National Point Season

The 2013-2014 PKC National Point Season began July 5, 2013 and will end July 7, 2014.  All memberships must be current at the end of the season (July 7th, 2014)  to remain in the final ratings and be eligible for awards at the 25th Anniversary PKC National Awards Banquet August 30, 2014 held at the Wyndham Hotel (airport) in Indianapolis, Indiana.  We look forward to a great celebration, and seeing you there.

**New-More National Points!

Attention PKC National Point Competitors and Promoters! Beginning immediately any PKC Sanctioned tournament competition in breaking, or musical forms will be included in your ratings tally with your self defense points.  Should the tournament offer all three events: self defense/demonstration, musical forms, and breaking, points will be awarded for the event where you placed highest, although you must still place in the top 4 positions as usual.. If promoters choose to offer one event (demonstration) as a combination of the Continue reading