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Founded in 2014, The PKC Elite Society, is an invitation only group, which comprises many of the PKC’s top black belt competitors and leaders. The goals of The Elite are to foster and encourage a spirit of loyalty and fraternity among members; to maintain the highest martial arts standards; and to promote closer relationships between and among members to further their common interests in martial arts and the Professional Karate Commission.  The inaugural members above were hand picked by Mr. Keeney.

All members proudly display the PKC Elite emblem on their uniform or display the PKC Elite Lapel Pin at all PKC events and functions.

New Society Members:
Society Members nominate new member candidates prior to the PKC International Karate Championships each year.  New candidates will provide a resume for review and interview for induction at the PKC International Championships.  Candidates must receive a two-thirds majority vote of the current membership to qualify for induction.

Current Elite Members–above
L-R: Dave Buker, Donnie Michael, Jeff Davidson, Rick Batie, Phil Morgan, Glenn Keeney, David Baldock, Dr. Lance Hoover, Kim Bridges, Derek Brading, H Eugene Talbott, Tom Ward, Reginald Venson, John Venson, Eddie B. Bethea Jr, John Manley, Christopher Kirby (not pictured)

2014 Inaugural Elite Members: Eddie B. Bethea Jr., Herb Johnson (deceased), Glenn R. Keeney, Judy Wade (deceased), John Venson, John Manley, Phil Morgan, Tom Ward, Donnie Michael, Jeff Davidson, Dave Buker, Reginald Venson, H Eugene Talbott, and Dale McCutcheon (inactive).
PKC Elite Emblem

27 thoughts on “PKC Elite Society

  1. On 7/19/14 I attended the Black Tiger Warriors Open tournament and my points are not entered from that tournament. I had gotten a first in weapons, kata, and chanbara. I also got a second in kumite. whenever you can get back to ma about this is fine

      • I have a photo of the 2014 pkc certified region 7 tournaments and the black tiger warriors open is on that list

        • It is against PKC policy to sanction a tournament Regionally without also sanctioning the tournament Nationally…I assure you this event did not carry a PKC National Sanction in 2014. All PKC Sanctioned events are recorded on our schedule within 30 days of the event, if you see a flyer with a PKC logo that is not listed on our schedule, please let us know prior to the event. You will have to contact Mr. Starks about this Black Tiger Event, but no National points will be awarded for the event. The Black Tiger was sanctioned by PKC National Headquarters in 2013, but not in 2014.

  2. I have sent a check in several weeks ago to renew my PKC account R7-13262 and it has not been renewed and the check has not been cashed. Please help

  3. Dear Mr. Keene,

    May 12, 2015 I sent a renewal of Jared Belmont’s membership in the PKC. It was paid by check in the amount of $25. The check has not been cashed and we haven’t received notification of the renewal. Could you please let us know the status of the renewal.


    Susan Kies(Jared’s grandmother)

  4. Am a life member do you sell a jacket or shirt with the pck logo with my name on the front life member? Please let me know.
    …………. Dan . terry l squires

  5. How long does it usually take to get the associate school membership material once payment is made online ? Thank you

    • You can purchase a patch from National Headquarter by sending a note requesting a PKC member patch (please include $5).
      Our office address is P.O. Box 20936 — Hot Springs, AR 71903
      Patches are also available from your regional Director, and you will usually find the PKC patch for sale at most PKC events.
      Thank you for your support.

  6. Current member of PKC (# R-2-438). New mailing address 10815 Torulosa Court. Indianapolis, IN 46234. please send my membership renewal due to my new address.

    Thank you

    Edward Jordan

  7. Hi I’m a small school in Jasonville looking to progress my students to the next level of competition. Point fighting and full contact kickboxing. If you would please send information regarding our registration and requirements to join the PKC it would be much appreciated.

  8. Good evening…. I am wanting to make you aware of a few changes, I am no longer a part of the 7 star dragon organization under the instruction of Terrell Davis…. I am now a student of Piceless Martial Arts, under the instruction of Grandmaster Anthony Price and Master Norene Price…. I have also changed my address, it is now 3987 vine ST. #5 Cincinnati, oh 45217

    • When you have questions about your experiences at specific events, you should immediately seek out the tournament arbitrator. Every tournament has an arbitrator to address all tournament competition concerns.

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