Congratulations! These are the Final 2019-2020 PKC National Ratings. The season begins and ends on July 1st each year. The National Banquet to honor the Top Ten Champions in each division held at the PKC International Karate Championships in Indianapolis over Labor Day Weekend has been canceled for 2020 due to Covid-19 restrictions. If you would like your Top Ten Championship certificate, please email your name and PKC# to not later than August 31st, 2020 with the subject line as follows: “ Please email my National PKC Award Certificate”.

If you have points in more than one division, you have received your combined total in the division where you have accumulated the most points.

We remain committed to our karate community and realize this will come as an enormous disappointment to our Top Ten Champions, and industry professionals. We continue to monitor this situation and will resume tournament competition once restrictions are lifted and the Board of Directors feel we can safely resume operations.  In the meantime, thanks for your patience and understanding. Take care of yourselves. 

Suggestion: Search by division to view current place, search by name or PKC ID to view detail records of points accumuated over all events.

Div IDPKC#NameC-totInstructorDivisionPlace Chanbara
ZH01R3-11498Fickes, Deven240Buker, DaveBB Men 18yrs+1st
ZH01R2-4467Davidson, Jeff180Davidson, JeffBB Men 18yrs+2nd
ZH01R3-11699Fickes, Steve166Buker, DaveBB Men 18yrs+3rd
ZH01R2-13298Culpepper II, Randy84Culpepper, RandyBB Men 18yrs+4th
ZH01R3-12649Sneddon, Daniel84Buker, DaveBB Men 18yrs+4th
ZH01R2-12527Ables, Tyler69Ables, SteveBB Men 18yrs+5th
ZH01R2-13411Blade, Courtland60Hernly, VinceBB Men 18yrs+6th
ZH01R3-12833Borosky, Ralph38Tittle, RoyBB Men 18yrs+7th
ZH01R3-12744Edwards, Jack34Edwards, JackBB Men 18yrs+8th
ZH01R3-12766Cironi, Joseph33McCutcheon, DaleBB Men 18yrs+9th
ZH01R2-4277Kirby, Patrick30Kirby, ChristopherBB Men 18yrs+10th
ZH01R3-2041Flask, Joe30McCutcheon, DaleBB Men 18yrs+10th
ZH01R3-6962Thompson, Benjamin30Tittle, RoyBB Men 18yrs+10th
ZH01R4-13708Swaby, Milton30Cortazzo, AnthonyBB Men 18yrs+10th
ZH01R3-12647McLaughlin, Chris26McLaughlin, ChrisBB Men 18yrs+
ZH01R3-12729Viets, Daniel25McLaughlin, ChrisBB Men 18yrs+
ZH01R3-12568Greene, Da'Ronn20Charlillo, FrankBB Men 18yrs+
ZH01R2-6801Kirby, Christopher16Kirby, ChristopherBB Men 18yrs+
ZH01R2-13407Dishong, Ryan10Stephan, MattBB Men 18yrs+
ZH01R3-12943Badorrek, Ryan8Roberts, JerryBB Men 18yrs+
ZH02R3-12250Fickes, Amy195Buker, DaveBlk Blt Wmen 18+1st
ZH02R2-4555Davidson, Maureen160Davidson, JeffBlk Blt Wmen 18+2nd
ZH02R2-4278Kirby-Sandoe, Michelle105Kirby, ChristopherBlk Blt Wmen 18+3rd
ZH02R2-12885Schaefer, Dixie64Bridges, Paul/KimberlyBlk Blt Wmen 18+4th
ZH02R2-13481Blade, Rachel40Hernly, VinceBlk Blt Wmen 18+5th
ZH02R2-13457Craft, Linda35Recupido, DonBlk Blt Wmen 18+6th
ZH02R1-12283Greene, Sheiry30VensonBlk Blt Wmen 18+7th
ZH03R3-12712Winger, Blaine135Buker, DaveKyu 18yrs+ Men1st
ZH03R3-12727Finnegin, John104McLaughlin, ChrisKyu 18yrs+ Men2nd
ZH03R3-12847Makar, John85Buker, DaveKyu 18yrs+ Men3rd
ZH03R3-12858Weiss, Dan73Smith, BonnieKyu 18yrs+ Men4th
ZH03R2-12329Kirby, Caiden70Kirby, ChristopherKyu 18yrs+ Men5th
ZH03R2-13482Blade, Corey70Miller, NathanKyu 18yrs+ Men5th
ZH03R3-12788Seidner, Jeffrey56McLaughlin, ChrisKyu 18yrs+ Men6th
ZH03R3-12837Potter, Michael49Smith, BonnieKyu 18yrs+ Men7th
ZH03R2-13546Weller, Craig40Ables, SteveKyu 18yrs+ Men8th
ZH03R1-11914Venson, Elias36VensonKyu 18yrs+ Men9th
ZH03R2-13375Kilgore, Douglas30Franz, StevenKyu 18yrs+ Men10th
ZH03R2-13551Scrivner, Anthony28Culpepper, RandyKyu 18yrs+ Men
ZH03R3-12907Houllette, Darrin24McLaughlin, ChrisKyu 18yrs+ Men
ZH03R2-13138Bragg Jr., Gary20Kirby, ChristopherKyu 18yrs+ Men
ZH03R3-12643Mora, Jr., Francisco16Charlillo, FrankKyu 18yrs+ Men
ZH03R3-12779Cain, Jason10McCutcheon, DaleKyu 18yrs+ Men
ZH04R2-13310Singleton, Samantha151Ables, SteveKyu Wmen 18yrs+1st
ZH04R3-12906Coy, Taylor89Buker, DaveKyu Wmen 18yrs+2nd
ZH04R3-12584Cottrill, Sierra70McLaughlin, ChrisKyu Wmen 18yrs+3rd
ZH04R1-12771Berry-Gray, Tesia60VensonKyu Wmen 18yrs+4th
ZH04R2-8941Bradford, Jennifer55Bowles, RobertKyu Wmen 18yrs+5th
ZH04R3-12749Raumberger, Kathleen45Edwards, JackKyu Wmen 18yrs+6th
ZH04R2-13463Betzner, Kylie35Michael, DonnieKyu Wmen 18yrs+7th
ZH04R1-12843Lewis, Stephanie30VensonKyu Wmen 18yrs+8th
ZH04R3-12938Sneddon, Sunny20Buker, DaveKyu Wmen 18yrs+9th
ZH04R3-12885Grimwood, Breanna15Grimwood, GarryKyu Wmen 18yrs+10th
ZH04R3-12836Potter, Jennifer10Smith, BonnieKyu Wmen 18yrs+
ZH04R2-12457Jones, Karen5Kirby, ChristopherKyu Wmen 18yrs+
ZH06R2-12465Roehlk, Skyler205Piper, Kenneth15-17yrs Brn/Blk B/G1st
ZH06R2-13562Baker, Gage119Culpepper, Randy15-17yrs Brn/Blk B/G2nd
ZH06R3-12610Macklin, Brooklyn115Nieves, Samuel15-17yrs Brn/Blk B/G3rd
ZH06R3-12558Bacho, William83Buker, Dave15-17yrs Brn/Blk B/G4th
ZH06R3-12901Mikes, Nicholas68Tittle, Roy15-17yrs Brn/Blk B/G5th
ZH06R1-11794White, Marshawn65Venson15-17yrs Brn/Blk B/G6th
ZH06R1-12035Harvey-Venson, Alexis30Venson15-17yrs Brn/Blk B/G7th
ZH06R4-13732Fry, Zachary30Caliguri, Frank15-17yrs Brn/Blk B/G7th
ZH06R2-13558Smith, Jacob "Max"24Culpepper, Randy15-17yrs Brn/Blk B/G8th
ZH06R1-12645Venson, Gabrielle20Venson15-17yrs Brn/Blk B/G9th
ZH06R3-12922Shamosh, Joseph20Brown, Reggie15-17yrs Brn/Blk B/G9th
ZH06R3-12496Maughan, Joey15Buker, Dave15-17yrs Brn/Blk B/G10th
ZH07R2-13454Weller, Rayden113Ables, Steve15-17yrs Nov/Int B/G1st
ZH07R2-12727Edison, Matthew95Kirby, Christopher15-17yrs Nov/Int B/G2nd
ZH07R3-12822Duncan, Emma85McLaughlin, Chris15-17yrs Nov/Int B/G3rd
ZH07R3-12721Amiri, Mahdi70Charlillo, Frank15-17yrs Nov/Int B/G4th
ZH07R2-13376Kilgore, Isabel30Franz, Steven15-17yrs Nov/Int B/G5th
ZH07R2-13377Kilgore, Rachael30Franz, Steven15-17yrs Nov/Int B/G5th
ZH07R3-12894Morningstar, Abby (Caitlynn)29DeCore, James15-17yrs Nov/Int B/G6th
ZH07R2-13063Brantley, Justin28Ables, Steve15-17yrs Nov/Int B/G7th
