10FALSEMen BB 35-42yrsTradititional Warrior
R1-12686Agrawal, Nikita45FALSEGls Adv13-17***Triple Crown
R1-12686Agrawal, Nikita10TRUEGls Adv13-17Tradititional Warrior
R1-12689McGuire, Cian16TRUE9-10 Int/Nov Bys**TY Yr. End Natl
R1-12689McGuire, Cian20TRUE9-10 Int/Nov BysTN State Chmps
R1-12700Crawford Jr., Joseph T.8TRUE9-10 Int/Nov BysTradititional Warrior
R1-12700Crawford Jr., Joseph T.24TRUE9-10 Int/Nov Bys***PKC Intl. Chmps
R1-12707Brown, Katelyn15TRUE11-12 Int/Nov GlsUnited Open
R1-12709Baker, Kaysahn40TRUE7-8 Nov Bys**TY Yr. End Natl
R1-12711Delbrune, Aiden16TRUE11-12 AdvBys**TY Yr. End Natl
R1-12714McAdams, Trayden40TRUE9-10 Int/Nov Bys**TY Yr. End Natl
R1-12719Smith, Kai40TRUE6yr & under Ad/Nv B/G**TY Yr. End Natl
R1-12725Williams, Folasade24TRUEGls Int/Nv13-17***PKC Intl. Chmps
R1-12725Williams, Folasade20TRUEGls Int/Nv13-17United Open
R1-12738Stuckey, Mariah10TRUEGls Int/Nv13-17United Open
R1-12746Cotton, Edward60TRUE7-8yrs Adv/Int Bys***Triple Crown
R1-12746Cotton, Edward10TRUE7-8yrs Adv/Int BysTradititional Warrior
R1-12746Cotton, Edward20TRUE7-8yrs Adv/Int BysUnited Open
R1-12755Fitch, Larue30TRUE6yr & under Ad/Nv B/G**TY Yr. End Natl
R1-12755Fitch, Larue60TRUE6yr & under Ad/Nv B/G***Triple Crown
R1-12755Fitch, Larue20TRUE6yr & under Ad/Nv B/GTradititional Warrior
R1-12755Fitch, Larue15TRUE6yr & under Ad/Nv B/GUnited Open
R1-12761Nayyar, Balin30TRUEBys Int/Nv13-14**TY Yr. End Natl
R1-12761Nayyar, Balin30TRUEBys Int/Nv13-14***Triple Crown
R1-12761Nayyar, Balin15TRUE11-12 In/Nv BysTN State Chmps
R1-12762Nayyar, Ketan30TRUE11-12 In/Nv Bys**TY Yr. End Natl
R1-12762Nayyar, Ketan60TRUE11-12 In/Nv Bys***Triple Crown
R1-12762Nayyar, Ketan20TRUE11-12 In/Nv BysTradititional Warrior
R1-12762Nayyar, Ketan15TRUE11-12 In/Nv BysTN State Chmps
R1-12762Nayyar, Ketan30TRUE11-12 In/Nv Bys***PKC Intl. Chmps
R1-12763Hardaway, Jr., Jonathan20TRUE7-8 Nov Bys**TY Yr. End Natl
R1-12767Marsh, Elija20TRUEBys Int/Nv13-14**TY Yr. End Natl
R1-12770Lee, Mark15TRUE9-10 Int/Nov BysTradititional Warrior
R1-12771Berry-Gray, Tesia40TRUEInt/Nov Wmen 18yrs+**TY Yr. End Natl
R1-12771Berry-Gray, Tesia15FALSEInt/Nov Wmen 18yrs+Tradititional Warrior
R1-12771Berry-Gray, Tesia30FALSEInt/Nov Wmen 18yrs+**Wade Memorial
R1-12772Crowell, Jai20TRUE6yr & under Beg B/GUnited Open
R1-12775Hardaway, Genesis30TRUE6yr & under Beg B/G**TY Yr. End Natl
R1-12786Claybrook, Damion45TRUEMen BB 35-42yrs***Triple Crown
R1-12786Claybrook, Damion16TRUEMen BB 35-42yrs**Wade Memorial
R1-12788Frith, Gina15TRUEGls Blk Blt13-17Tradititional Warrior
R1-12789King, Madyson5FALSE9-12 Adv GlsTradititional Warrior
R1-12793Niemeier, Reina20TRUEGls Adv13-17Tradititional Warrior
R1-12839Curry, Jr., Phillip10TRUE9-10 Int/Nov BysUnited Open
R1-12840Curry , Ethan15TRUE6yr & under Ad/Nv B/GUnited Open
R1-12842Brown, Payton15TRUE11-12 Int/Nov GlsUnited Open
R1-12843Lewis, Stephanie30TRUEInt/Nov Wmen 18yrs+**TY Yr. End Natl
R1-3064Williams-Venson, La-Toya30FALSEBB 35yrs+ wmen**TY Yr. End Natl
R1-3065Venson, Reginald40TRUEBB Men Mstrs 35+**TY Yr. End Natl
R2-12329Kirby, Caiden15FALSEBrn/Av Men18+Holiday Tourney
R2-12329Kirby, Caiden8TRUEBrn/Av Men18+Haynes Apperson
R2-12465Roehlk, Skyler60TRUEBys Blk Blt 13-17***Triple Crown
R2-12465Roehlk, Skyler15TRUEBys Blk Blt 13-17Holiday Tourney
R2-12465Roehlk, Skyler15TRUEBys Blk Blt 13-17Kid Benefit
R2-12465Roehlk, Skyler60TRUEBys Blk Blt 13-17***PKC Intl. Chmps
R2-12465Roehlk, Skyler30TRUEBys Blk Blt 13-17**Wade Memorial
R2-12465Roehlk, Skyler20TRUEBys Blk Blt 13-17Haynes Apperson
R2-12527Ables, Tyler8TRUEBB 18-34yrs MenHoliday Tourney
R2-12527Ables, Tyler20TRUEBB 18-34yrs Men**Wade Memorial
R2-12527Ables, Tyler8TRUEBB 18-34yrs MenHaynes Apperson
R2-12697Slattman, Jeffrey5FALSEBB Men 43yrs+Haynes Apperson
R2-12727Edison, Matthew10TRUEBys Int/Nv15-17Holiday Tourney
R2-12727Edison, Matthew20TRUEBys Int/Nv15-17Kid Benefit
R2-12727Edison, Matthew60TRUEBys Int/Nv15-17***PKC Intl. Chmps
R2-12727Edison, Matthew30TRUEBys Int/Nv15-17**Wade Memorial
R2-12728Binder, Eric30TRUEBys Int/Nv13-14***Triple Crown
R2-12728Binder, Eric20TRUEBys Int/Nv13-14Holiday Tourney
R2-12728Binder, Eric10TRUEBys Int/Nv13-14Kid Benefit
R2-12728Binder, Eric20TRUEBys Int/Nv13-14Haynes Apperson
R2-12813Edington, Matt10TRUEBB 18-34yrs MenHaynes Apperson
R2-12885Schaefer (Crago), Dixie15TRUEBB 35yrs+ wmenHoliday Tourney
