This is a list of answers to “Frequently Asked Questions”.  Our FAQ list is intended as a quick resource and may not completely address the issue in totality. If you cannot find an answer to your question below or need more clarification, please feel free to contact us. 

All PKC Sanctioned events within your Region award you Regional points as well as the PKC International Championships.
The National Rankings can be found on the PKChq.com website. Many regions post their rankings online..check with your Regional Director.The National Season runs from July 1st-June 30th. Most Regional points seasons are annual (Jan-Dec)
Tournaments on the National tournament schedule will award the following point values: 1st Place = 15 points, 2nd Place = 10 points, 3rd Place = 5 points, 4th Place = 3 points. In addition, 5 bonus points are awarded if you place in a division of 4 or more competitors.Watch for Double and Triple point events to accumulate points faster. Bonus points are also doubled and tripled for these events.If you see a tournament flyer advertising PKC points, but it is not listed on the schedule within 30 days of the event, then it is not a PKC Sanctioned event, and you will not receive points for attending it.
Your National Points should be different from your Regional Points. It would be a coincidence if they were ever the same. WHY?... The point values for the National ratings are not the same as the Region ratings, and most Regional Series run Jan-Dec., where the National Series runs July 1st-June 30.
Check the PKC National Tournament Schedule. This schedule is updated as tournament dates are sent in by promoters. All tournaments on this list award PKC National Points. If you are a PKC Member by the date of competition, you will receive National Points for placing in 1st-4th in any of the tournaments on this list. If a tournament is not on the list within 30 days of an event it is not a sanctioned event and you will not receive points for competition there
If you change divisions throughout the year (because of rank advancement or age), the division where you accumulate the most points is where you will receive your combined total at the end of the season.
If you are not a PKC Member you cannot accumulate points. Check the Online member list to be sure your membership is current. If you don't see your name on the list, contact your Regional Director. We do not backtrack points, since there is a grace period provided to all member renewals.
Any of the tournament promoters should be able to supply you with a copy of the rules for their event. Simply call the phone number on the tournament schedule. Generally all the PKC tournaments within a region will run the same rules. Check with the trophy / information table at the events, and you will most likely find a copy of the rules there as well. You may also download a copy from this website.
Call, e-mail, or ask the promoters at the events to put you on their own personal mailing list. Tournament flyers are always available at the events for upcoming area tournaments. If you are an instructor, contact your Regional Director, and ask about the ... PKC Associated School Program.