ZH07R3-12804Jeffries, Cage10Buker, Dave15-17yrs Nov/Int B/G8th
ZH07R2-13559Davis, Lucas8Culpepper, Randy15-17yrs Nov/Int B/G9th
ZH08R3-12767Cironi, Victoria100McCutcheon, Dale13-14yrs Brn/Blk B/G1st
ZH08R2-13422Purnell, Pashence95Hernly, Vince13-14yrs Brn/Blk B/G2nd
ZH08R3-12605Mollenkopf, Cooper88McLaughlin, Chris13-14yrs Brn/Blk B/G3rd
ZH08R2-13062LaMons, Emma63Bethea, Eddie13-14yrs Brn/Blk B/G4th
ZH08R4-13744Barrett, Daniel53Jeff Jox13-14yrs Brn/Blk B/G5th
ZH08R3-12645Azar, Miya36Charlillo, Frank13-14yrs Brn/Blk B/G6th
ZH08R1-12345Wolfe, Bryce30Venson13-14yrs Brn/Blk B/G7th
ZH08R2-13555Culpepper, Summer30Culpepper, Randy13-14yrs Brn/Blk B/G7th
ZH08R2-13569Sargent, Tara20Culpepper, Randy13-14yrs Brn/Blk B/G8th
ZH08R2-13560Cole, Dylan15Culpepper, Randy13-14yrs Brn/Blk B/G9th
ZH08R3-12521Calton, Evan10DeCore, James13-14yrs Brn/Blk B/G10th
ZH09R2-13417Lowry, Ming171Ables, Steve13-14yrs Nov/Int B/G1st
ZH09R2-13246Singleton, Alex125Ables, Steve13-14yrs Nov/Int B/G2nd
ZH09R2-12728Binder, Eric101Kirby, Christopher13-14yrs Nov/Int B/G3rd
ZH09R3-12725Abood, Abby83Charlillo, Frank13-14yrs Nov/Int B/G4th
ZH09R3-12793Strbac, Jelena68Charlillo, Frank13-14yrs Nov/Int B/G5th
ZH09R3-12639Weiss, Danielle56Smith, Bonnie13-14yrs Nov/Int B/G6th
ZH09R3-12704Rai, Anmol55Charlillo, Frank13-14yrs Nov/Int B/G7th
ZH09R3-12857Franklin, Nathan55McLaughlin, Chris13-14yrs Nov/Int B/G7th
ZH09R1-12606Parker, Robert54Venson13-14yrs Nov/Int B/G8th
ZH09R2-13554Fisher, George54Culpepper, Randy13-14yrs Nov/Int B/G8th
ZH09R5-12089Bryant, Tafi45Cantrell, Freddie & Libby13-14yrs Nov/Int B/G9th
ZH09R2-13137Bragg, Payden30Kirby, Christopher13-14yrs Nov/Int B/G10th
ZH09R2-13378Kilgore, Danielle24Franz, Steven13-14yrs Nov/Int B/G
ZH09R2-13586Ritter, Isaac20Piper, Kenneth13-14yrs Nov/Int B/G
ZH09R3-12733Szklarz, Ethan20Nieves, Samuel13-14yrs Nov/Int B/G
ZH09R3-12935Herrman, Adrien20Roberts, Jerry13-14yrs Nov/Int B/G
ZH09R1-12646Venson, Kaliyah16Venson13-14yrs Nov/Int B/G
ZH09R2-13584Ritter, David16Piper, Kenneth13-14yrs Nov/Int B/G
ZH09R3-12890Gartner, Coleman16McCutcheon, Dale13-14yrs Nov/Int B/G
ZH09R2-13571McHenry, Alex15Culpepper, Randy13-14yrs Nov/Int B/G
ZH09R3-12903Yarian, Grace15Tittle, Roy13-14yrs Nov/Int B/G
ZH09R3-12663Taylor, Jaylah10Nieves, Samuel13-14yrs Nov/Int B/G
ZH09R3-12787Wood, Kerrigan8Nieves, Samuel13-14yrs Nov/Int B/G
ZH09R3-12887Richards, Mike8McCutcheon, Dale13-14yrs Nov/Int B/G
ZH10R3-12745Edwards, Gavin100Edwards, Jack11-12 Brn/Blk B/G1st
ZH10R3-12756Hamilton, Greg95Edwards, Jack11-12 Brn/Blk B/G2nd
ZH10R2-13409Blade, Angel83Hernly, Vince11-12 Brn/Blk B/G3rd
ZH10R3-12542Beard, Jakeb65McCutcheon, Dale11-12 Brn/Blk B/G4th
ZH10R2-13489Green, Zane60Culpepper, Randy11-12 Brn/Blk B/G5th
ZH10R2-13613McNeil, Dace25Piper, Kenneth11-12 Brn/Blk B/G6th
ZH10R2-12995Sylvester, Caitlin16Michael, Donnie11-12 Brn/Blk B/G7th
ZH11R2-13557Vagenas, Aiden100Culpepper, Randy11-12 Nov/Int B/G1st
ZH11R3-12832Rakhmistrovskiy, Alan50Janes, Dennis11-12 Nov/Int B/G2nd
ZH11R2-13470Psurny, Carter45Franz, Steven11-12 Nov/Int B/G3rd
ZH11R1-12595Shelby, Rashad40Venson11-12 Nov/Int B/G4th
ZH11R3-12586Negron, Randy40Nieves, Samuel11-12 Nov/Int B/G4th
ZH11R4-13733Pohl, Thomas35Barton, John11-12 Nov/Int B/G5th
ZH11R3-12928Henry, Antonio25Nieves, Samuel11-12 Nov/Int B/G6th
ZH11R2-13549Trueblood, Jacob20Michael, Donnie11-12 Nov/Int B/G7th
ZH11R3-12828Deastlov, Thomas20Nieves, Samuel11-12 Nov/Int B/G7th
ZH11R2-13110Worland, Leo16Michael, Donnie11-12 Nov/Int B/G8th
ZH11R3-12827Blackwell, Aydin10Nieves, Samuel11-12 Nov/Int B/G9th
ZH11R2-13543Fitchpatrick, Sayre8Ables, Steve11-12 Nov/Int B/G10th
ZH11R3-12823Weber, Benjamin8McLaughlin, Chris11-12 Nov/Int B/G10th
ZH12R3-12723Bishop, Baylee105Charlillo, Frank11-12 Nov/Int B/G1st
ZH12R2-13544Kenworthy, Sophia79Ables, Steve11-12 Nov/Int B/G2nd
ZH12R3-12861Mitrovic, Marija35DeCore, James11-12 Nov/Int B/G3rd
ZH12R3-12698Fidram, Mia30Buker, Dave11-12 Nov/Int B/G4th
ZH12R3-12802Parravano, Julianne28Nieves, Samuel11-12 Nov/Int B/G5th
ZH12R3-12734Parravano, Angelina24Nieves, Samuel11-12 Nov/Int B/G6th
ZH12R3-12904Yarian, Makala16Tittle, Roy11-12 Nov/Int B/G7th
ZH12R3-12629Quillen, Emma8McCutcheon, Dale11-12 Nov/Int B/G8th
ZH13R3-12524Dillinger, Jordan114Buker, Dave9-10yrs Brn/Blk B/G1st
ZH13R3-12750Wills, Adysen111Edwards, Jack9-10yrs Brn/Blk B/G2nd
ZH13R2-13436O'Day, Riley75St. Pierre, Steve9-10yrs Brn/Blk B/G3rd
ZH13R2-13522Ping, Erika62Tucker, Tim9-10yrs Brn/Blk B/G4th
ZH13R2-13568McDanile, Kiley60Culpepper, Randy9-10yrs Brn/Blk B/G5th
ZH13R2-13474Burchett, Carter50Tucker, Tim9-10yrs Brn/Blk B/G6th
ZH13R3-12625Barnes, Maria32Buker, Dave9-10yrs Brn/Blk B/G7th
ZH13R2-13440Maruszewski, Emily16Michael, Donnie9-10yrs Brn/Blk B/G8th
ZH13R2-13502Brown, Taylor15Murkison, Brian9-10yrs Brn/Blk B/G9th
ZH14R2-13542Dixon, Drew88Piper, Kenneth9-10yrs Int/Nov B/G1st
ZH14R2-13469Bellaw, Abram75Michael, Donnie9-10yrs Int/Nov B/G2nd
ZH14R2-13507Williamson, J.C.60Webster, Joeal9-10yrs Int/Nov B/G3rd
ZH14R3-12812Odekunle, David58Charlillo, Frank9-10yrs Int/Nov B/G4th
ZH14R3-12718Byrd, Christopher55Charlillo, Frank9-10yrs Int/Nov B/G5th
ZH14R2-13484Heiskell, Gabriel48Michael, Donnie9-10yrs Int/Nov B/G6th
ZH14R3-12794Frame, Gage45Charlillo, Frank9-10yrs Int/Nov B/G7th
ZH14R3-12789Sherrard, Brody44McCutcheon, Dale9-10yrs Int/Nov B/G8th
ZH14R3-12778Brandvold, Ryan35McCutcheon, Dale9-10yrs Int/Nov B/G9th
ZH14R2-13408Blade, Amaziah33Hernly, Vince9-10yrs Int/Nov B/G10th
ZH14R5-12079Gutierrez, Steve30Bossong, Dwight9-10yrs Int/Nov B/G
ZH14R3-12848Jeffries, Drayden24Buker, Dave9-10yrs Int/Nov B/G
ZH14R2-13563Collins, Blayze20Culpepper, Randy9-10yrs Int/Nov B/G
ZH14R2-13583Lahr, Lucas20Michael, Donnie9-10yrs Int/Nov B/G
ZH14R2-13606Huckleberry, Cooper20Tucker, Tim9-10yrs Int/Nov B/G
ZH14R3-12914Caldwell, ZayVion20Charlillo, Frank9-10yrs Int/Nov B/G
ZH14R3-12813Reed, Andrew15Charlillo, Frank9-10yrs Int/Nov B/G
ZH14R2-21310Neal, Treyson10Michael, Donnie9-10yrs Int/Nov B/G