R2-12885Schaefer (Crago), Dixie16TRUEBB 35yrs+ wmen**Wade Memorial
R2-13062LaMons, Emma20TRUEGls Blk Blt13-17Holiday Tourney
R2-13062LaMons, Emma20TRUEGls Blk Blt13-17Kid Benefit
R2-13062LaMons, Emma45FALSEGls Blk Blt13-17***PKC Intl. Chmps
R2-13062LaMons, Emma20TRUEGls Adv13-17**Wade Memorial
R2-13062LaMons, Emma10TRUEGls Adv13-17Haynes Apperson
R2-13063Brantley, Justin10TRUEBys Adv15-17Holiday Tourney
R2-13137Bragg, Payden15FALSEBys Int/Nv13-14Kid Benefit
R2-13137Bragg, Payden15FALSEBys Int/Nv13-14Haynes Apperson
R2-13138Bragg Jr., Gary15FALSEInt/Nov Men18+Haynes Apperson
R2-13244Singleton, Kaylee20TRUE9-10 Int/Nov Gls**Wade Memorial
R2-13246Singleton, Alex10TRUEGls Int/Nv13-17Holiday Tourney
R2-13246Singleton, Alex30TRUEGls Int/Nv13-17**Wade Memorial
R2-13253Tucker, Elizabeth8TRUE12(-) Blk GrlsHoliday Tourney
R2-13253Tucker, Elizabeth24TRUE9-12 Adv Gls***PKC Intl. Chmps
R2-13253Tucker, Elizabeth20TRUE11-12 Int/Nov Gls**Wade Memorial
R2-13253Tucker, Elizabeth8TRUE11-12 Int/Nov GlsHaynes Apperson
R2-13295Pugh, Xavyn45TRUE11-12 AdvBys***PKC Intl. Chmps
R2-13295Pugh, Xavyn40TRUE9-10 Adv Bys**Wade Memorial
R2-13298Culpepper II, Randy20TRUEBB Men Mstrs 35+Holiday Tourney
R2-13298Culpepper II, Randy60TRUEBB Men Mstrs 35+***PKC Intl. Chmps
R2-13298Culpepper II, Randy40TRUEBB Men Mstrs 35+**Wade Memorial
R2-13298Culpepper II, Randy15TRUEBB Men Mstrs 35+Haynes Apperson
R2-13301Chandler, Natalie5FALSE11-12 Int/Nov GlsKid Benefit
R2-13301Chandler, Natalie30TRUE11-12 Int/Nov Gls**Wade Memorial
R2-13310Singleton, Samantha15FALSEAdv Wmen 18+Holiday Tourney
R2-13310Singleton, Samantha45TRUEInt/Nov Wmen 18yrs+***PKC Intl. Chmps
R2-13310Singleton, Samantha20FALSEInt/Nov Wmen 18yrs+**Wade Memorial
R2-13327Worland, Carrie15FALSEInt/Nov Wmen 18yrs+Holiday Tourney
R2-13367Sedaghat, Darya20TRUE7-8 Nov GrlHoliday Tourney
R2-13367Sedaghat, Darya15TRUE7-8 Nov GrlKid Benefit
R2-13375Kilgore, Douglas24TRUEBrn/Av Men18+***PKC Intl. Chmps
R2-13378Kilgore, Danielle45TRUEGls Adv13-17***PKC Intl. Chmps
R2-13379Kilgore, Michelle15FALSE7-8yrs Adv/Int GrlKid Benefit
R2-13379Kilgore, Michelle45FALSE7-8yrs Adv/Int Grl***PKC Intl. Chmps
R2-13382Patel, Jeet15FALSE9-10 Int/Nov BysHaynes Apperson
R2-13408Blade, Amaziah8TRUE11-12 AdvBysKid Benefit
R2-13408Blade, Amaziah15TRUE11-12 AdvBysHaynes Apperson
R2-13409Blade, Angel20TRUE12(-) Blk GrlsHoliday Tourney
R2-13409Blade, Angel15TRUE12(-) Blk GrlsKid Benefit
R2-13409Blade, Angel45FALSE12(-) Blk Grls***PKC Intl. Chmps
R2-13409Blade, Angel20TRUE12(-) Blk GrlsHaynes Apperson
R2-13414Shaw, Levi10TRUE7-8 Nov BysHoliday Tourney
R2-13417Lowry, Ming8TRUEBys Int/Nv13-14Holiday Tourney
R2-13417Lowry, Ming8TRUEBys Int/Nv13-14Kid Benefit
R2-13417Lowry, Ming45TRUEBys Int/Nv13-14***PKC Intl. Chmps
R2-13417Lowry, Ming40TRUEBys Int/Nv13-14**Wade Memorial
R2-13417Lowry, Ming20TRUEBys Int/Nv13-14Haynes Apperson
R2-13422Purnell, Pashence8TRUEGls Int/Nv13-17Holiday Tourney
R2-13422Purnell, Pashence10TRUE9-12 Adv GlsKid Benefit
R2-13422Purnell, Pashence60TRUE9-12 Adv Gls***PKC Intl. Chmps
R2-13426Shearer-Royalty, Brice10TRUE11-12 In/Nv BysHoliday Tourney
R2-13436O'Day, Riley45TRUE11-12 AdvBys***Triple Crown
R2-13436O'Day, Riley20TRUE11-12 AdvBysHoliday Tourney
R2-13436O'Day, Riley15FALSE9-10 Adv BysTradititional Warrior
R2-13436O'Day, Riley20TRUE9-10 Adv BysKid Benefit
R2-13436O'Day, Riley60TRUE9-10 Adv Bys***PKC Intl. Chmps
R2-13436O'Day, Riley20TRUE9-10 Adv BysHaynes Apperson
R2-13438Booker, Braedyn20TRUE9-10 Int/Nov BysHoliday Tourney
R2-13438Booker, Braedyn8TRUE9-10 Int/Nov BysKid Benefit
R2-13438Booker, Braedyn20TRUE9-10 Int/Nov BysHaynes Apperson
R2-13454Weller, Rayden24TRUEBys Int/Nv15-17***PKC Intl. Chmps
R2-13454Weller, Rayden20TRUEBys Int/Nv15-17**Wade Memorial
R2-13454Weller, Rayden10TRUEBys Int/Nv15-17Haynes Apperson
R2-13457Craft, Linda10TRUEBB 35yrs+ wmenHoliday Tourney
R2-13463Betzner, Kylie10FALSEAdv Wmen 18+Haynes Apperson
R2-13465Powless, Paige8TRUE11-12 Int/Nov GlsKid Benefit
R2-13465Powless, Paige16TRUE11-12 Int/Nov Gls**Wade Memorial
R2-13469Bellaw, Abram8TRUE9-10 Int/Nov BysHoliday Tourney
R2-13469Bellaw, Abram5FALSE9-10 Int/Nov BysHaynes Apperson
R2-13470Psurny, Carter15TRUE11-12 In/Nv BysHoliday Tourney
R2-13470Psurny, Carter45TRUE11-12 In/Nv Bys***PKC Intl. Chmps
R2-13470Psurny, Carter15TRUE11-12 In/Nv BysHaynes Apperson
