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Welcome to PKC National Headquarters

The Professional Karate Commission (PKC) was formed in in 1986 by Mr. Glenn Keeney as a sanctioning body for American Kickboxing and Point Karate. Mr. Keeney is the President of the PKC and in that capacity, coordinates the PKC’s efforts worldwide.  Recognized as one of the Nation’s top Martial Arts organizations in the U.S, we are dedicated to preserving the integrity, ethics and principles of Karate-do. Our goal is to serve you in the best and most efficient possible manner. Look for the PKC logo for a truly respectful & inspiring atmosphere, with good sportsmanship, and exciting competition.

The PKC sanctions tournaments across the U.S. and Canada. When you see the PKC logo on a tournament flyer, it is the equivalent to the “Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval”. These tournaments are scrutinized for fair play and to see that the awards justify the entry fee. Competitors can be assured of getting their money’s worth at PKC sanctioned events. PKC Members are rated and an annual banquet is then held in conjunction with the PKC National Tournament & Convention to honor the Champions.

Point Tournament officials Certification –  The PKC has initiated an official certification program for point tournaments. The head of this program is Mr. Tom Ward… Mr. Ward has prepared extensive tests in this area to be taken by Black Belts who care to upgrade their officiating abilities. In some states all center referees must be certified to officiate at PKC sanctioned events.

PKC International Karate Championships

The Annual PKC Grand Championships presents it’s winners with some of the finest quality awards on any circuit today. The Tournament Grand Champions of this prestigious event are better known as “THE BIG DOGS”. Featuring exciting Full Contact Kickboxing, the Grand Finals on Sunday Night is an action packed show where the Best of the Best display their talents. You won’t want to miss this event!
Check our calendar for more information on the PKC International Championships coming this fall over Labor Day Weekend.

Individual Membership

BB Men 35-42yrs
Join the PKC and enjoy many benefits. Accumulate Regional & National points for tournament competition. Finish the season in the top ten places of your division and you will be recognized by the organizaton and your peers as a PKC Champion at the annual Awards Banquet!!! Finish 1st in your division and you will become one of an elite group, to be presented with the eight (8″) inch PKC Championship Patch. Membership also carries other benefits. Many PKC promoters give members discounts for seminars and tournament competition. Membership is active for one full year.
Membership fee – $40 / Renewal fee – $25

Lifetime Membership – Receive all the same benefits as individual membership plus invites to exclusive events and priority mention on our member lists. No need to renew, membership is active for the life of the organization. Life members receive 2 Gold life patches, Gold Certificate and laminated member card as well as Gold lifetime lapel pin.
Gold Lifetime Membership – $200
Click Here to join..

Associated School Network

The PKC will accept all karate schools throughout the country that meets our criteria as professionals. These schools will be permitted to display the PKC Associate School logo in their schools and on their advertising. Membership is on an Annual Basis, and helps to encourage & support your Regional karate program. Contact your PKC Representative for more information.  School Application

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  1. I as well as a number of my class mates have the wrong state by our names, at this moment they say Ky but they should be saying Oh

    • If this is in reference to the tickers (scrolling names) on the home page, they will be corrected once the final ratings are posted, thank you for letting me know.

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