Celebration of Life

December 18, 2021

This Saturday, December 18, we will celebrate the incredible life, devotion, contributions and leadership of an unbelievable champion, instructor, mentor, coach, official and leader, our dear friend, Glenn Keeney.

We will all gather at 2:00 PM at Hoosier Park Racing and Casino with his bride, Marsha Summitt-Keeney, his family and his minions—lifelong friends, loyal students, PKC Directors, competitors and families, Bill Wallace, Robert Bowles, John Manley, Phil Morgan, Eddie Bethea, John Venson, Maria Evans, Kimberly Bridges and a host of other martial arts dignitaries. Please email pkc@pkchq.com with any questions, as we all say our heartfelt thanks for a special life so WELL LIVED. God Bless you GM Keeney as you join Robert Trias, Ed Parker, Parker Shelton, Jhoon Rhee, Pat Burleson, Burly Wagner, Mel Wise, John Pachivas and so many other greats who have welcomed you into their heavenly midst.

Video Tribute link: Glenn Keeney Compilation1.mp4 – Google Drive

 Please e-mail PKC@pkchq.com with your concerns or questions. 

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