R2-13474Burchett, Carter16TRUE12(-) Blk Bys**Wade Memorial
R2-13474Burchett, Carter8TRUE9-10 Adv BysHaynes Apperson
R2-13481Blade, Rachel45TRUEAdv Wmen 18+***PKC Intl. Chmps
R2-13481Blade, Rachel15FALSEAdv Wmen 18+Haynes Apperson
R2-13482Blade, Corey15TRUEBrn/Av Men18+Haynes Apperson
R2-13484Heiskell, Gabriel20TRUE9-10 Int/Nov BysHoliday Tourney
R2-13484Heiskell, Gabriel8TRUE9-10 Int/Nov BysKid Benefit
R2-13484Heiskell, Gabriel30TRUE9-10 Int/Nov Bys***PKC Intl. Chmps
R2-13484Heiskell, Gabriel10FALSE9-10 Int/Nov BysHaynes Apperson
R2-13485Anderson, Thomas10TRUE9-10 Int/Nov BysHoliday Tourney
R2-13486Payton, Keyan40TRUE12(-) Blk Bys**Wade Memorial
R2-13488Henry, Steven60TRUEBB Men 43yrs+***PKC Intl. Chmps
R2-13488Henry, Steven30FALSEBB Men 43yrs+**Wade Memorial
R2-13488Henry, Steven15FALSEBB Men 43yrs+Haynes Apperson
R2-13489Green, Zane30TRUE12(-) Blk Bys**Wade Memorial
R2-13503Brown, Jr., Timmy45FALSE7-8 Nov Bys***Triple Crown
R2-13503Brown, Jr., Timmy15TRUE7-8 Nov BysHoliday Tourney
R2-13507Williamson, J.C.10TRUE11-12 In/Nv BysTradititional Warrior
R2-13507Williamson, J.C.24TRUE11-12 In/Nv Bys***PKC Intl. Chmps
R2-13508Netherly, Jackson60TRUE6yr & under Ad/Nv B/G***PKC Intl. Chmps
R2-13522Ping, Erika10TRUE9-12 Adv GlsKid Benefit
R2-13522Ping, Erika45TRUE9-12 Adv Gls***PKC Intl. Chmps
R2-13522Ping, Erika30TRUE9-12 Adv Gls**Wade Memorial
R2-13542Dixon, Drew15TRUE9-10 Adv BysHoliday Tourney
R2-13542Dixon, Drew45TRUE9-10 Adv Bys***PKC Intl. Chmps
R2-13542Dixon, Drew20TRUE9-10 Adv Bys**Wade Memorial
R2-13542Dixon, Drew10TRUE9-10 Adv BysHaynes Apperson
R2-13543Fitchpatrick, Sayre10TRUE11-12 In/Nv BysHoliday Tourney
R2-13544Kenworthy, Sophia20TRUE11-12 Int/Nov GlsHoliday Tourney
R2-13544Kenworthy, Sophia10FALSE11-12 Int/Nov GlsKid Benefit
R2-13544Kenworthy, Sophia30FALSE11-12 Int/Nov Gls***PKC Intl. Chmps
R2-13544Kenworthy, Sophia40TRUE11-12 Int/Nov Gls**Wade Memorial
R2-13546Weller, Craig30FALSEInt/Nov Men18+**Wade Memorial
R2-13549Trueblood, Jacob15TRUE11-12 In/Nv BysKid Benefit
R2-13550Trueblood, Jonoah10TRUE11-12 In/Nv BysKid Benefit
R2-13551Scrivner, Anthony15FALSEInt/Nov Men18+***PKC Intl. Chmps
R2-13551Scrivner, Anthony20FALSEInt/Nov Men18+**Wade Memorial
R2-13551Scrivner, Anthony5FALSEInt/Nov Men18+Haynes Apperson
R2-13553Morrison, Alec16TRUE9-10 Int/Nov Bys**Wade Memorial
R2-13553Morrison, Alec8TRUE9-10 Int/Nov BysHaynes Apperson
R2-13554Fisher, George15TRUEBys Int/Nv13-14Holiday Tourney
R2-13554Fisher, George16TRUEBys Int/Nv13-14**Wade Memorial
R2-13554Fisher, George10FALSEBys Int/Nv13-14Haynes Apperson
R2-13555Culpepper, Summer8TRUEGls Blk Blt13-17Holiday Tourney
R2-13555Culpepper, Summer10TRUEGls Blk Blt13-17Kid Benefit
R2-13555Culpepper, Summer15FALSEGls Blk Blt13-17***PKC Intl. Chmps
R2-13556Sechrest, Brodie10FALSEBys Int/Nv15-17Kid Benefit
R2-13556Sechrest, Brodie8TRUEBys Int/Nv15-17Haynes Apperson
R2-13557Vagenas, Aiden16TRUE11-12 In/Nv Bys**Wade Memorial
R2-13559Davis, Lucas40TRUEBys Int/Nv15-17**Wade Memorial
R2-13559Davis, Lucas15TRUEBys Int/Nv15-17Haynes Apperson
R2-13560Cole, Dylan15TRUEBys Blk Blt 13-17Holiday Tourney
R2-13560Cole, Dylan20TRUEBys Blk Blt 13-17Kid Benefit
R2-13560Cole, Dylan20TRUEBys Blk Blt 13-17**Wade Memorial
R2-13560Cole, Dylan10TRUEBys Blk Blt 13-17Haynes Apperson
R2-13563Collins, Blayze30TRUE9-10 Int/Nov Bys**Wade Memorial
R2-13563Collins, Blayze10TRUE9-10 Int/Nov BysHaynes Apperson
R2-13564Uphaus, Braxton10FALSE7-8 Nov BysHaynes Apperson
R2-13568McDanile, Kiley30TRUE9-12 Adv Gls***PKC Intl. Chmps
R2-13569Sargent, Tara24TRUEGls Adv13-17***PKC Intl. Chmps
R2-13569Sargent, Tara16TRUEGls Adv13-17**Wade Memorial
R2-13569Sargent, Tara15TRUEGls Adv13-17Haynes Apperson
R2-13571McHenry, Alex20TRUEGls Int/Nv13-17Holiday Tourney
R2-13571McHenry, Alex15FALSEGls Int/Nv13-17Kid Benefit
R2-13571McHenry, Alex20TRUEGls Int/Nv13-17**Wade Memorial
R2-13572Haigwood, Sophie24TRUE9-10 Int/Nov Gls***PKC Intl. Chmps
R2-13580Heath, Hudson'10FALSE6yr & under Ad/Nv B/GKid Benefit
R2-13583Lahr, Lucas10TRUE9-10 Int/Nov BysHoliday Tourney
R2-13588Coomer, James30FALSEInt/Nov Men18+***PKC Intl. Chmps
R2-13592Miller, Sydney20FALSE7-8 Nov Grl**Wade Memorial
R2-13593Font III, Timothy15FALSE7-8 Nov BysHoliday Tourney
R2-13593Font III, Timothy20TRUE7-8 Nov BysKid Benefit
R2-13593Font III, Timothy60TRUE7-8 Nov Bys***PKC Intl. Chmps
