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PKC Elite Inaugural Inductees

2014 Inaugural Elite Members: (front row L-R) Eddie B. Bethea Jr., Herb Johnson, Glenn R. Keeney, Judy Wade (deceased), John Venson  (row 2 L-R) John Manley, Phil Morgan, Tom Ward, Donnie Michael, Jeff Davidson  (row 3 L-R) Dave Buker, Reginald Venson, H Eugene Talbott, Kevin Singleton, and Dale McCutcheon(not pictured).

Founded in 2014, The PKC Elite Society, is an invitation only group, which comprises many of the PKC’s top black belt competitors and leaders. The goals of The Elite are to foster and encourage a spirit of loyalty and fraternity among members; to maintain the highest martial arts standards; and to promote closer relationships between and among members to further their common interests in martial arts and the Professional Karate Commission.  The inaugural members above were hand picked by Mr. Keeney.

All members proudly display the PKC Elite emblem on their uniform or display the PKC Elite Lapel Pin at all PKC events and functions.

New Society Members:
Society Members nominate new member candidates prior to the PKC International Karate Championships each year.  New candidates will provide a resume for review and interview for induction at the PKC International Championships.  Candidates must receive a two-thirds majority vote of the current membership to qualify for induction.

PKC Elite Emblem

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