ZH14R3-12912Johnson, Jamere10Charlillo, Frank9-10yrs Int/Nov B/G
ZH14R3-12946Frampton, Benny10Edwards, Jack9-10yrs Int/Nov B/G
ZH14R3-12900Cole, Connor8Tittle, Roy9-10yrs Int/Nov B/G
ZH15R3-12726Potter, Bella101Smith, Bonnie9-10yrs Int/Nov B/G1st
ZH15R3-12717Rogers, Alana95Charlillo, Frank9-10yrs Int/Nov B/G2nd
ZH15R5-12086Bayless, Kendra45Cantrell, Freddie & Libby9-10yrs Int/Nov B/G3rd
ZH15R1-12448Wade, Sydnie40Venson9-10yrs Int/Nov B/G4th
ZH15R2-13572Haigwood, Sophie30Culpepper, Randy9-10yrs Int/Nov B/G5th
ZH15R2-13603Martin, Evelyn "Eva"30Ables, Steve9-10yrs Int/Nov B/G5th
ZH15R1-12859Whitelow, Jessica20Venson9-10yrs Int/Nov B/G6th
ZH15R3-12830Flores, Madilyn20Nieves, Samuel9-10yrs Int/Nov B/G6th
ZH15R3-12898Tidwell, Madison16Charlillo, Frank9-10yrs Int/Nov B/G7th
ZH16R2-13379Kilgore, Michelle75Franz, Steven7-8yrs Brn/Blk/Int B/G1st
ZH16R3-12701Beard, Easton60McCutcheon, Dale7-8yrs Brn/Blk/Int B/G2nd
ZH16R3-12713Winger, Parker60Buker, Dave7-8yrs Brn/Blk/Int B/G2nd
ZH16R3-12751Wills, Ayden45Edwards, Jack7-8yrs Brn/Blk/Int B/G3rd
ZH16R3-12803Hostler, Keira45Charlillo, Frank7-8yrs Brn/Blk/Int B/G3rd
ZH16R3-12748Sekierko, Lucian32Edwards, Jack7-8yrs Brn/Blk/Int B/G4th
ZH16R2-13414Shaw, Levi28Webster, Joeal7-8yrs Brn/Blk/Int B/G5th
ZH16R3-12737Cull, Daniel10DeCore, James7-8yrs Brn/Blk/Int B/G6th
ZH17R3-12738Zakel, Daniel128DeCore, James7-8yrs Nov B/G1st
ZH17R2-13593Font III, Timothy110Franz, Steven7-8yrs Nov B/G2nd
ZH17R2-13503Brown, Jr., Timmy90Murkison, Brian7-8yrs Nov B/G3rd
ZH17R3-12700Duong, Chloe82DeCore, James7-8yrs Nov B/G4th
ZH17R3-12651Sneddon, Wesley60Buker, Dave7-8yrs Nov B/G5th
ZH17R3-12687Zidian, Tommy60Buker, Dave7-8yrs Nov B/G5th
ZH17R3-12695Colagiovanni, Dominic60DeCore, James7-8yrs Nov B/G5th
ZH17R3-12688Mozzy, Thomas56Buker, Dave7-8yrs Nov B/G6th
ZH17R1-12845Baker, Marcus40Venson7-8yrs Nov B/G7th
ZH17R3-12696Colagiovanni, Vincent31DeCore, James7-8yrs Nov B/G8th
ZH17R1-12667Nettles IV, John30Nettles, John7-8yrs Nov B/G9th
ZH17R1-12755Fitch, Larue Jr.30Venson7-8yrs Nov B/G9th
ZH17R3-12925Musser, Giada30Buker, Dave7-8yrs Nov B/G9th
ZH17R3-12856Hugg, Laila28Charlillo, Frank7-8yrs Nov B/G10th
ZH17R3-12860Mitrovic, Marko25DeCore, James7-8yrs Nov B/G
ZH17R2-13592Miller, Sydney20Michael, Donnie7-8yrs Nov B/G
ZH17R1-12846Chester , Reginald Jr.16Venson7-8yrs Nov B/G
ZH17R2-13649Hale-Barnett, Romello16Murkison, Brian7-8yrs Nov B/G
ZH17R3-12650Sneddon, Wyatt15Buker, Dave7-8yrs Nov B/G
ZH17R1-12773Ikeard, Amir10Venson7-8yrs Nov B/G
ZH17R2-13564Uphaus, Braxton10Culpepper, Randy7-8yrs Nov B/G
ZH17R2-13615Blessing, Aiden10Michael, Donnie7-8yrs Nov B/G
ZH17R3-12669Kinser, Kaitlyn10Smith, Bonnie7-8yrs Nov B/G
ZH17R3-12911Boone, Duke10Charlillo, Frank7-8yrs Nov B/G
ZH18R3-12843Sevinsky, Noah86DeCore, James6yr & under B/G1st
ZH18R3-12770Sneddon, Asher85Buker, Dave6yr & under B/G2nd
ZH18R3-12655Duty, Michael48Charlillo, Frank6yr & under B/G3rd
ZH18R1-12772Crowell, Jai40Venson6yr & under B/G4th
ZH18R1-12848Dennis, Donavan30Venson6yr & under B/G5th
ZH18R3-12841English, Kylie30DeCore, James6yr & under B/G5th
ZH18R2-13508Netherly, Jackson24Webster, Joeal6yr & under B/G6th
ZH18R3-12883Wright, Adam24Buker, Dave6yr & under B/G6th
ZH18R1-12841Truitt, Tyler20Venson6yr & under B/G7th
ZH18R3-12842Hienton, Michael20DeCore, James6yr & under B/G7th
ZH18R3-12864Barber, James20Buker, Dave6yr & under B/G7th
ZH18R3-12947Frampton, Elijah20Edwards, Jack6yr & under B/G7th
ZH18R1-12850Montagueo, A'Darion16Venson6yr & under B/G8th
ZH18R3-12924Pajestka, Tyler15DeCore, James6yr & under B/G9th
ZH18R3-12921Teusan, Nadia10Brown, Reggie6yr & under B/G10th
ZH18R3-12930Marinaccio, Zander10Grimwood, Garry6yr & under B/G10th
ZH18R3-12849Grimwood, Dane8Grimwood, Garry6yr & under B/G
ZH18R3-12905Grimwood, Nicole8Grimwood, Garry6yr & under B/G
PKC ID#NameNational PointsBonusDivisionEvent
R1-11794White, Marshawn20TRUE15-17yrs Brn/Blk B/G**Cabin Fever
R1-11794White, Marshawn45TRUE15-17yrs Brn/Blk B/G***PKC Intl. Chmps
R1-11914Venson, Elias20TRUEKyu 18yrs+ Men**Cabin Fever
R1-11914Venson, Elias16TRUEKyu 18yrs+ Men**Wade Memorial
R1-12035Harvey-Venson, Alexis30FALSE15-17yrs Brn/Blk B/G**Cabin Fever
R1-12283Greene, Sheiry10FALSEBlk Blt Wmen 18+**Cabin Fever
R1-12283Greene, Sheiry20TRUEBlk Blt Wmen 18+**Wade Memorial
R1-12345Wolfe, Bryce30TRUE13-14yrs Brn/Blk B/G**Cabin Fever
R1-12448Wade, Sydnie40TRUE9-10yrs Int/Nov B/G**Cabin Fever
R1-12595Shelby, Rashad40TRUE11-12 Nov/Int B/G**Cabin Fever
R1-12606Parker, Robert30TRUE13-14yrs Nov/Int B/G**Cabin Fever
R1-12606Parker, Robert16TRUE13-14yrs Nov/Int B/G**Wade Memorial
R1-12606Parker, Robert8TRUE13-14yrs Nov/Int B/GHaynes Apperson
R1-12645Venson, Gabrielle20FALSE15-17yrs Brn/Blk B/G**Cabin Fever
R1-12646Venson, Kaliyah16TRUE13-14yrs Nov/Int B/G**Cabin Fever
R1-12667Nettles IV, John30TRUE7-8yrs Nov B/G**1st R2 Tourney
R1-12755Fitch, Larue Jr.30TRUE7-8yrs Nov B/G**Cabin Fever
R1-12771Berry-Gray, Tesia40TRUEKyu Wmen 18yrs+**Cabin Fever
R1-12771Berry-Gray, Tesia20FALSEKyu Wmen 18yrs+**Wade Memorial
R1-12772Crowell, Jai40TRUE6yr & under B/G**Cabin Fever
R1-12773Ikeard, Amir10TRUE7-8yrs Nov B/G**Cabin Fever
R1-12841Truitt, Tyler20TRUE6yr & under B/G**Cabin Fever
R1-12843Lewis, Stephanie30TRUEKyu Wmen 18yrs+**Cabin Fever
R1-12845Baker, Marcus40TRUE7-8yrs Nov B/G**Cabin Fever
R1-12846Chester , Reginald Jr.16TRUE7-8yrs Nov B/G**Cabin Fever
R1-12848Dennis, Donavan30TRUE6yr & under B/G**Cabin Fever
R1-12850Montagueo, A'Darion16TRUE6yr & under B/G**Cabin Fever
R1-12859Whitelow, Jessica20TRUE9-10yrs Int/Nov B/G**Cabin Fever
R2-12329Kirby, Caiden40TRUEKyu 18yrs+ Men**1st R2 Tourney
R2-12329Kirby, Caiden15FALSEKyu 18yrs+ MenHoliday Tourney
R2-12329Kirby, Caiden15TRUEKyu 18yrs+ MenHaynes Apperson
R2-12457Jones, Karen5FALSEKyu Wmen 18yrs+Haynes Apperson
R2-12465Roehlk, Skyler20TRUE15-17yrs Brn/Blk B/G**1st R2 Tourney
R2-12465Roehlk, Skyler40TRUE15-17yrs Brn/Blk B/G**Cabin Fever
R2-12465Roehlk, Skyler20TRUE15-17yrs Brn/Blk B/GHoliday Tourney