R2-13593Font III, Timothy30FALSE7-8 Nov Bys**Wade Memorial
R2-13593Font III, Timothy15FALSE7-8 Nov BysHaynes Apperson
R2-13601Shank, Anthony5TRUE11-12 In/Nv BysHaynes Apperson
R2-13603Martin, Evelyn "Eva"15TRUE9-10 Int/Nov GlsHoliday Tourney
R2-13603Martin, Evelyn "Eva"15TRUE9-10 Int/Nov GlsKid Benefit
R2-13604Litchfield, Autumn10TRUE9-10 Int/Nov GlsKid Benefit
R2-13604Litchfield, Autumn30TRUE9-10 Int/Nov Gls**Wade Memorial
R2-13606Huckleberry, Cooper8TRUE11-12 AdvBysHoliday Tourney
R2-13606Huckleberry, Cooper40TRUE9-10 Adv Bys**Wade Memorial
R2-13615Blessing, Aiden8TRUE7-8 Nov BysKid Benefit
R2-13630Hatfield, Kenneth10FALSEBrn/Av Men18+Holiday Tourney
R2-1960Brading, Derek60TRUEMen BB 35-42yrs***PKC Intl. Chmps
R2-2799Stephan, Matthew20TRUEBB Men Mstrs 35+Holiday Tourney
R2-3672Belot, Mike10TRUEBB Men Mstrs 35+Holiday Tourney
R2-4277Kirby, Patrick45FALSEBB 18-34yrs Men***Triple Crown
R2-4277Kirby, Patrick15TRUEBB 18-34yrs MenHoliday Tourney
R2-4277Kirby, Patrick60TRUEBB 18-34yrs Men***PKC Intl. Chmps
R2-4277Kirby, Patrick30TRUEBB 18-34yrs Men**Wade Memorial
R2-4277Kirby, Patrick20TRUEBB 18-34yrs MenHaynes Apperson
R2-4278Kirby-Sandoe, Michelle45TRUEBB Wmn18-34***PKC Intl. Chmps
R2-4278Kirby-Sandoe, Michelle30TRUEBB Wmn18-34**Wade Memorial
R2-4278Kirby-Sandoe, Michelle15FALSEBB Wmn18-34Haynes Apperson
R2-4467Davidson, Jeff15TRUEBB Men Mstrs 35+Holiday Tourney
R2-4467Davidson, Jeff45TRUEBB Men Mstrs 35+***PKC Intl. Chmps
R2-4555Davidson, Maureen20TRUEBB 35yrs+ wmenHoliday Tourney
R2-4555Davidson, Maureen24TRUEBB 35yrs+ wmen***PKC Intl. Chmps
R2-4555Davidson, Maureen40TRUEBB 35yrs+ wmen**Wade Memorial
R2-6801Kirby, Christopher45FALSEBB Men Mstrs 35+***Triple Crown
R2-6801Kirby, Christopher8TRUEBB Men Mstrs 35+Holiday Tourney
R2-6801Kirby, Christopher20FALSEBB Men Mstrs 35+**Wade Memorial
R2-6801Kirby, Christopher10FALSEBB Men Mstrs 35+Haynes Apperson
R2-7961Sartino, Luke45TRUEBB 18-34yrs Men***PKC Intl. Chmps
R2-8941Bradford, Jennifer10FALSEAdv Wmen 18+Holiday Tourney
R2-8941Bradford, Jennifer45TRUEAdv Wmen 18+***PKC Intl. Chmps
R3-12111Snodgrass, Christopher15TRUEBB 18-34yrs MenKing of the Ring
R3-12223Davis, Richard (RJ)30FALSEBB 18-34yrs Men**DeCore Elite
R3-12250Fickes, Amy15FALSEBB 35yrs+ wmen***Triple Crown
R3-12250Fickes, Amy8TRUEBB 35yrs+ wmenHoliday Tourney
R3-12250Fickes, Amy15FALSEBB 35yrs+ wmenKing of the Ring
R3-12250Fickes, Amy30FALSEBB 35yrs+ wmen**DeCore Elite
R3-12250Fickes, Amy30FALSEBB 35yrs+ wmen**Yes I Can! Open
R3-12250Fickes, Amy10FALSEBB 35yrs+ wmenUltimate Challenge
R3-12257Bukala, Michael15TRUEBB Men Mstrs 35+King of the Ring
R3-12257Bukala, Michael30TRUEBB Men Mstrs 35+**DeCore Elite
R3-12257Bukala, Michael15FALSEBB Men Mstrs 35+KY State Chmp
R3-12257Bukala, Michael30TRUEBB Men Mstrs 35+**Yes I Can! Open
R3-12257Bukala, Michael24FALSEBB Men Mstrs 35+***PKC Intl. Chmps
R3-12340Valentine, Angel10FALSEBB Wmn18-34King of the Ring
R3-12371McDonough, Justin20TRUEMen BB 35-42yrsKing of the Ring
R3-12371McDonough, Justin40TRUEMen BB 35-42yrs**DeCore Elite
R3-12371McDonough, Justin40TRUEMen BB 35-42yrs**Yes I Can! Open
R3-12415Menchaca, Madalaine10TRUEGls Blk Blt13-17King of the Ring
R3-12415Menchaca, Madalaine20TRUEGls Blk Blt13-17**DeCore Elite
R3-12488Arroyo, Anthony20TRUEBys Blk Blt 13-17King of the Ring
R3-12488Arroyo, Anthony40TRUEBys Blk Blt 13-17**DeCore Elite
R3-12488Arroyo, Anthony30FALSEBys Blk Blt 13-17**Yes I Can! Open
R3-12488Arroyo, Anthony24TRUEBys Blk Blt 13-17***PKC Intl. Chmps
R3-12488Arroyo, Anthony20TRUEBys Blk Blt 13-17Ultimate Challenge
R3-12496Maughan, Joey8TRUEBys Blk Blt 13-17Ultimate Challenge
R3-12521Calton, Evan15TRUEBys Blk Blt 13-17Ultimate Challenge
R3-12524Dillinger, Jordan24TRUE9-10 Adv Bys***Triple Crown
R3-12524Dillinger, Jordan10TRUE9-10 Adv BysHoliday Tourney
R3-12524Dillinger, Jordan20TRUE9-10 Adv BysKing of the Ring
R3-12524Dillinger, Jordan30TRUE9-10 Adv Bys**DeCore Elite
R3-12524Dillinger, Jordan30TRUE9-10 Adv Bys**Yes I Can! Open
R3-12524Dillinger, Jordan15TRUE9-10 Adv BysKid Benefit
R3-12524Dillinger, Jordan24TRUE9-10 Adv Bys***PKC Intl. Chmps
R3-12524Dillinger, Jordan15TRUE9-10 Adv BysUltimate Challenge
R3-12532Nieves, Edwin Samuel40TRUEBB Men 43yrs+**DeCore Elite
R3-12542Beard, Jakeb8TRUE11-12 AdvBysKing of the Ring
R3-12542Beard, Jakeb24TRUE11-12 AdvBys***PKC Intl. Chmps
