Glenn R. Keeney-Founder/President

Glenn R. Keeney began Karate in Feb of 1957.  There were few karate clubs during this time, and Mr. Keeney was in and out of several dojo’s.  He even trained with Robert Yarnall for a short time.  In 1963, Mr. Keeney met Mr. Larry Pickel.  A Marine home from Okinawa, he made 1st degree Black Belt under Eiichi Miyazato.

He studied under Mr. Pickel for the next 4 years and made his blackbelt.  Mr. Keeney became the dojo owner in 1969.  He competed in tournaments for the next 15 years, averaging over 25 tournaments each year and was named as a Top Ten US fighter for 9 years by Official Karate Magazine and rated #4 by Black Belt Magazine in 1974.  Black Belt Magazine also awarded him Instructor of the Year in 1977 and Promoter of the Year

Mr. Keeney promoted the USKA Grand Nationals with Master Robert Trias in 1970 & 1971, The Top Ten Nationals in 1975 with Mike Anderson, the PKC Nationals and Bill Superfoot retirement fight in 1980 with CBS television ,and other tournaments with ESPN.

He then started the PKC in 1986 as a sanctioning body for  Full Contact Kickboxing with the help of Joe Corley & Don Willis.  After Master Trias’s death in 1989, Mr. Keeney founded the PKC Point Circuit as a sanctioning body.  The PKC currently has approxiamately 2000 member, 450 of whom are Life members, and sanctions approx.50 tournaments per year on average.

Mr. Keeney remains active in Karate at 73 years of age.  His proudest accomplishments are the 40 years he owned and operated the Komakai Academy of Karate in Anderson, Indiana and the hundreds of state, regional, national and world championships he helped promote.