R2-12465Roehlk, Skyler15TRUE15-17yrs Brn/Blk B/GKid Benefit
R2-12465Roehlk, Skyler60TRUE15-17yrs Brn/Blk B/G***PKC Intl. Chmps
R2-12465Roehlk, Skyler40TRUE15-17yrs Brn/Blk B/G**Wade Memorial
R2-12465Roehlk, Skyler10TRUE15-17yrs Brn/Blk B/GHaynes Apperson
R2-12527Ables, Tyler16TRUEBB Men 18yrs+**Cabin Fever
R2-12527Ables, Tyler15TRUEBB Men 18yrs+Holiday Tourney
R2-12527Ables, Tyler30TRUEBB Men 18yrs+**Wade Memorial
R2-12527Ables, Tyler8TRUEBB Men 18yrs+Haynes Apperson
R2-12727Edison, Matthew15TRUE15-17yrs Nov/Int B/GHoliday Tourney
R2-12727Edison, Matthew20TRUE15-17yrs Nov/Int B/GKid Benefit
R2-12727Edison, Matthew60TRUE15-17yrs Nov/Int B/G***PKC Intl. Chmps
R2-12728Binder, Eric10TRUE13-14yrs Nov/Int B/GKid Benefit
R2-12728Binder, Eric60TRUE13-14yrs Nov/Int B/G***PKC Intl. Chmps
R2-12728Binder, Eric16TRUE13-14yrs Nov/Int B/G**Wade Memorial
R2-12728Binder, Eric15TRUE13-14yrs Nov/Int B/GHaynes Apperson
R2-12885Schaefer, Dixie16TRUEBlk Blt Wmen 18+**1st R2 Tourney
R2-12885Schaefer, Dixie8TRUEBlk Blt Wmen 18+Holiday Tourney
R2-12885Schaefer, Dixie24TRUEBlk Blt Wmen 18+***PKC Intl. Chmps
R2-12885Schaefer, Dixie16TRUEBlk Blt Wmen 18+**Wade Memorial
R2-12995Sylvester, Caitlin16TRUE11-12 Brn/Blk B/G**1st R2 Tourney
R2-13062LaMons, Emma10TRUE13-14yrs Brn/Blk B/GHoliday Tourney
R2-13062LaMons, Emma8TRUE13-14yrs Brn/Blk B/GKid Benefit
R2-13062LaMons, Emma15FALSE13-14yrs Brn/Blk B/G***PKC Intl. Chmps
R2-13062LaMons, Emma30TRUE13-14yrs Brn/Blk B/G**Wade Memorial
R2-13063Brantley, Justin8TRUE15-17yrs Brn/Blk B/GHoliday Tourney
R2-13063Brantley, Justin20TRUE15-17yrs Nov/Int B/G**Wade Memorial
R2-13110Worland, Leo8TRUE11-12 Nov/Int B/GKid Benefit
R2-13110Worland, Leo8TRUE11-12 Nov/Int B/GHaynes Apperson
R2-13137Bragg, Payden15TRUE13-14yrs Nov/Int B/GKid Benefit
R2-13137Bragg, Payden15TRUE13-14yrs Nov/Int B/GHaynes Apperson
R2-13138Bragg Jr., Gary20TRUEKyu 18yrs+ MenHaynes Apperson
R2-13246Singleton, Alex30TRUE13-14yrs Nov/Int B/G**1st R2 Tourney
R2-13246Singleton, Alex20TRUE13-14yrs Nov/Int B/G**Cabin Fever
R2-13246Singleton, Alex45TRUE13-14yrs Nov/Int B/G***PKC Intl. Chmps
R2-13246Singleton, Alex30TRUE13-14yrs Brn/Blk B/G**Wade Memorial
R2-13298Culpepper II, Randy40TRUEBB Men 18yrs+**1st R2 Tourney
R2-13298Culpepper II, Randy24TRUEBB Men 18yrs+***PKC Intl. Chmps
R2-13298Culpepper II, Randy20TRUEBB Men 18yrs+Haynes Apperson
R2-13310Singleton, Samantha30TRUEKyu Wmen 18yrs+**1st R2 Tourney
R2-13310Singleton, Samantha16TRUEKyu Wmen 18yrs+**Cabin Fever
R2-13310Singleton, Samantha15FALSEKyu Wmen 18yrs+Holiday Tourney
R2-13310Singleton, Samantha60TRUEKyu Wmen 18yrs+***PKC Intl. Chmps
R2-13310Singleton, Samantha30FALSEKyu Wmen 18yrs+**Wade Memorial
R2-13375Kilgore, Douglas30TRUEKyu 18yrs+ Men***PKC Intl. Chmps
R2-13376Kilgore, Isabel30TRUE15-17yrs Nov/Int B/G***PKC Intl. Chmps
R2-13377Kilgore, Rachael30FALSE15-17yrs Nov/Int B/G***PKC Intl. Chmps
R2-13378Kilgore, Danielle24TRUE13-14yrs Nov/Int B/G***PKC Intl. Chmps
R2-13379Kilgore, Michelle15FALSE7-8yrs Brn/Blk/Int B/GKid Benefit
R2-13379Kilgore, Michelle60TRUE7-8yrs Brn/Blk/Int B/G***PKC Intl. Chmps
R2-13407Dishong, Ryan10TRUEBB Men 18yrs+Holiday Tourney
R2-13408Blade, Amaziah8TRUE11-12 Brn/Blk B/GHoliday Tourney
R2-13408Blade, Amaziah10TRUE9-10yrs Int/Nov B/GKid Benefit
R2-13408Blade, Amaziah15TRUE9-10yrs Int/Nov B/GHaynes Apperson
R2-13409Blade, Angel20TRUE11-12 Brn/Blk B/GHoliday Tourney
R2-13409Blade, Angel8TRUE11-12 Brn/Blk B/GKid Benefit
R2-13409Blade, Angel45FALSE11-12 Brn/Blk B/G***PKC Intl. Chmps
R2-13409Blade, Angel10TRUE11-12 Brn/Blk B/GHaynes Apperson
R2-13411Blade, Courtland45TRUEBB Men 18yrs+***PKC Intl. Chmps
R2-13411Blade, Courtland15TRUEBB Men 18yrs+Haynes Apperson
R2-13414Shaw, Levi20TRUE7-8yrs Brn/Blk/Int B/G**1st R2 Tourney
R2-13414Shaw, Levi8TRUE7-8yrs Nov B/GHoliday Tourney
R2-13417Lowry, Ming40TRUE13-14yrs Nov/Int B/G**1st R2 Tourney
R2-13417Lowry, Ming16TRUE13-14yrs Nov/Int B/G**Cabin Fever
R2-13417Lowry, Ming10TRUE13-14yrs Nov/Int B/GHoliday Tourney
R2-13417Lowry, Ming15TRUE13-14yrs Nov/Int B/GKid Benefit
R2-13417Lowry, Ming30TRUE13-14yrs Nov/Int B/G***PKC Intl. Chmps
R2-13417Lowry, Ming40TRUE13-14yrs Nov/Int B/G**Wade Memorial
R2-13417Lowry, Ming20TRUE13-14yrs Nov/Int B/GHaynes Apperson
R2-13422Purnell, Pashence40TRUE13-14yrs Brn/Blk B/G**1st R2 Tourney
R2-13422Purnell, Pashence15TRUE13-14yrs Brn/Blk B/GHoliday Tourney
R2-13422Purnell, Pashence20TRUE11-12 Brn/Blk B/GKid Benefit
R2-13422Purnell, Pashence20TRUE11-12 Brn/Blk B/GHaynes Apperson
R2-13436O'Day, Riley10TRUE11-12 Brn/Blk B/GHoliday Tourney
R2-13436O'Day, Riley15TRUE9-10yrs Brn/Blk B/GKid Benefit
R2-13436O'Day, Riley30TRUE9-10yrs Brn/Blk B/G***PKC Intl. Chmps
R2-13436O'Day, Riley20TRUE9-10yrs Brn/Blk B/GHaynes Apperson
R2-13440Maruszewski, Emily16TRUE9-10yrs Brn/Blk B/G**1st R2 Tourney
R2-13454Weller, Rayden30TRUE15-17yrs Nov/Int B/G**1st R2 Tourney
R2-13454Weller, Rayden20TRUE15-17yrs Nov/Int B/GHoliday Tourney
R2-13454Weller, Rayden8TRUE15-17yrs Nov/Int B/GKid Benefit
R2-13454Weller, Rayden45TRUE15-17yrs Nov/Int B/G***PKC Intl. Chmps
R2-13454Weller, Rayden10FALSE15-17yrs Nov/Int B/GHaynes Apperson
R2-13457Craft, Linda20TRUEBlk Blt Wmen 18+**1st R2 Tourney
R2-13457Craft, Linda15TRUEBlk Blt Wmen 18+Holiday Tourney
R2-13463Betzner, Kylie20TRUEKyu Wmen 18yrs+**1st R2 Tourney
R2-13463Betzner, Kylie15FALSEKyu Wmen 18yrs+Haynes Apperson
R2-13469Bellaw, Abram40TRUE9-10yrs Int/Nov B/G**1st R2 Tourney
R2-13469Bellaw, Abram15TRUE9-10yrs Int/Nov B/GHoliday Tourney
R2-13469Bellaw, Abram20TRUE9-10yrs Int/Nov B/GKid Benefit
R2-13470Psurny, Carter45TRUE11-12 Nov/Int B/G***PKC Intl. Chmps
R2-13474Burchett, Carter40TRUE9-10yrs Brn/Blk B/G**1st R2 Tourney
R2-13474Burchett, Carter10TRUE9-10yrs Brn/Blk B/GHaynes Apperson
R2-13481Blade, Rachel30TRUEBlk Blt Wmen 18+**1st R2 Tourney
R2-13481Blade, Rachel10FALSEKyu Wmen 18yrs+Haynes Apperson
R2-13482Blade, Corey60TRUEKyu 18yrs+ Men***PKC Intl. Chmps