R3-12558Bacho, William20TRUEBys Adv13-14**Yes I Can! Open
R3-12568Greene, Da'Ronn10TRUEMen BB 35-42yrsKing of the Ring
R3-12568Greene, Da'Ronn20TRUEMen BB 35-42yrs**DeCore Elite
R3-12568Greene, Da'Ronn15FALSEMen BB 35-42yrsUltimate Challenge
R3-12582Quiggle, Angelina30FALSE12(-) Blk Grls**DeCore Elite
R3-12582Quiggle, Angelina40TRUE12(-) Blk Grls**Yes I Can! Open
R3-12584Cottrill, Sierra10FALSEAdv Wmen 18+**Yes I Can! Open
R3-12586Negron, Randy20TRUE11-12 In/Nv BysKing of the Ring
R3-12586Negron, Randy20TRUE11-12 In/Nv Bys**DeCore Elite
R3-12586Negron, Randy20TRUE11-12 In/Nv BysUltimate Challenge
R3-12587Quintanilla, Jessenia20TRUEGls Int/Nv13-17King of the Ring
R3-12587Quintanilla, Jessenia20TRUEGls Int/Nv13-17**DeCore Elite
R3-12593Zidian, Jillian20FALSEGls Adv13-17**DeCore Elite
R3-12605Mollenkopf, Cooper8TRUEBys Blk Blt 13-17King of the Ring
R3-12605Mollenkopf, Cooper10FALSEBys Blk Blt 13-17**Yes I Can! Open
R3-12605Mollenkopf, Cooper8TRUEBys Blk Blt 13-17Ultimate Challenge
R3-12610Macklin, Brooklyn30FALSEGls Blk Blt13-17**Yes I Can! Open
R3-12610Macklin, Brooklyn60TRUEGls Blk Blt13-17***PKC Intl. Chmps
R3-12610Macklin, Brooklyn20TRUEGls Blk Blt13-17Ultimate Challenge
R3-12625Barnes, Maria8TRUE9-12 Adv GlsKing of the Ring
R3-12625Barnes, Maria16TRUE9-12 Adv Gls**DeCore Elite
R3-12625Barnes, Maria8TRUE9-12 Adv GlsUltimate Challenge
R3-12629Quillen, Emma15TRUE11-12 Int/Nov GlsKing of the Ring
R3-12629Quillen, Emma30TRUE11-12 Int/Nov Gls**Yes I Can! Open
R3-12629Quillen, Emma15TRUE11-12 Int/Nov GlsUltimate Challenge
R3-12639Weiss, Danielle60TRUEGls Adv13-17***Triple Crown
R3-12639Weiss, Danielle15TRUEGls Adv13-17King of the Ring
R3-12639Weiss, Danielle30TRUEGls Adv13-17**Yes I Can! Open
R3-12645Azar, Miya10TRUEGls Adv13-17King of the Ring
R3-12645Azar, Miya30FALSEGls Adv13-17**DeCore Elite
R3-12647McLaughlin, Chris16TRUEMen BB 35-42yrs**DeCore Elite
R3-12647McLaughlin, Chris16TRUEMen BB 35-42yrs**Yes I Can! Open
R3-12647McLaughlin, Chris10FALSEMen BB 35-42yrsUltimate Challenge
R3-12649Sneddon, Daniel30TRUEMen BB 35-42yrs***Triple Crown
R3-12649Sneddon, Daniel15TRUEMen BB 35-42yrsKing of the Ring
R3-12649Sneddon, Daniel30TRUEMen BB 35-42yrs**DeCore Elite
R3-12649Sneddon, Daniel20TRUEMen BB 35-42yrs**Yes I Can! Open
R3-12649Sneddon, Daniel30FALSEMen BB 35-42yrs***PKC Intl. Chmps
R3-12650Sneddon, Wyatt24TRUE7-8yrs Adv/Int Bys***Triple Crown
R3-12651Sneddon, Wesley30FALSE7-8yrs Adv/Int Bys***Triple Crown
R3-12655Duty, Michael16TRUE7-8 Nov Bys**Yes I Can! Open
R3-12655Duty, Michael30TRUE6yr & under Ad/Nv B/G***PKC Intl. Chmps
R3-12658Redding, Erycka10TRUE9-10 Int/Nov GlsKing of the Ring
R3-12658Redding, Erycka30FALSE9-10 Int/Nov Gls**DeCore Elite
R3-12658Redding, Erycka30FALSE9-10 Int/Nov Gls**Yes I Can! Open
R3-12660Rashid, Atallah20TRUEBrn/Av Men18+King of the Ring
R3-12660Rashid, Atallah30FALSEBrn/Av Men18+**DeCore Elite
R3-12660Rashid, Atallah30FALSEBrn/Av Men18+**Yes I Can! Open
R3-12660Rashid, Atallah15TRUEBrn/Av Men18+Ultimate Challenge
R3-12663Taylor, Jaylah16TRUEGls Int/Nv13-17**DeCore Elite
R3-12663Taylor, Jaylah16TRUEGls Int/Nv13-17**Yes I Can! Open
R3-12668Jobes, Joslynn10FALSE9-12 Adv Gls**DeCore Elite
R3-12668Jobes, Joslynn10FALSE9-12 Adv Gls**Yes I Can! Open
R3-12688Mozzy, Thomas15TRUE7-8yrs Adv/Int BysKing of the Ring
R3-12688Mozzy, Thomas40TRUE7-8 Nov Bys**Yes I Can! Open
R3-12688Mozzy, Thomas45TRUE7-8 Nov Bys***PKC Intl. Chmps
R3-12693Stockmaster, Ava30TRUE12(-) Blk Grls**Yes I Can! Open
R3-12700Duong, Chloe20TRUE7-8 Nov GrlKing of the Ring
R3-12700Duong, Chloe40TRUE7-8 Nov Grl**DeCore Elite
R3-12700Duong, Chloe20TRUE6yr & under Ad/Nv B/G**Yes I Can! Open
R3-12700Duong, Chloe45TRUE6yr & under Ad/Nv B/G***PKC Intl. Chmps
R3-12701Beard, Easton24TRUE7-8 Nov Bys***PKC Intl. Chmps
R3-12704Rai, Anmol40TRUEBys Int/Nv13-14**DeCore Elite
R3-12704Rai, Anmol40TRUEBys Int/Nv13-14**Yes I Can! Open
R3-12704Rai, Anmol30FALSEBys Adv13-14***PKC Intl. Chmps
R3-12704Rai, Anmol15TRUEBys Int/Nv13-14Ultimate Challenge
R3-12712Winger, Blaine30FALSEBrn/Av Men18+**DeCore Elite
R3-12712Winger, Blaine20TRUEBrn/Av Men18+**Yes I Can! Open
R3-12712Winger, Blaine60TRUEInt/Nov Men18+***PKC Intl. Chmps
R3-12712Winger, Blaine20TRUEInt/Nov Men18+Ultimate Challenge
R3-12713Winger, Parker20TRUE7-8yrs Adv/Int Bys**DeCore Elite
R3-12713Winger, Parker30TRUE7-8 Nov Bys**Yes I Can! Open
