Mr. Glenn R. Keeney

Glenn R. Keeney

Glenn R. Keeney
PKC President
10th Dan

Mr. Glenn Keeney
(501) 282-5540
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Glenn Keeney began Karate in February of 1957. As a young high school student he hitchhiked from his hometown of Anderson, Indiana on weekends to Cincinnati, Ohio, a distance of 115 miles, to the only Karate school in the area. His instructor was L. Kim, a Korean Stylist. In 1961, a Shorin-Ryu school opened in Indianapolis under the direction of James Wax. His instructors were Robert Yarnall and Greg Helm.

The school closed after only 10 months and Mr. Keeney moved with a few other students to another school in Indianapolis. It was started by a student of the same Shorin-Ryu school that closed – Ed Erler, who was only a brown belt at the time.

In 1964, Mr. Keeney met Mr. Larry Pickel and began his study of Okinawan Goju Ryu. Mr. Pickel had garnered a black belt under the teaching of world renowned Miyazato Eiichi. He studied under Mr. Pickel until 1967, when Mr. Pickel left Karate for personal reasons.

The dojo was purchased by Mr. Pickel’s 3 top students, Jerry Brown, Larry Davenport and Glenn Keeney. By 1969, Mr. Keeney had bought out his partners, and although they helped keep the doors open for many years, Komakai Academy was now his sole responsibility.

In the meantime, Bill Wallace had returned to Indiana to attend Ball State University. He became a member of Mr. Keeney’s club, although he never chose to study the Goju Ryu system, he became Mr. Keeney’s constant sparring companion. For the next 5 years, Keeney & Wallace sparred 10-12 hours per week and attended over 200 tournaments together.

  • 1972 & 1973, Mr. Keeney was rated #1 USKA fighter
  • 1972 & 1973 top ten fighter by Official Karate magazine
  • 1973 top ten fighter by Professional Karate magazine
  • 1974 #4 fighter in the U.S. by Black Belt magazine
  • 1977 Inducted into the Black Belt Hall of Fame
  • 1980 Presented with Key to the City (Anderson, In) by Mayor McMahan
  • 2013 “Madison County’s Top 100 Athletes 1900-2000”

Mr. Keeney once commented, after looking at Bill Wallace’s techniques all week, “tournaments became a lot easier”.  He gives Bill a lot of credit for his success as a tournament fighter.

Mr. Keeney helped write the rule book for USKA (US Karate Association) tournament competition and held the office of Rules Chairman for 10 years. A Trias International award holder and member of the USKA World Champion Team in 1971 and 1972, he traveled extensively in the US and abroad. The team went undefeated for both Good Will Tours.

He served as a judge in the 1974 1st World Championships in Los Angeles for the PKA, and was the head of their ratings committee for several years.

Mr. Keeney functions as Style Head Representative, & Senior Advisor to the United States Karate-do Kai. He is also an honored member of the USKK Large Double Axe, and the Bushido Society.

He promoted and held his first major tournament in 1968…the Greater Indiana State Karate Championships. In 1970 & 1971, he hosted the USKA Grand Nationals with Master Robert Trias.  In 1975, he hosted the Top Ten Nationals with Mike Anderson. [cp_quote style=”quote_center_light”]In 1980, hosted the Bill Wallace retirement fight with PKA and CBS television.[/cp_quote] In 1981 & 1982, he hosted the PKA Nationals with PKA & ESPN. These two tournaments were among the largest and most successful events ever held in the United States.

Mr. Keeney established the Prof. Karate Commission (PKC) in 1986 as a sanctioning body for full contact kickboxing and in 1989 further developed the organization to include Sport tournament karate. The PKC is dedicated to the preservation of the ethics, principles & integrity of Karate-Do.

The PKC Directors are some of today’s finest leaders carrying out the task of building a world wide organization. Mr. Keeney founded the PKC Elite Society in 2014 on the PKC’s 25th Anniversary, and hand picked the founding members. With the help of the Directors and the Elite Society, the PKC intends to assure that Karate will indeed have a bright and successful future..
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  1. Sensei,
    God bless you and your family. What you taught me…will always be with me. It was an honor to study under you…and honor to know you and your beautiful family.
    Ben Coble.

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