Eddie B. Bethea, Jr

GM Eddie B. Bethea, Jr. has been a PKC Life Member from inception. He acts as the Public Relations Director and heads up the Rank Promotion Committee for the PKC. From Kokomo, Indiana, he is a US Karate Association World Grand Champion and Trias International Society member. His long martial arts career spanning from back in the 1970’s to date, include a multitude of accomplishments and also include US Karate Alliance World Champion titles, and he supports the USKK and USAMA as well.

Master Bethea has coordinated the Indiana tournaments for over 20 years and works with Mr. Donnie Michael to bring continuity and professionalism to the Region #2 program.

  • Unites States Karate Association International Society Member.
  • 1989/90 First Place National Season Champion
  • 1999 Great Lakes Nationals Triple Crown Winner
  • 2001 voted “Best PKC Tournament Coordinator” and “Humanitarian”
  • 2010-2011 PKC “MAN OF THE DECADE”
  • 2014 Inaugural Member PKC Elite Society