R3-12713Winger, Parker30TRUE7-8 Nov Bys***PKC Intl. Chmps
R3-12717Rogers, Alana15TRUE9-12 Adv GlsKing of the Ring
R3-12717Rogers, Alana20TRUE9-12 Adv Gls**DeCore Elite
R3-12717Rogers, Alana40TRUE9-12 Adv Gls**Yes I Can! Open
R3-12717Rogers, Alana15TRUE9-10 Int/Nov GlsUltimate Challenge
R3-12718Byrd, Christopher10TRUE9-10 Adv BysKing of the Ring
R3-12719Robinson, Tianna20TRUEGls Int/Nv13-17Ultimate Challenge
R3-12725Abood, Abby8TRUEGls Int/Nv13-17King of the Ring
R3-12725Abood, Abby60TRUEGls Int/Nv13-17***PKC Intl. Chmps
R3-12725Abood, Abby8TRUEGls Int/Nv13-17Ultimate Challenge
R3-12726Potter, Bella16TRUE9-10 Int/Nov Gls**DeCore Elite
R3-12726Potter, Bella20TRUE9-10 Int/Nov Gls**Yes I Can! Open
R3-12726Potter, Bella10TRUE9-10 Int/Nov GlsUltimate Challenge
R3-12727Finnegin, John10FALSEBrn/Av Men18+**DeCore Elite
R3-12729Viets, Daniel10FALSEBB 18-34yrs MenUltimate Challenge
R3-12733Szklarz, Ethan15TRUEBys Int/Nv13-14King of the Ring
R3-12733Szklarz, Ethan30TRUEBys Int/Nv13-14**DeCore Elite
R3-12733Szklarz, Ethan40TRUE11-12 In/Nv Bys**Yes I Can! Open
R3-12733Szklarz, Ethan15TRUE11-12 In/Nv BysUltimate Challenge
R3-12734Parravano, Angelina15TRUE11-12 Int/Nov GlsKing of the Ring
R3-12734Parravano, Angelina30FALSE11-12 Int/Nov Gls**DeCore Elite
R3-12734Parravano, Angelina20FALSE11-12 Int/Nov Gls**Yes I Can! Open
R3-12734Parravano, Angelina10TRUE11-12 Int/Nov GlsUltimate Challenge
R3-12744Edwards, Jack10TRUEBB Men 43yrs+Ultimate Challenge
R3-12745Edwards, Gavin10FALSE12(-) Blk BysKing of the Ring
R3-12745Edwards, Gavin10FALSE12(-) Blk Bys**DeCore Elite
R3-12745Edwards, Gavin20TRUE12(-) Blk Bys**Yes I Can! Open
R3-12745Edwards, Gavin8TRUE12(-) Blk BysUltimate Challenge
R3-12746Edwards, Penny16TRUE9-12 Adv Gls**Yes I Can! Open
R3-12748Sekierko, Lucian45FALSE7-8yrs Adv/Int Bys***Triple Crown
R3-12748Sekierko, Lucian30FALSE7-8yrs Adv/Int Bys***PKC Intl. Chmps
R3-12748Sekierko, Lucian8TRUE7-8yrs Adv/Int BysUltimate Challenge
R3-12749Raumberger, Kathleen10TRUEAdv Wmen 18+King of the Ring
R3-12749Raumberger, Kathleen16TRUEAdv Wmen 18+**Yes I Can! Open
R3-12749Raumberger, Kathleen8TRUEAdv Wmen 18+Ultimate Challenge
R3-12750Wills, Adysen20TRUE9-12 Adv Gls**Yes I Can! Open
R3-12751Wills, Ayden45FALSE7-8yrs Adv/Int Bys***PKC Intl. Chmps
R3-12751Wills, Ayden15TRUE7-8yrs Adv/Int BysUltimate Challenge
R3-12756Hamilton, Greg15FALSE12(-) Blk BysKing of the Ring
R3-12756Hamilton, Greg20FALSE12(-) Blk Bys**DeCore Elite
R3-12756Hamilton, Greg16TRUE12(-) Blk Bys**Yes I Can! Open
R3-12756Hamilton, Greg10TRUE12(-) Blk BysUltimate Challenge
R3-12766Cironi, Joseph10TRUEBB 18-34yrs MenKing of the Ring
R3-12766Cironi, Joseph30TRUEBB 18-34yrs Men**Yes I Can! Open
R3-12766Cironi, Joseph15FALSEBB 18-34yrs MenUltimate Challenge
R3-12767Cironi, Victoria15TRUEGls Adv13-17King of the Ring
R3-12767Cironi, Victoria40TRUEGls Adv13-17**Yes I Can! Open
R3-12767Cironi, Victoria30TRUEGls Adv13-17***PKC Intl. Chmps
R3-12770Sneddon, Asher45TRUE6yr & under Beg B/G***Triple Crown
R3-12770Sneddon, Asher15FALSE6yr & under Beg B/GKing of the Ring
R3-12770Sneddon, Asher10FALSE6yr & under Beg B/G**DeCore Elite
R3-12770Sneddon, Asher10FALSE6yr & under Beg B/G**Yes I Can! Open
R3-12770Sneddon, Asher24TRUE6yr & under Beg B/G***PKC Intl. Chmps
R3-12770Sneddon, Asher8TRUE6yr & under Beg B/GUltimate Challenge
R3-12778Brandvold, Ryan20TRUE9-10 Int/Nov Bys**Yes I Can! Open
R3-12779Cain, Jason10TRUEBrn/Av Men18+King of the Ring
R3-12779Cain, Jason24TRUEInt/Nov Men18+***PKC Intl. Chmps
R3-12779Cain, Jason20TRUEBrn/Av Men18+Ultimate Challenge
R3-12787Wood, Kerrigan8TRUEGls Int/Nv13-17King of the Ring
R3-12787Wood, Kerrigan20TRUEGls Int/Nv13-17**DeCore Elite
R3-12787Wood, Kerrigan30TRUEGls Int/Nv13-17**Yes I Can! Open
R3-12788Seidner, Jeffrey8TRUEBrn/Av Men18+King of the Ring
R3-12788Seidner, Jeffrey10FALSEBrn/Av Men18+**DeCore Elite
R3-12793Strbac, Jelena10TRUEGls Int/Nv13-17King of the Ring
R3-12793Strbac, Jelena30TRUEGls Int/Nv13-17**DeCore Elite
R3-12793Strbac, Jelena30TRUEGls Int/Nv13-17**Yes I Can! Open
R3-12793Strbac, Jelena30TRUEGls Int/Nv13-17***PKC Intl. Chmps
R3-12793Strbac, Jelena20TRUEGls Int/Nv13-17Ultimate Challenge
R3-12794Frame, Gage20TRUE9-10 Int/Nov Bys**DeCore Elite
R3-12794Frame, Gage16TRUE9-10 Int/Nov Bys**Yes I Can! Open
R3-12794Frame, Gage8TRUE9-10 Int/Nov BysUltimate Challenge