R2-13482Blade, Corey10TRUEKyu 18yrs+ MenHaynes Apperson
R2-13484Heiskell, Gabriel10TRUE9-10yrs Int/Nov B/GHoliday Tourney
R2-13484Heiskell, Gabriel8TRUE9-10yrs Int/Nov B/GKid Benefit
R2-13484Heiskell, Gabriel30TRUE9-10yrs Int/Nov B/G***PKC Intl. Chmps
R2-13489Green, Zane20TRUE13-14yrs Brn/Blk B/G**1st R2 Tourney
R2-13489Green, Zane40TRUE11-12 Brn/Blk B/G**Wade Memorial
R2-13502Brown, Taylor15TRUE9-10yrs Brn/Blk B/GHoliday Tourney
R2-13503Brown, Jr., Timmy40TRUE7-8yrs Brn/Blk/Int B/G**1st R2 Tourney
R2-13503Brown, Jr., Timmy20TRUE7-8yrs Nov B/GHoliday Tourney
R2-13503Brown, Jr., Timmy30TRUE7-8yrs Nov B/G***PKC Intl. Chmps
R2-13507Williamson, J.C.60TRUE9-10yrs Int/Nov B/G***PKC Intl. Chmps
R2-13508Netherly, Jackson24TRUE6yr & under B/G***PKC Intl. Chmps
R2-13522Ping, Erika30TRUE9-10yrs Brn/Blk B/G**1st R2 Tourney
R2-13522Ping, Erika8TRUE9-10yrs Brn/Blk B/GHoliday Tourney
R2-13522Ping, Erika8TRUE9-10yrs Brn/Blk B/GKid Benefit
R2-13522Ping, Erika16TRUE9-10yrs Brn/Blk B/G**Wade Memorial
R2-13542Dixon, Drew20TRUE9-10yrs Int/Nov B/G**1st R2 Tourney
R2-13542Dixon, Drew30TRUE9-10yrs Int/Nov B/G**Cabin Fever
R2-13542Dixon, Drew30TRUE9-10yrs Int/Nov B/G**Wade Memorial
R2-13542Dixon, Drew8TRUE9-10yrs Int/Nov B/GHaynes Apperson
R2-13543Fitchpatrick, Sayre8TRUE11-12 Nov/Int B/GHoliday Tourney
R2-13544Kenworthy, Sophia40TRUE11-12 Nov/Int B/G**1st R2 Tourney
R2-13544Kenworthy, Sophia15TRUE11-12 Nov/Int B/GHoliday Tourney
R2-13544Kenworthy, Sophia24TRUE11-12 Nov/Int B/G***PKC Intl. Chmps
R2-13546Weller, Craig40TRUEKyu 18yrs+ Men**Wade Memorial
R2-13549Trueblood, Jacob20TRUE11-12 Nov/Int B/GKid Benefit
R2-13551Scrivner, Anthony20TRUEKyu 18yrs+ Men**Wade Memorial
R2-13551Scrivner, Anthony8TRUEKyu 18yrs+ MenHaynes Apperson
R2-13554Fisher, George20TRUE13-14yrs Nov/Int B/G**1st R2 Tourney
R2-13554Fisher, George24TRUE13-14yrs Nov/Int B/G***PKC Intl. Chmps
R2-13554Fisher, George10TRUE13-14yrs Nov/Int B/GHaynes Apperson
R2-13555Culpepper, Summer30FALSE13-14yrs Brn/Blk B/G***PKC Intl. Chmps
R2-13557Vagenas, Aiden20TRUE11-12 Nov/Int B/G**1st R2 Tourney
R2-13557Vagenas, Aiden60TRUE11-12 Nov/Int B/G***PKC Intl. Chmps
R2-13557Vagenas, Aiden20TRUE11-12 Nov/Int B/G**Wade Memorial
R2-13558Smith, Jacob "Max"24TRUE15-17yrs Brn/Blk B/G***PKC Intl. Chmps
R2-13559Davis, Lucas8TRUE15-17yrs Nov/Int B/GHaynes Apperson
R2-13560Cole, Dylan15TRUE13-14yrs Brn/Blk B/GHaynes Apperson
R2-13562Baker, Gage40TRUE15-17yrs Brn/Blk B/G**1st R2 Tourney
R2-13562Baker, Gage15TRUE15-17yrs Brn/Blk B/GHoliday Tourney
R2-13562Baker, Gage20TRUE15-17yrs Brn/Blk B/GKid Benefit
R2-13562Baker, Gage24TRUE15-17yrs Brn/Blk B/G***PKC Intl. Chmps
R2-13562Baker, Gage20TRUE15-17yrs Nov/Int B/GHaynes Apperson
R2-13563Collins, Blayze20FALSE9-10yrs Int/Nov B/G**Wade Memorial
R2-13564Uphaus, Braxton10FALSE7-8yrs Nov B/GHaynes Apperson
R2-13568McDanile, Kiley60TRUE9-10yrs Brn/Blk B/G***PKC Intl. Chmps
R2-13569Sargent, Tara20TRUE13-14yrs Brn/Blk B/G**Wade Memorial
R2-13571McHenry, Alex15FALSE13-14yrs Nov/Int B/G***PKC Intl. Chmps
R2-13572Haigwood, Sophie30TRUE9-10yrs Int/Nov B/G***PKC Intl. Chmps
R2-13583Lahr, Lucas20TRUE9-10yrs Int/Nov B/GHoliday Tourney
R2-13584Ritter, David16TRUE13-14yrs Nov/Int B/G**1st R2 Tourney
R2-13586Ritter, Isaac20TRUE13-14yrs Nov/Int B/G**Wade Memorial
R2-13592Miller, Sydney20FALSE7-8yrs Nov B/G**Wade Memorial
R2-13593Font III, Timothy30TRUE7-8yrs Brn/Blk/Int B/G**1st R2 Tourney
R2-13593Font III, Timothy15FALSE7-8yrs Nov B/GHoliday Tourney
R2-13593Font III, Timothy20TRUE7-8yrs Nov B/GKid Benefit
R2-13593Font III, Timothy30FALSE7-8yrs Nov B/G**Wade Memorial
R2-13593Font III, Timothy15FALSE7-8yrs Nov B/GHaynes Apperson
R2-13603Martin, Evelyn "Eva"30TRUE9-10yrs Int/Nov B/G**1st R2 Tourney
R2-13606Huckleberry, Cooper20TRUE9-10yrs Int/Nov B/G**Wade Memorial
R2-13613McNeil, Dace10TRUE11-12 Brn/Blk B/GHoliday Tourney
R2-13613McNeil, Dace15TRUE11-12 Brn/Blk B/GKid Benefit
R2-13615Blessing, Aiden10TRUE7-8yrs Nov B/GKid Benefit
R2-13649Hale-Barnett, Romello16TRUE7-8yrs Nov B/G**1st R2 Tourney
R2-21310Neal, Treyson10TRUE9-10yrs Int/Nov B/GKid Benefit
R2-4277Kirby, Patrick20TRUEBB Men 18yrs+**Wade Memorial
R2-4277Kirby, Patrick10TRUEBB Men 18yrs+Haynes Apperson
R2-4278Kirby-Sandoe, Michelle60TRUEBlk Blt Wmen 18+***PKC Intl. Chmps
R2-4278Kirby-Sandoe, Michelle30TRUEBlk Blt Wmen 18+**Wade Memorial
R2-4278Kirby-Sandoe, Michelle15FALSEBlk Blt Wmen 18+Haynes Apperson
R2-4467Davidson, Jeff30TRUEBB Men 18yrs+**1st R2 Tourney
R2-4467Davidson, Jeff30TRUEBB Men 18yrs+**Cabin Fever
R2-4467Davidson, Jeff20TRUEBB Men 18yrs+Holiday Tourney
R2-4467Davidson, Jeff60TRUEBB Men 18yrs+***PKC Intl. Chmps
R2-4467Davidson, Jeff40TRUEBB Men 18yrs+**Wade Memorial
R2-4555Davidson, Maureen40TRUEBlk Blt Wmen 18+**1st R2 Tourney
R2-4555Davidson, Maureen30FALSEBlk Blt Wmen 18+**Cabin Fever
R2-4555Davidson, Maureen20TRUEBlk Blt Wmen 18+Holiday Tourney
R2-4555Davidson, Maureen30TRUEBlk Blt Wmen 18+***PKC Intl. Chmps
R2-4555Davidson, Maureen40TRUEBlk Blt Wmen 18+**Wade Memorial
R2-6801Kirby, Christopher16TRUEBB Men 18yrs+**Wade Memorial
R2-8941Bradford, Jennifer10FALSEKyu Wmen 18yrs+Holiday Tourney
R2-8941Bradford, Jennifer45TRUEKyu Wmen 18yrs+***PKC Intl. Chmps
R3-11498Fickes, Deven20TRUEBB Men 18yrs+MA Mayhem
R3-11498Fickes, Deven40TRUEBB Men 18yrs+**Cabin Fever
R3-11498Fickes, Deven20TRUEBB Men 18yrs+Ring of Fire
R3-11498Fickes, Deven20TRUEBB Men 18yrs+King of the Ring
R3-11498Fickes, Deven40TRUEBB Men 18yrs+**DeCore Elite
R3-11498Fickes, Deven40TRUEBB Men 18yrs+**Yes I Can! Open
R3-11498Fickes, Deven60TRUEBB Men 18yrs+***PKC Intl. Chmps
R3-11699Fickes, Steve16TRUEBB Men 18yrs+**1st R2 Tourney
R3-11699Fickes, Steve20FALSEBB Men 18yrs+MA Mayhem
R3-11699Fickes, Steve20TRUEBB Men 18yrs+**Cabin Fever
R3-11699Fickes, Steve15FALSEBB Men 18yrs+Ring of Fire
R3-11699Fickes, Steve10TRUEBB Men 18yrs+King of the Ring
R3-11699Fickes, Steve30TRUEBB Men 18yrs+**DeCore Elite
R3-11699Fickes, Steve45TRUEBB Men 18yrs+***PKC Intl. Chmps
