Tom Ward

Tom Ward was already involved with the Indiana Tournament Series prior to the birth of the PKC, and has evolved and stood steadfast with the PKC through the years.

Born 1959, from Crawfordsville Indiana, Tom holds the rank of Rokudan in Shorin Ryu/Shorin Kan under the instruction of Master Eddie B. Bethea Jr. He, along with Mr. Bethea, Donnie Michael and assorted others, travel to Okinawa to enhance their martial arts knowledge through annual training sessions with Master Bethea’s instructor.

Tom serves as PKC Rules Chairman, Head of Referee Certification, as is a member of the PKC Board of Directors. He was voted “PKC Man of the Year” in 2001, PKC Sportsman in 90, 93 and 2002, was presented the Glenn Keeney Excellence Award in 1996, and secured Two PKC International “Big Dog” Champion Titles in 1993 and 2001. He also promoted the Shorin Kan Open in 1999.

Tom is an inaugural PKC Elite Society member, and PKC Lifetime Member.