R3-12802Parravano, Julianne20FALSE11-12 Int/Nov Gls**DeCore Elite
R3-12803Hostler, Keira30TRUE9-10 Int/Nov Gls**Yes I Can! Open
R3-12803Hostler, Keira30FALSE7-8yrs Adv/Int Grl***PKC Intl. Chmps
R3-12803Hostler, Keira10TRUE7-8yrs Adv/Int GrlUltimate Challenge
R3-12809Stanley, Adisyn16TRUE11-12 Int/Nov Gls**DeCore Elite
R3-12809Stanley, Adisyn20TRUE11-12 Int/Nov Gls**Yes I Can! Open
R3-12821Johnson, Zachary8TRUE9-10 Int/Nov BysKing of the Ring
R3-12821Johnson, Zachary30TRUE9-10 Int/Nov Bys**DeCore Elite
R3-12822Duncan, Emma16TRUEGls Int/Nv13-17**DeCore Elite
R3-12822Duncan, Emma16TRUEGls Int/Nv13-17**Yes I Can! Open
R3-12824Nelson, Andrea15TRUEInt/Nov Wmen 18yrs+Ultimate Challenge
R3-12826Wilson, Braydon15TRUE7-8 Nov BysKing of the Ring
R3-12826Wilson, Braydon20TRUE7-8 Nov Bys**DeCore Elite
R3-12826Wilson, Braydon16TRUE7-8 Nov Bys**Yes I Can! Open
R3-12827Blackwell, Aydin40TRUE9-10 Int/Nov Bys**DeCore Elite
R3-12828Deastlov, Thomas20TRUE11-12 In/Nv BysKing of the Ring
R3-12828Deastlov, Thomas30FALSE11-12 In/Nv Bys**Yes I Can! Open
R3-12830Flores, Madilyn20TRUE9-10 Int/Nov GlsKing of the Ring
R3-12830Flores, Madilyn40TRUE9-10 Int/Nov Gls**Yes I Can! Open
R3-12830Flores, Madilyn20TRUE9-10 Int/Nov GlsUltimate Challenge
R3-12832Rakhmistrovskiy, Alan30TRUE11-12 In/Nv Bys**DeCore Elite
R3-12832Rakhmistrovskiy, Alan40TRUE11-12 In/Nv Bys**Yes I Can! Open
R3-12833Borosky, Ralph20TRUEBB 18-34yrs MenKing of the Ring
R3-12833Borosky, Ralph20FALSEBB 18-34yrs Men**DeCore Elite
R3-12833Borosky, Ralph16TRUEBB 18-34yrs Men**Yes I Can! Open
R3-12836Potter, Jennifer10TRUEInt/Nov Wmen 18yrs+King of the Ring
R3-12836Potter, Jennifer10FALSEInt/Nov Wmen 18yrs+**DeCore Elite
R3-12836Potter, Jennifer10FALSEInt/Nov Wmen 18yrs+**Yes I Can! Open
R3-12837Potter, Michael20TRUEInt/Nov Men18+King of the Ring
R3-12837Potter, Michael30FALSEInt/Nov Men18+**DeCore Elite
R3-12837Potter, Michael20FALSEInt/Nov Men18+**Yes I Can! Open
R3-12847Makar, John20FALSEInt/Nov Men18+**DeCore Elite
R3-12847Makar, John8TRUEInt/Nov Men18+Ultimate Challenge
R3-12849Grimwood, Dane30TRUE7-8 Nov Bys**Yes I Can! Open
R3-12856Hugg, Laila30TRUE7-8 Nov Grl**DeCore Elite
R3-12857Franklin, Nathan20TRUEBys Int/Nv13-14**Yes I Can! Open
R3-12858Weiss, Dan30TRUEBrn/Av Men18+***Triple Crown
R3-12858Weiss, Dan15TRUEBrn/Av Men18+King of the Ring
R3-12858Weiss, Dan30TRUEBrn/Av Men18+**Yes I Can! Open
R3-12862Janes, DeAnna10TRUEAdv Wmen 18+Ultimate Challenge
R3-12883Wright, Adam20FALSE6yr & under Beg B/G**DeCore Elite
R3-12883Wright, Adam20FALSE6yr & under Beg B/G**Yes I Can! Open
R3-12884Charvat Jr., Paul8TRUE7-8yrs Adv/Int BysKing of the Ring
R3-12885Grimwood, Breanna8TRUEAdv Wmen 18+King of the Ring
R3-12885Grimwood, Breanna20FALSEAdv Wmen 18+**DeCore Elite
R3-12885Grimwood, Breanna20FALSEAdv Wmen 18+**Yes I Can! Open
R3-12885Grimwood, Breanna8TRUEAdv Wmen 18+Ultimate Challenge
R3-12888Beckham, Braylee8TRUE7-8yrs Adv/Int GrlUltimate Challenge
R3-12895Wardrope, Chloe20TRUE6yr & under Ad/Nv B/GKing of the Ring
R3-12895Wardrope, Chloe30TRUE6yr & under Ad/Nv B/G**DeCore Elite
R3-12897Stauffer, Wyatt10FALSE11-12 In/Nv Bys**DeCore Elite
R3-12899Robinson, Dominic10TRUE9-10 Int/Nov BysKing of the Ring
R3-12899Robinson, Dominic30TRUE9-10 Int/Nov Bys**DeCore Elite
R3-12899Robinson, Dominic40TRUE9-10 Int/Nov Bys**Yes I Can! Open
R3-12900Cole, Connor8TRUE9-10 Int/Nov BysKing of the Ring
R3-12900Cole, Connor40TRUE9-10 Int/Nov Bys**DeCore Elite
R3-12901Mikes, Nicholas8TRUEBys Adv15-17King of the Ring
R3-12901Mikes, Nicholas10FALSEBys Adv15-17**DeCore Elite
R3-12901Mikes, Nicholas16TRUEBys Adv15-17**Yes I Can! Open
R3-12904Yarian, Makala8TRUE11-12 Int/Nov GlsKing of the Ring
R3-12904Yarian, Makala16TRUE9-12 Adv Gls**Yes I Can! Open
R3-12905Grimwood, Nicole8TRUE6yr & under Ad/Nv B/GKing of the Ring
R3-12905Grimwood, Nicole20TRUE6yr & under Ad/Nv B/G**DeCore Elite
R3-12905Grimwood, Nicole30TRUE6yr & under Ad/Nv B/G**Yes I Can! Open
R3-12905Grimwood, Nicole10TRUE6yr & under Beg B/GUltimate Challenge
R3-12906Coy, Taylor10FALSEInt/Nov Wmen 18yrs+King of the Ring
R3-12906Coy, Taylor20FALSEInt/Nov Wmen 18yrs+**DeCore Elite
R3-12906Coy, Taylor45FALSEInt/Nov Wmen 18yrs+***PKC Intl. Chmps
R3-12907Houllette, Darrin8TRUEInt/Nov Men18+King of the Ring
R3-12907Houllette, Darrin20FALSEInt/Nov Men18+**Yes I Can! Open