R3-11699Fickes, Steve10TRUEBB Men 18yrs+Ultimate Challenge
R3-12250Fickes, Amy15FALSEBlk Blt Wmen 18+MA Mayhem
R3-12250Fickes, Amy20FALSEBlk Blt Wmen 18+**Cabin Fever
R3-12250Fickes, Amy15FALSEBlk Blt Wmen 18+Ring of Fire
R3-12250Fickes, Amy10TRUEBlk Blt Wmen 18+Holiday Tourney
R3-12250Fickes, Amy15FALSEBlk Blt Wmen 18+King of the Ring
R3-12250Fickes, Amy30FALSEBlk Blt Wmen 18+**DeCore Elite
R3-12250Fickes, Amy30FALSEBlk Blt Wmen 18+**Yes I Can! Open
R3-12250Fickes, Amy45TRUEBlk Blt Wmen 18+***PKC Intl. Chmps
R3-12250Fickes, Amy15FALSEBlk Blt Wmen 18+Ultimate Challenge
R3-12496Maughan, Joey15TRUE15-17yrs Brn/Blk B/GUltimate Challenge
R3-12521Calton, Evan10TRUE13-14yrs Brn/Blk B/GMA Mayhem
R3-12524Dillinger, Jordan20TRUE9-10yrs Brn/Blk B/GRing of Fire
R3-12524Dillinger, Jordan20TRUE9-10yrs Brn/Blk B/GHoliday Tourney
R3-12524Dillinger, Jordan15TRUE9-10yrs Brn/Blk B/GKing of the Ring
R3-12524Dillinger, Jordan20TRUE9-10yrs Brn/Blk B/G**Yes I Can! Open
R3-12524Dillinger, Jordan15FALSE9-10yrs Brn/Blk B/GKid Benefit
R3-12524Dillinger, Jordan24TRUE9-10yrs Brn/Blk B/G***PKC Intl. Chmps
R3-12542Beard, Jakeb20TRUE11-12 Brn/Blk B/GKing of the Ring
R3-12542Beard, Jakeb45TRUE11-12 Brn/Blk B/G***PKC Intl. Chmps
R3-12558Bacho, William10TRUE15-17yrs Brn/Blk B/GMA Mayhem
R3-12558Bacho, William10TRUE15-17yrs Brn/Blk B/GRing of Fire
R3-12558Bacho, William8TRUE15-17yrs Brn/Blk B/GKing of the Ring
R3-12558Bacho, William40TRUE15-17yrs Brn/Blk B/G**Yes I Can! Open
R3-12558Bacho, William15TRUE15-17yrs Brn/Blk B/GUltimate Challenge
R3-12568Greene, Da'Ronn20TRUEBB Men 18yrs+Ultimate Challenge
R3-12584Cottrill, Sierra15TRUEKyu Wmen 18yrs+MA Mayhem
R3-12584Cottrill, Sierra10FALSEKyu Wmen 18yrs+**DeCore Elite
R3-12584Cottrill, Sierra30FALSEKyu Wmen 18yrs+**Yes I Can! Open
R3-12584Cottrill, Sierra15FALSEKyu Wmen 18yrs+Ultimate Challenge
R3-12586Negron, Randy10TRUE11-12 Nov/Int B/GRing of Fire
R3-12586Negron, Randy30TRUE11-12 Nov/Int B/G**Yes I Can! Open
R3-12605Mollenkopf, Cooper8TRUE13-14yrs Brn/Blk B/GMA Mayhem
R3-12605Mollenkopf, Cooper15FALSE13-14yrs Brn/Blk B/GRing of Fire
R3-12605Mollenkopf, Cooper15FALSE13-14yrs Brn/Blk B/GKing of the Ring
R3-12605Mollenkopf, Cooper30FALSE13-14yrs Brn/Blk B/G**DeCore Elite
R3-12605Mollenkopf, Cooper20FALSE13-14yrs Brn/Blk B/G**Yes I Can! Open
R3-12610Macklin, Brooklyn20TRUE15-17yrs Brn/Blk B/GMA Mayhem
R3-12610Macklin, Brooklyn10FALSE15-17yrs Brn/Blk B/GRing of Fire
R3-12610Macklin, Brooklyn30FALSE15-17yrs Brn/Blk B/G**Yes I Can! Open
R3-12610Macklin, Brooklyn45FALSE15-17yrs Brn/Blk B/G***PKC Intl. Chmps
R3-12610Macklin, Brooklyn10TRUE15-17yrs Brn/Blk B/GUltimate Challenge
R3-12625Barnes, Maria8TRUE9-10yrs Brn/Blk B/GRing of Fire
R3-12625Barnes, Maria24TRUE9-10yrs Brn/Blk B/G***PKC Intl. Chmps
R3-12629Quillen, Emma8TRUE11-12 Nov/Int B/GUltimate Challenge
R3-12639Weiss, Danielle20TRUE13-14yrs Nov/Int B/GRing of Fire
R3-12639Weiss, Danielle16TRUE13-14yrs Nov/Int B/G**Yes I Can! Open
R3-12639Weiss, Danielle20TRUE13-14yrs Nov/Int B/GUltimate Challenge
R3-12643Mora, Jr., Francisco16TRUEKyu 18yrs+ Men**Yes I Can! Open
R3-12645Azar, Miya20TRUE13-14yrs Brn/Blk B/GMA Mayhem
R3-12645Azar, Miya16TRUE13-14yrs Nov/Int B/G**DeCore Elite
R3-12647McLaughlin, Chris10FALSEBB Men 18yrs+Ring of Fire
R3-12647McLaughlin, Chris16TRUEBB Men 18yrs+**DeCore Elite
R3-12649Sneddon, Daniel20TRUEBB Men 18yrs+**1st R2 Tourney
R3-12649Sneddon, Daniel15TRUEBB Men 18yrs+MA Mayhem
R3-12649Sneddon, Daniel5FALSEBB Men 18yrs+Ring of Fire
R3-12649Sneddon, Daniel20TRUEBB Men 18yrs+**Yes I Can! Open
R3-12649Sneddon, Daniel24TRUEBB Men 18yrs+***PKC Intl. Chmps
R3-12650Sneddon, Wyatt15TRUE7-8yrs Nov B/GKing of the Ring
R3-12651Sneddon, Wesley40TRUE7-8yrs Nov B/G**1st R2 Tourney
R3-12651Sneddon, Wesley20TRUE7-8yrs Nov B/GMA Mayhem
R3-12655Duty, Michael8TRUE7-8yrs Nov B/GRing of Fire
R3-12655Duty, Michael30TRUE6yr & under B/G***PKC Intl. Chmps
R3-12655Duty, Michael10TRUE6yr & under B/GUltimate Challenge
R3-12663Taylor, Jaylah10TRUE13-14yrs Nov/Int B/GMA Mayhem
R3-12669Kinser, Kaitlyn10FALSE7-8yrs Nov B/GRing of Fire
R3-12687Zidian, Tommy15TRUE7-8yrs Nov B/GMA Mayhem
R3-12687Zidian, Tommy45TRUE7-8yrs Nov B/G***PKC Intl. Chmps
R3-12688Mozzy, Thomas20TRUE9-10yrs Int/Nov B/GMA Mayhem
R3-12688Mozzy, Thomas20TRUE7-8yrs Nov B/GRing of Fire
R3-12688Mozzy, Thomas16TRUE7-8yrs Nov B/G**Yes I Can! Open
R3-12695Colagiovanni, Dominic10TRUE9-10yrs Int/Nov B/GMA Mayhem
R3-12695Colagiovanni, Dominic20TRUE7-8yrs Nov B/G**DeCore Elite
R3-12695Colagiovanni, Dominic30TRUE7-8yrs Nov B/G**Yes I Can! Open
R3-12696Colagiovanni, Vincent16TRUE7-8yrs Nov B/G**DeCore Elite
R3-12696Colagiovanni, Vincent15TRUE6yr & under B/GUltimate Challenge
R3-12698Fidram, Mia30TRUE11-12 Nov/Int B/G**DeCore Elite
R3-12700Duong, Chloe8TRUE7-8yrs Nov B/GKing of the Ring
R3-12700Duong, Chloe30TRUE7-8yrs Nov B/G**DeCore Elite
R3-12700Duong, Chloe20TRUE6yr & under B/G**Yes I Can! Open
R3-12700Duong, Chloe24TRUE7-8yrs Nov B/G***PKC Intl. Chmps
R3-12701Beard, Easton45TRUE7-8yrs Brn/Blk/Int B/G***PKC Intl. Chmps
R3-12701Beard, Easton15TRUE7-8yrs Nov B/GUltimate Challenge
R3-12704Rai, Anmol15TRUE13-14yrs Nov/Int B/GMA Mayhem
R3-12704Rai, Anmol40TRUE13-14yrs Nov/Int B/G**Yes I Can! Open
R3-12712Winger, Blaine20TRUEKyu 18yrs+ MenMA Mayhem
R3-12712Winger, Blaine40TRUEKyu 18yrs+ Men**DeCore Elite
R3-12712Winger, Blaine30TRUEKyu 18yrs+ Men**Yes I Can! Open
R3-12712Winger, Blaine45TRUEKyu 18yrs+ Men***PKC Intl. Chmps
R3-12713Winger, Parker60TRUE7-8yrs Brn/Blk/Int B/G***PKC Intl. Chmps
R3-12717Rogers, Alana15TRUE9-10yrs Int/Nov B/GRing of Fire
R3-12717Rogers, Alana40TRUE9-10yrs Int/Nov B/G**DeCore Elite
R3-12717Rogers, Alana30TRUE9-10yrs Int/Nov B/G**Yes I Can! Open
R3-12717Rogers, Alana10TRUE9-10yrs Int/Nov B/GUltimate Challenge
R3-12718Byrd, Christopher20TRUE11-12 Nov/Int B/GRing of Fire
R3-12718Byrd, Christopher20TRUE9-10yrs Int/Nov B/G**DeCore Elite
R3-12718Byrd, Christopher15TRUE9-10yrs Int/Nov B/GUltimate Challenge
