Photo Gallery

These galleries represent present and past PKC Champions.  Congratulation and thank you to all for your continued support.
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5 thoughts on “Photo Gallery

  1. Do you all have any of the old pictures Or videos from the early to mid 90s? My name was Slick Rick Colquitt and I held the light heavyweight amateur champion ship belt with a undefeated record.

    • Hi Rick. Thank you for your interest in PKC Kickboxing. I hope that you would like to continue making memorable moments within the PKC! This is our Silver Anniversary Celebration Year! I can help by reaching out to promoters from that era and try and see what there might be available for you. Don’t miss out on April 26th in Muncie, Indiana, we will hold PKC Regional Title Fights and some of the most talented fighters available will be in the spotlight laying it all on the line!

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