R3-12910Berkheimer, Carolyn15FALSEBB Wmn18-34King of the Ring
R3-2041Flask, Joe8TRUEMen BB 35-42yrsKing of the Ring
R3-2041Flask, Joe30TRUEMen BB 35-42yrs**Yes I Can! Open
R3-6962Thompson, Benjamin15TRUEBB 18-34yrs MenKing of the Ring
R3-6962Thompson, Benjamin10FALSEBB 18-34yrs Men**DeCore Elite
R3-6962Thompson, Benjamin20TRUEBB 18-34yrs Men**Yes I Can! Open
R4-13664Rivera, Jose20TRUEBB Men Mstrs 35+King of the Ring
R4-13664Rivera, Jose40TRUEBB Men Mstrs 35+**Yes I Can! Open
R4-13694Barbieri, Anthony24TRUEBys Adv13-14***PKC Intl. Chmps
R4-13708Swaby, Milton20TRUEBB Men 43yrs+**Yes I Can! Open
R4-13708Swaby, Milton45TRUEBB Men 43yrs+***PKC Intl. Chmps
R4-13733Pohl, Thomas20FALSE11-12 AdvBys**DeCore Elite
R4-13733Pohl, Thomas20FALSE11-12 AdvBys**Yes I Can! Open
R4-13764Frazier, Asher20TRUEBys Int/Nv15-17**Yes I Can! Open
R4-13765Rainey, Mark8TRUEBB Men 43yrs+King of the Ring
R4-13765Rainey, Mark16TRUEBB Men 43yrs+**DeCore Elite
R4-13765Rainey, Mark8TRUEBB Men 43yrs+Ultimate Challenge
R4-13777Kabasinski, Len30TRUEBB Men 43yrs+***PKC Intl. Chmps
R4-13777Kabasinski, Len20TRUEBB Men 43yrs+Ultimate Challenge
R4-13794Broda, Racquel45TRUE11-12 Int/Nov Gls***PKC Intl. Chmps
R5-12070Bossong, Dwight30TRUEBB Men Mstrs 35+***PKC Intl. Chmps
R5-12078Bossong, Sunaina30TRUEAdv Wmen 18+***PKC Intl. Chmps
R5-12079Gutierrez, Steve60TRUE11-12 In/Nv Bys***PKC Intl. Chmps
R5-12082Tsourouktzis, Gianna15FALSE7-8yrs Adv/Int Grl***PKC Intl. Chmps
R5-12083Tsourouktzis, Markos30TRUEInt/Nov Men18+***PKC Intl. Chmps
R7-12837Chism, Elizabeth45FALSEGls Blk Blt13-17***Triple Crown
R7-12987Hankins, Adonijah15FALSEGls Adv13-17United Open
R7-13057Hankins, Elijah45FALSEBys Adv15-17***Triple Crown
R7-13057Hankins, Elijah15TRUEBys Adv15-17United Open
R7-13263Watson, John45TRUEBrn/Av Men18+***Triple Crown
R7-13979Trammell, Lee'Shell15TRUEGls Int/Nv13-17United Open
R7-14043Ruth, Charles24TRUEMen BB 35-42yrs***Triple Crown
R7-14043Ruth, Charles10FALSEMen BB 35-42yrsKY State Chmp
R7-14043Ruth, Charles15FALSEMen BB 35-42yrsTN State Chmps
R7-14052Raheem, Ashanti10FALSEGls Adv13-17United Open
R7-15642Skinner, Jeremiah60TRUEBys Int/Nv13-14***Triple Crown
R7-16002Gass, Caroline45FALSE9-12 Adv Gls***Triple Crown
R7-16002Gass, Caroline15FALSE9-12 Adv GlsTN State Chmps
R7-16012Pitts, Natalya30TRUE9-12 Adv Gls***Triple Crown
R7-16026Kennedy, Devlin45TRUE11-12 In/Nv Bys***Triple Crown
R7-16037Minano, Shawn30FALSEBys Blk Blt 13-17***Triple Crown
R7-16038Webb, Aianna10FALSE9-12 Adv GlsTN State Chmps
R7-16039Marsh, Sean10FALSE9-10 Adv BysKY State Chmp
R7-16040Marsh, Kelly10FALSE7-8yrs Adv/Int GrlTN State Chmps
R7-17005Daugherty, Joseph15FALSEBys Adv15-17TN State Chmps
R7-17006Daugherty, Jackson5FALSEBys Adv13-14TN State Chmps
R7-17301Billups-Raheem, Christina15TRUE7-8yrs Adv/Int GrlTradititional Warrior
R7-17315Hankins, Victor60TRUE11-12 In/Nv Bys***Triple Crown
R7-17315Hankins, Victor20TRUE11-12 In/Nv BysUnited Open
R7-17320Jones, Mashayla15FALSEGls Int/Nv13-17United Open
R7-17333Hankins, Dianna8TRUEGls Int/Nv13-17United Open
R7-18043Whited, Sedita45FALSEBB 35yrs+ wmen***Triple Crown
R7-18043Whited, Sedita15FALSEBB 35yrs+ wmenKY State Chmp
R7-18044Gass, Christopher30TRUE6yr & under Ad/Nv B/G***Triple Crown
R7-18044Gass, Christopher15FALSE6yr & under Ad/Nv B/GTN State Chmps
R7-18201Preston, Michael5FALSE11-12 AdvBysKY State Chmp
R7-18201Preston, Michael5FALSE11-12 AdvBysThoroughbred Open
R7-18203Maples, Josie10TRUE7-8yrs Adv/Int GrlKY State Chmp
R7-18222Wright, Jeremyah45TRUE7-8 Nov Bys***Triple Crown
R7-18406Easley, Maxwell30FALSE9-10 Adv Bys***Triple Crown
R7-18406Easley, Maxwell20TRUE9-10 Adv BysKY State Chmp
R7-18406Easley, Maxwell15FALSE9-10 Int/Nov BysThoroughbred Open
R7-18408Bevins, Aaron10FALSE9-10 Adv BysKY State Chmp
R7-18410Easterling, Lydia16TRUE9-10 Int/Nov GlsKY State Chmp
R7-18415Wood, Shawn30FALSEInt/Nov Men18+***Triple Crown
R7-19020Easley, Cotaco15FALSEAdv Wmen 18+KY State Chmp
R7-19020Easley, Cotaco10FALSEInt/Nov Wmen 18yrs+Thoroughbred Open
R7-19021Adams, Kelsie10FALSE9-12 Adv GlsTN State Chmps
R7-19021Adams, Kelsie10FALSE9-10 Int/Nov GlsThoroughbred Open
R7-19022Fortner, Landon30TRUE9-10 Int/Nov Bys***Triple Crown
R7-19022Fortner, Landon20TRUE9-10 Int/Nov BysKY State Chmp
R7-19022Fortner, Landon15TRUE9-10 Int/Nov BysTN State Chmps
R7-19022Fortner, Landon15FALSE9-10 Int/Nov BysThoroughbred Open