R3-12721Amiri, Mahdi20TRUE15-17yrs Nov/Int B/GMA Mayhem
R3-12721Amiri, Mahdi20TRUE15-17yrs Nov/Int B/G**Yes I Can! Open
R3-12721Amiri, Mahdi30TRUE15-17yrs Nov/Int B/G***PKC Intl. Chmps
R3-12723Bishop, Baylee15TRUE11-12 Nov/Int B/GMA Mayhem
R3-12723Bishop, Baylee40TRUE11-12 Nov/Int B/G**Yes I Can! Open
R3-12723Bishop, Baylee30TRUE11-12 Nov/Int B/G***PKC Intl. Chmps
R3-12723Bishop, Baylee20TRUE11-12 Nov/Int B/GUltimate Challenge
R3-12725Abood, Abby15TRUE13-14yrs Brn/Blk B/GMA Mayhem
R3-12725Abood, Abby8TRUE13-14yrs Brn/Blk B/GRing of Fire
R3-12725Abood, Abby15TRUE13-14yrs Nov/Int B/GKing of the Ring
R3-12725Abood, Abby30TRUE13-14yrs Nov/Int B/G**DeCore Elite
R3-12725Abood, Abby15TRUE13-14yrs Nov/Int B/GUltimate Challenge
R3-12726Potter, Bella8TRUE9-10yrs Int/Nov B/GMA Mayhem
R3-12726Potter, Bella15TRUE9-10yrs Int/Nov B/GRing of Fire
R3-12726Potter, Bella10TRUE9-10yrs Int/Nov B/GKing of the Ring
R3-12726Potter, Bella60TRUE9-10yrs Int/Nov B/G***PKC Intl. Chmps
R3-12726Potter, Bella8TRUE9-10yrs Int/Nov B/GUltimate Challenge
R3-12727Finnegin, John10TRUEKyu 18yrs+ MenMA Mayhem
R3-12727Finnegin, John20TRUEKyu 18yrs+ MenRing of Fire
R3-12727Finnegin, John20TRUEKyu 18yrs+ MenKing of the Ring
R3-12727Finnegin, John30FALSEKyu 18yrs+ Men**DeCore Elite
R3-12727Finnegin, John24TRUEKyu 18yrs+ Men***PKC Intl. Chmps
R3-12729Viets, Daniel10TRUEBB Men 18yrs+MA Mayhem
R3-12729Viets, Daniel15TRUEBB Men 18yrs+Ring of Fire
R3-12733Szklarz, Ethan20TRUE13-14yrs Nov/Int B/GRing of Fire
R3-12734Parravano, Angelina8TRUE11-12 Nov/Int B/GMA Mayhem
R3-12734Parravano, Angelina16TRUE11-12 Nov/Int B/G**Yes I Can! Open
R3-12737Cull, Daniel10TRUE7-8yrs Brn/Blk/Int B/GMA Mayhem
R3-12738Zakel, Daniel20TRUE7-8yrs Nov B/GKing of the Ring
R3-12738Zakel, Daniel40TRUE7-8yrs Nov B/G**DeCore Elite
R3-12738Zakel, Daniel60TRUE7-8yrs Nov B/G***PKC Intl. Chmps
R3-12738Zakel, Daniel8TRUE7-8yrs Nov B/GUltimate Challenge
R3-12744Edwards, Jack10TRUEBB Men 18yrs+MA Mayhem
R3-12744Edwards, Jack16TRUEBB Men 18yrs+**Yes I Can! Open
R3-12744Edwards, Jack8TRUEBB Men 18yrs+Ultimate Challenge
R3-12745Edwards, Gavin15FALSE11-12 Brn/Blk B/GMA Mayhem
R3-12745Edwards, Gavin15FALSE11-12 Brn/Blk B/GRing of Fire
R3-12745Edwards, Gavin10FALSE11-12 Brn/Blk B/GKing of the Ring
R3-12745Edwards, Gavin20FALSE11-12 Brn/Blk B/G**DeCore Elite
R3-12745Edwards, Gavin30FALSE11-12 Brn/Blk B/G**Yes I Can! Open
R3-12745Edwards, Gavin10FALSE11-12 Brn/Blk B/GUltimate Challenge
R3-12748Sekierko, Lucian8TRUE7-8yrs Brn/Blk/Int B/GMA Mayhem
R3-12748Sekierko, Lucian24TRUE7-8yrs Brn/Blk/Int B/G***PKC Intl. Chmps
R3-12749Raumberger, Kathleen15TRUEKyu Wmen 18yrs+Ring of Fire
R3-12749Raumberger, Kathleen30TRUEKyu Wmen 18yrs+***PKC Intl. Chmps
R3-12750Wills, Adysen10TRUE11-12 Brn/Blk B/GMA Mayhem
R3-12750Wills, Adysen20TRUE9-10yrs Brn/Blk B/GKing of the Ring
R3-12750Wills, Adysen16TRUE9-10yrs Brn/Blk B/G**Yes I Can! Open
R3-12750Wills, Adysen45TRUE9-10yrs Brn/Blk B/G***PKC Intl. Chmps
R3-12750Wills, Adysen20TRUE9-10yrs Int/Nov B/GUltimate Challenge
R3-12751Wills, Ayden15TRUE7-8yrs Brn/Blk/Int B/GMA Mayhem
R3-12751Wills, Ayden30TRUE7-8yrs Brn/Blk/Int B/G***PKC Intl. Chmps
R3-12756Hamilton, Greg15TRUE13-14yrs Brn/Blk B/GMA Mayhem
R3-12756Hamilton, Greg15FALSE11-12 Brn/Blk B/GKing of the Ring
R3-12756Hamilton, Greg30FALSE11-12 Brn/Blk B/G**DeCore Elite
R3-12756Hamilton, Greg20FALSE11-12 Brn/Blk B/G**Yes I Can! Open
R3-12756Hamilton, Greg15FALSE11-12 Brn/Blk B/GUltimate Challenge
R3-12766Cironi, Joseph10TRUEBB Men 18yrs+Ring of Fire
R3-12766Cironi, Joseph8TRUEBB Men 18yrs+King of the Ring
R3-12766Cironi, Joseph15TRUEBB Men 18yrs+Ultimate Challenge
R3-12767Cironi, Victoria10FALSE13-14yrs Brn/Blk B/GKing of the Ring
R3-12767Cironi, Victoria30TRUE13-14yrs Brn/Blk B/G**Yes I Can! Open
R3-12767Cironi, Victoria60TRUE13-14yrs Brn/Blk B/G***PKC Intl. Chmps
R3-12770Sneddon, Asher30FALSE6yr & under B/G**1st R2 Tourney
R3-12770Sneddon, Asher15TRUE6yr & under B/GRing of Fire
R3-12770Sneddon, Asher20TRUE6yr & under B/GKing of the Ring
R3-12770Sneddon, Asher20TRUE6yr & under B/GUltimate Challenge
R3-12778Brandvold, Ryan15TRUE9-10yrs Int/Nov B/GMA Mayhem
R3-12778Brandvold, Ryan20TRUE9-10yrs Int/Nov B/G**Yes I Can! Open
R3-12779Cain, Jason10FALSEKyu 18yrs+ MenUltimate Challenge
R3-12787Wood, Kerrigan8TRUE13-14yrs Nov/Int B/GUltimate Challenge
R3-12788Seidner, Jeffrey8TRUEKyu 18yrs+ MenMA Mayhem
R3-12788Seidner, Jeffrey8TRUEKyu 18yrs+ MenKing of the Ring
R3-12788Seidner, Jeffrey20TRUEKyu 18yrs+ Men**DeCore Elite
R3-12788Seidner, Jeffrey20TRUEKyu 18yrs+ Men**Yes I Can! Open
R3-12789Sherrard, Brody24TRUE9-10yrs Int/Nov B/G***PKC Intl. Chmps
R3-12789Sherrard, Brody20TRUE7-8yrs Brn/Blk/Int B/GUltimate Challenge
R3-12793Strbac, Jelena20TRUE13-14yrs Nov/Int B/GMA Mayhem
R3-12793Strbac, Jelena20TRUE13-14yrs Nov/Int B/GRing of Fire
R3-12793Strbac, Jelena8TRUE13-14yrs Nov/Int B/GKing of the Ring
R3-12793Strbac, Jelena20TRUE13-14yrs Nov/Int B/G**DeCore Elite
R3-12794Frame, Gage45TRUE9-10yrs Int/Nov B/G***PKC Intl. Chmps
R3-12802Parravano, Julianne20TRUE11-12 Nov/Int B/GMA Mayhem
R3-12802Parravano, Julianne8TRUE11-12 Nov/Int B/GRing of Fire
R3-12803Hostler, Keira45TRUE7-8yrs Brn/Blk/Int B/G***PKC Intl. Chmps
R3-12804Jeffries, Cage10TRUE15-17yrs Nov/Int B/GKing of the Ring
R3-12812Odekunle, David20FALSE11-12 Nov/Int B/GMA Mayhem
R3-12812Odekunle, David8TRUE9-10yrs Int/Nov B/GKing of the Ring
R3-12812Odekunle, David30FALSE9-10yrs Int/Nov B/G**DeCore Elite
R3-12813Reed, Andrew15TRUE9-10yrs Int/Nov B/GMA Mayhem
R3-12822Duncan, Emma10TRUE15-17yrs Nov/Int B/GMA Mayhem
R3-12822Duncan, Emma15FALSE15-17yrs Nov/Int B/GRing of Fire
R3-12822Duncan, Emma20TRUE15-17yrs Nov/Int B/G**DeCore Elite
R3-12822Duncan, Emma30TRUE15-17yrs Nov/Int B/G**Yes I Can! Open
R3-12822Duncan, Emma10TRUE15-17yrs Nov/Int B/GUltimate Challenge
R3-12823Weber, Benjamin8TRUE11-12 Nov/Int B/GMA Mayhem
R3-12827Blackwell, Aydin10TRUE11-12 Nov/Int B/GRing of Fire
