PKC National Ratings

Choose the event you would like to view.  You will find listed your individual points as well as your total points and current ratings within your division.  If you have competed in more than one division throughout the year, you will receive your C-Tot (combined total) in the division where you accumulate the most points.  Best wishes to all and we look forward to seeing you at the PKC International Karate Championships over Labor Day Weekend in the fall for an exciting tournament, the exclusive Grand Finals to determine the PKC Big Dogs, action packed Full Contact Kickboxing and the Annual Awards Banquet to honor our Top Ten PKC National Champions in each division rated on this site. (although the tournament is an open tournament, you must be a PKC Member to accumulate points and be rated by the Professional Karate Commission)

These point ratings include this list of events.

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    • These ratings are available from the National Ratings tab. Keep in mind the season is not final as of these totals. These placing may yet change.
      Kata – 190 points (current leader)
      Kumite – 120 points (tied for 4th place)
      Weapons – 135 points (4th place)
      Chanbara – 75 points (6th place)
      Self Defense – 30 points (10th place)

        • The points that show me as being ranked as 1st across the board, are those regional? Well if they are I did one heck of a job on the national level

          • I see 1st in Kata coming…congrats! As for the rest of the board… I don’t think we are looking at the same board 🙂

        • If I’m not mistaken there are some points missing from a black tiger tournament for the 2014-2015 year. Tournament was held in Cincinnati, oh I placed 1st in forms, fighting, chanbara and weapons. I would like my points please, thank you

          • This tournament was not PKC Nationally Sanctioned, and awarded no National points. Please see your Region #7 Director about this event.

  1. Greetings, how do I find the ratings for My Practitioners and Where Our Academy is listed on Ratings on the PKC National Level?

  2. To whom it may concern; Would it be possible to get a record of my points for this year in both kata and weapons? I have some events coming up and not sure I can attend some of them but I want info to make best decisions.

    • The ratings for every PKC Member can be found under the “National Ratings” tab on the website…just choose kata or weapons from the tab and follow the on screen instructions to see your current ratings. Currently you have 301 points in kata and are sitting in 2nd place. You also have 355 points in weapons and are sitting in 1st place. Best regards.

    • Our website shows the National Ratings. Simply choose the event you would like to see (kata, kumite, weapons etc) and search the place tab for your name. Your Place Kata-7th, Place Kumite-5th, Place Weapons-8th. You should also have received a flyer and award notice postcard in the mail.

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