25 Year Program!

Attention PKC Members, past and present. We are currently assembling a program book (a large book) to present at the PKC International Karate Championships Aug 29th-31st. We are compiling photos, comments, articles, and past champion quotes to include in the book. If you have a comment or quote, a photo with a caption, or a short article you would like to see included, please submit it to pkc@pkchq.com (subject: 25 Year Program) Tell us what the PKC means to you. Was it simply a place close by to hone your martial arts skills, was it something special to put on your college resume, did you join to build character or better health, was it a step in the stairway to your dream career, or did you choose our organization over another for and why?. Your thoughts will be help us create a cherished piece of memorabilia. We appreciate your participation.

One thought on “25 Year Program!

  1. My wife and I joined the PKC in the 80’s; we love the people and had the best times assisting with tournaments and especially the kickboxing events. My best wishes to all! We miss you wonderful people?

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