R3-12828Deastlov, Thomas20TRUE11-12 Nov/Int B/G**Yes I Can! Open
R3-12830Flores, Madilyn20TRUE9-10yrs Int/Nov B/GRing of Fire
R3-12832Rakhmistrovskiy, Alan40TRUE11-12 Nov/Int B/G**DeCore Elite
R3-12832Rakhmistrovskiy, Alan10TRUE11-12 Nov/Int B/GUltimate Challenge
R3-12833Borosky, Ralph8TRUEBB Men 18yrs+Ring of Fire
R3-12833Borosky, Ralph10TRUEBB Men 18yrs+King of the Ring
R3-12833Borosky, Ralph20TRUEBB Men 18yrs+**DeCore Elite
R3-12836Potter, Jennifer10TRUEKyu Wmen 18yrs+Ultimate Challenge
R3-12837Potter, Michael10TRUEKyu 18yrs+ MenMA Mayhem
R3-12837Potter, Michael8TRUEKyu 18yrs+ MenRing of Fire
R3-12837Potter, Michael16TRUEKyu 18yrs+ Men**DeCore Elite
R3-12837Potter, Michael15FALSEKyu 18yrs+ MenUltimate Challenge
R3-12841English, Kylie30TRUE6yr & under B/G**DeCore Elite
R3-12842Hienton, Michael20TRUE6yr & under B/G**DeCore Elite
R3-12843Sevinsky, Noah15TRUE6yr & under B/GMA Mayhem
R3-12843Sevinsky, Noah40TRUE6yr & under B/G**DeCore Elite
R3-12843Sevinsky, Noah16TRUE6yr & under B/G**Yes I Can! Open
R3-12843Sevinsky, Noah15TRUE6yr & under B/GUltimate Challenge
R3-12847Makar, John15TRUEKyu 18yrs+ MenMA Mayhem
R3-12847Makar, John20TRUEKyu 18yrs+ MenRing of Fire
R3-12847Makar, John30TRUEKyu 18yrs+ Men**DeCore Elite
R3-12847Makar, John20TRUEKyu 18yrs+ MenUltimate Challenge
R3-12848Jeffries, Drayden24TRUE9-10yrs Int/Nov B/G***PKC Intl. Chmps
R3-12849Grimwood, Dane8TRUE6yr & under B/GMA Mayhem
R3-12856Hugg, Laila20TRUE7-8yrs Nov B/GMA Mayhem
R3-12856Hugg, Laila8TRUE7-8yrs Nov B/GRing of Fire
R3-12857Franklin, Nathan15TRUE15-17yrs Nov/Int B/GMA Mayhem
R3-12857Franklin, Nathan10FALSE15-17yrs Nov/Int B/GRing of Fire
R3-12857Franklin, Nathan10TRUE13-14yrs Nov/Int B/GKing of the Ring
R3-12857Franklin, Nathan20TRUE13-14yrs Nov/Int B/G**Yes I Can! Open
R3-12858Weiss, Dan10TRUEKyu 18yrs+ MenRing of Fire
R3-12858Weiss, Dan15TRUEKyu 18yrs+ MenKing of the Ring
R3-12858Weiss, Dan40TRUEKyu 18yrs+ Men**Yes I Can! Open
R3-12858Weiss, Dan8TRUEKyu 18yrs+ MenUltimate Challenge
R3-12860Mitrovic, Marko15TRUE7-8yrs Nov B/GRing of Fire
R3-12860Mitrovic, Marko10TRUE6yr & under B/GKing of the Ring
R3-12861Mitrovic, Marija15TRUE11-12 Nov/Int B/GMA Mayhem
R3-12861Mitrovic, Marija20TRUE11-12 Nov/Int B/GRing of Fire
R3-12864Barber, James5FALSE6yr & under B/GMA Mayhem
R3-12864Barber, James5FALSE6yr & under B/GRing of Fire
R3-12864Barber, James10TRUE6yr & under B/GUltimate Challenge
R3-12883Wright, Adam8TRUE6yr & under B/GRing of Fire
R3-12883Wright, Adam8TRUE6yr & under B/GKing of the Ring
R3-12883Wright, Adam8TRUE6yr & under B/GUltimate Challenge
R3-12885Grimwood, Breanna15TRUEKyu Wmen 18yrs+Ring of Fire
R3-12887Richards, Mike8TRUE13-14yrs Nov/Int B/GRing of Fire
R3-12890Gartner, Coleman8TRUE13-14yrs Nov/Int B/GMA Mayhem
R3-12890Gartner, Coleman8TRUE13-14yrs Nov/Int B/GRing of Fire
R3-12894Morningstar, Abby (Caitlynn)8TRUE15-17yrs Nov/Int B/GMA Mayhem
R3-12894Morningstar, Abby (Caitlynn)5FALSE15-17yrs Nov/Int B/GRing of Fire
R3-12894Morningstar, Abby (Caitlynn)16TRUE15-17yrs Nov/Int B/G**DeCore Elite
R3-12898Tidwell, Madison16TRUE9-10yrs Int/Nov B/G**DeCore Elite
R3-12900Cole, Connor8TRUE9-10yrs Int/Nov B/GMA Mayhem
R3-12901Mikes, Nicholas8TRUE15-17yrs Brn/Blk B/GMA Mayhem
R3-12901Mikes, Nicholas15TRUE15-17yrs Brn/Blk B/GRing of Fire
R3-12901Mikes, Nicholas15TRUE15-17yrs Brn/Blk B/GKing of the Ring
R3-12901Mikes, Nicholas30TRUE15-17yrs Brn/Blk B/G**DeCore Elite
R3-12903Yarian, Grace15TRUE13-14yrs Nov/Int B/GRing of Fire
R3-12904Yarian, Makala16TRUE11-12 Nov/Int B/G**DeCore Elite
R3-12905Grimwood, Nicole8TRUE6yr & under B/GMA Mayhem
R3-12906Coy, Taylor20TRUEKyu Wmen 18yrs+MA Mayhem
R3-12906Coy, Taylor10TRUEKyu Wmen 18yrs+Ring of Fire
R3-12906Coy, Taylor15FALSEKyu Wmen 18yrs+King of the Ring
R3-12906Coy, Taylor20FALSEKyu Wmen 18yrs+**DeCore Elite
R3-12906Coy, Taylor24TRUEKyu Wmen 18yrs+***PKC Intl. Chmps
R3-12907Houllette, Darrin8TRUEKyu 18yrs+ MenMA Mayhem
R3-12907Houllette, Darrin8TRUEKyu 18yrs+ MenRing of Fire
R3-12907Houllette, Darrin8TRUEKyu 18yrs+ MenKing of the Ring
R3-12911Boone, Duke10TRUE7-8yrs Nov B/GRing of Fire
R3-12912Johnson, Jamere10TRUE9-10yrs Int/Nov B/GRing of Fire
R3-12914Caldwell, ZayVion20TRUE9-10yrs Int/Nov B/GMA Mayhem
R3-12921Teusan, Nadia10FALSE6yr & under B/GRing of Fire
R3-12922Shamosh, Joseph20TRUE15-17yrs Brn/Blk B/GMA Mayhem
R3-12924Pajestka, Tyler15FALSE6yr & under B/GMA Mayhem
R3-12925Musser, Giada10TRUE7-8yrs Nov B/GMA Mayhem
R3-12925Musser, Giada20TRUE7-8yrs Nov B/GRing of Fire
R3-12928Henry, Antonio10TRUE11-12 Nov/Int B/GMA Mayhem
R3-12928Henry, Antonio15TRUE11-12 Nov/Int B/GRing of Fire
R3-12930Marinaccio, Zander10TRUE6yr & under B/GRing of Fire
R3-12935Herrman, Adrien10TRUE13-14yrs Nov/Int B/GMA Mayhem
R3-12935Herrman, Adrien10TRUE13-14yrs Nov/Int B/GRing of Fire
R3-12938Sneddon, Sunny20TRUEKyu Wmen 18yrs+**1st R2 Tourney
R3-12943Badorrek, Ryan8TRUEBB Men 18yrs+MA Mayhem
R3-12946Frampton, Benny10TRUE9-10yrs Int/Nov B/GMA Mayhem
R3-12947Frampton, Elijah20TRUE6yr & under B/GMA Mayhem
R3-2041Flask, Joe30TRUEBB Men 18yrs+**Yes I Can! Open
R3-6962Thompson, Benjamin15TRUEBB Men 18yrs+MA Mayhem
R3-6962Thompson, Benjamin15TRUEBB Men 18yrs+King of the Ring
R4-13708Swaby, Milton30TRUEBB Men 18yrs+***PKC Intl. Chmps
R4-13732Fry, Zachary30TRUE15-17yrs Brn/Blk B/G***PKC Intl. Chmps
R4-13733Pohl, Thomas15TRUE11-12 Nov/Int B/GKing of the Ring
R4-13733Pohl, Thomas20TRUE11-12 Nov/Int B/G**DeCore Elite
R4-13744Barrett, Daniel45TRUE13-14yrs Brn/Blk B/G***PKC Intl. Chmps
R4-13744Barrett, Daniel8TRUE13-14yrs Brn/Blk B/GUltimate Challenge
R5-12079Gutierrez, Steve30TRUE9-10yrs Int/Nov B/G***PKC Intl. Chmps
R5-12086Bayless, Kendra45TRUE9-10yrs Int/Nov B/G***PKC Intl. Chmps
R5-12089Bryant, Tafi45FALSE13-14yrs Nov/Int B/G***PKC Intl. Chmps
R5-12079Gutierrez, Steve30TRUE9-10yrs Int/Nov B/G***PKC Intl. Chmps
R5-12086Bayless, Kendra45TRUE9-10yrs Int/Nov B/G***PKC Intl. Chmps
R5-12089Bryant, Tafi45FALSE13-14yrs Nov/Int B/G***PKC Intl. Chmps