Rank Certification – Dan & Kyu Grade GET REGISTERED TODAY!

Our “on-line” Rank Certification Application Forms are for Martial Artists of all Styles/Systems who wish to have their martial art rank(s) recognized by and registered with the Professional Karate Commission (PKC), and signed by Grand Master Glenn R. Keeney.  This service is available regardless of rank, system, gender, ethnicity or age.  You will receive a Registered(numbered) rank certificate, certified photo member card for your wallet and a personal letter of certification from Grand Master Keeney.

Benefits of Membership:

  • Affiliation with a long-standing Organization where Integrity, Honor and Discipline do matter.
  • Grand Master Keeney has been active in martial arts since 1957, and founded the PKC in 1986.
  • National/Regional Programs for Technical, Philosophical and Leadership Development in the Martial Arts.
  • A National Network of Serious and Traditional Martial Artists and Organizations.
  • The PKC provides opportunities to meet peers, Master Instructors, and Grand Master Instructors
  • “Professional Quality” Rank and Membership Certificates for PKC Members.
  • National certification is viewed with prestige by perspective clients.
  • A Responsible Promotion & Certification System for all Martial Artists.
  • Discounts on High Quality Training Resources and Events.
  • A Professional, Informative Website.
  • National & Regional Competitor Points & Award Recognition