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Professional Karate CommissionThank you for visiting the PKC. If you are interested in affiliating your school or looking for more information about becoming a Director in your region or if you would simply like to send a message to the PKC Staff, please E-mail pkc@pkchq.comOr Mail to:Glenn R. Keeney, President
PKC National Headquarters
P.O. Box 20936
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PH: (501) 318-4973
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  1. Hi Marsha,
    I’m trying to figure out if I did something weird to the way Ratings show when you first pull them up. Forms, Chanbarra, and Self Defense display as always, by top point totals. But Weapons comes up in alphabetical order and Sparring pulls up in reverse alphabetical order (with the z’s first). Is anyone else experiencing this, or did I maybe do something to mess up ours?
    Thanks again,
    Maryellen John

  2. Hello sir,

    I fought on one of your cards back in the 80’s and I have a team of Jr. & adult Full contact fighters we have competed in the IKF in the past but looking for more fights – Could you please tell me of some events that are coming up for Full Contact above the waist Kicks?

  3. Hi Marsha,
    Thanks for updating results for the latest tournaments. The entries for two of my kids are incorrect, however, for the 4/6 Kankakee tournament. For Max John R3-12337, he should have gotten a 10 pt bonus in Forms as he was one of seven competitors. His Forms total is now at 526 points. For Ethan John R3-12367, he should have gotten 20 pts (10 plus 10 bonus) for placing Third in Weapons among eleven competitors. His Weapons total is now at 131 points. Thanks for correcting these, and if you need back up, I have a photo of all the results.
    Maryellen John

    • There is no map. A director is permitted to build as little or as large a region as he can without encroaching on another director’s region.
      Region #3 currently consists of mid to northern Ohio.

  4. I notice on your forms the age is 43+ I”m 60 can ypu halp me out and have a 50+ dovision like sparring thanks,Bert from region 7

    • If you can find at least 4 competitors who would like a 50yr+ sparring division in your area, I’m sure the promoters would be happy to implement a division for your group. The PKC National points series groups all divisions promoters run at ages 43yrs+ into one forms division and one sparring division for year end awards. Due to interest last year, we did provide a 60yr+ Masters division for forms at the PKC International Championships; there were a dozen competitors in the division. It ran as an exhibition division. So it is possible to implement new divisions where there is group interest.

        • We currently have 6 PKC Members over 60yrs competing in the PKC National Tournament Season. Only 2 of those have competed in more than one event. When there is more interest in such a division, we will gladly create an award division for them. We have seen only one tournament in this season draw more than 4 competitors in a 60yr+ division; no points were awarded, no scores were given and competitors entered free of charge. We had 16 Black Belt competitors in this one event. It seems awards are not a consideration of the 60yr+ competitor.

  5. if you compete in 35 and over in forms can you have your points put in the 35-42 division rather than the 43+

    • All competitors should compete in the division allotted for them by age and rank. To deliberately compete in a division outside your age/rank would be considered cheating. Although exceptions are made on occasion, it is frowned upon. If competitors don’t fill the divisions allotted for their age/rank, they may be eliminated.

  6. Hello Marsha,

    I was wondering if you could help me. One of my instructors, Angelo Marziale, asked me if I could e-mail you to check and see what all points you have for him. He said that he thought that he should have had more in fighting and was unsure about kata and sparring. I wasn’t able to help him completely because I only have access to the Regional Points. If you are able to help that would be great and I will pass the e-mail on to him (he doesn’t have a computer). Thanks!

    • Anyone who can leave a message on our website can also access the National Ratings. Simply click on the National Ratings tab to view events and divisions, and follow the on screen instructions.

  7. I am interested in joining the PKC and competing next year. I am currently 42 and will turn 43 in november of next year. does that mean that my total points for the year would be split up between age categories before and after my birthday? ranking me in both the 18-42 and the 43+ categories?

    • Yes, but you will receive the combined total of both divisions in which ever division you earn the most points. This happens at the end of the season. The National season runs July – July each year.

  8. If a point earning division is not advertised in a flyer, but a promoter wants to add it at the tournament, do competitors still get their national points for it?

    • I think you need to define a point earning division. Adding a single division for an event not currently listed on the flyer (even though the event would earn points) is not really adding a division..its really adding an event. When an event is added to a tournament for a handful of people (or less), to supply a point division to a single competitor…this falls into a shady area. This practice will be reviewed over Labor Day weekend at the PKC Directors meeting.

  9. I am looking for schools in the Columbus Ohio area that compete on the PKC. Can anyone tell me some schools in this area. Thanks

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